Da Mouth Releases Book and Reveals Baby Pictures


Okay, so you all know how much I love baby pictures of celebrities!  Da Mouth is releasing a book that chronicles their growth. While it mainly features a visit to female vocalist Aisa’s hometown in Okinawa, the book also contains pictures of themselves when young. Check to see how each of them looked before they became Da Mouth.


At Aisa’s old school the kids, because Harry has single-eyelids, started greeting him in Korean. They also mistook him for a member of Super Junior, making not him not know whether to laugh or cry. The kids (and her fellow group members) also pestered Aisa about when she started dating/her first love but the teacher was present so she revealed nothing, disappointing everyone.



Harry (He is actually either a 1/2 or 1/4 Korean I’m not sure which)


MC 40


DJ Chung Hua (born in Taiwan, but like Aisa, he’s ethnically Japanese)


Aisa was most emotional at seeing her old teachers, who kept encouraging her.



5 thoughts on “Da Mouth Releases Book and Reveals Baby Pictures

  1. I didn’t even know Harry was part Korean. Interesting revelation…
    Does anyone else think that Chung Hua looks like Tanaka Koki?

  2. Really?? He’s part Shandongnese? You know all the Shangdong people….

    I don’t think Japanese people know SJM members. But it didn’t say in the picture descriptions at Sohu which the students thought he was. I think they just thought he looked Korean, and were probably fuzzy on who exactly was in SJ.

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