Kimi’s MV for One Night in Supermarket Theme Song

Yes, another post on this movie. I really should start posting on movies other than just those  I’m interested in, but oh well. The theme song, Tonight, of One Night in Supermarket was unveiled yesterday in a press conference. The MV centers around the secret, unrequited love that Kimi Qiao Renliang‘s character has for his fellow co-worker, played by Jacqueline Li Xiaolu.

What caught my eye was that this  song, blending a mixture of rock and and rap was composed and written by Peng Tan. However, it seems less like Peng Tan and much more suited for Kimi even though neither does rap. I don’t know what to think about this but I love the song. And the pretty lights.

The movie, directed by young newbie director Yang Qing, has had good buzz, and opens July 24th hoping to attract a wide audience, and is likely to capture the younger crowd at least.


11 thoughts on “Kimi’s MV for One Night in Supermarket Theme Song

  1. Well, I was thinking about all the competitions. Like even One Million Star.

    Although I did think “Peter Pan” was a cute name. Where are those S1 One Million Star boys doing anyway? Is HIM going to give them albums or what?

  2. im in sichuan right now
    omg i got past china’s web filtering!!!!!!! (yay airproxy)
    I can read wordpress! youtube still doesn’t work though =(

  3. Liu Meihan goes to a foreign languages school.
    Pan Hongyue’s hardcore American
    Li Xiaoyun lived in Australia for 7 years
    Pan Chen and LIu Xijun were both semi-famous before.

    Vivi=Weiwei, which is Jiang Yingrong’s nickname (no wonder she looked a bit like Tan Weiwei in some photos).

    no idea where MOcika and BaO came from.

  4. cfanboys are run by two other girls…they won’t reply to anything I say to them on their blog T_T …they (or at least the one in China, the other one is new to cpop) are in love with Li Yifeng, and not into the Super Girls/Boys.

    According to at least one post somewhere online, almost all of them have big backgrounds (except maybe Wang Zhixin, Pan Hongyue and Huang Ying…haven’t heard anything about them yet).

    Here’s a comparison of her father on Super Girls and the rich guy that eveyone talks about:

    A lot of them already have English names….Jiang Yingrong is Vivi (hello, Zhang Ziyi?). Pan Hongyue is Yoyo, Liu Xijun is Sara (the most boring of the group…probably because her last company was bad), Liu Meihan is Mikan (which is Meihan in Japanese, I’m guessing?). Li Xiaoyun is Michelle (why does she have the most feminine name of the group?). Pan Chen is BaO (like BoA, but not as cool). Li Yuanxi is Mocika …..

    at least their English names are unique this year, though a lot of them are more Japanese than English.

  5. ^No, we’re not cfanboys. I have a problem both in grabbing vids and uploading them to youtube so I search for whatever video I want at youtube and cfanboys happened to put it up.

    I actually just left a message on one of their song vids for Kimi that they should say he composed it.

    I’ll let idarklight field that question about “Yico” (I hope these girls do NOT get English names like previous years) bc she knows a lot, lot more about Supergirls than me.

  6. I know, but it sounds so perfect for Kimi. It makes me wonder how well he can adapt his composing to other people’s styles and what he’s going to write for Chun Xiao.

    I’m really sad that I haven’t seen any self-compositions from Kimi recently, even though he’s obviously not even close to touching Peng Tan in that department. There better be some on his album that he’s supposedly working on right now.

  7. Wow, Peng Tan wrote that? I wouldn’t have known from the sound of it! It sounds good, but very different from anything I’ve heard from Peng Tan. I wonder whether he’ll have anything like this in his next album.

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