Daniel Wu and Xu Jinglei: What are they up to now?


Xu Jinglei and Daniel Wu, who have worked together before in the movie Shinjuku Incident teamed up for a magazine (unnamed) shoot.  I was going to put this in the News Roundup, but since both have so much going on professionally, it was a nice chance to talk about their upcoming projects. Sorry for such a lame post title.

Daniel Wu sums up Xu Jinglei: “She’s like a detective story…the more you get to know her, the more interesting she becomes”. Which could be true and not just random flattery. She seems sort of bland in interviews to me, but her work is so interesting. She’s gotten great leading roles as an actress, directed award-winning movies, had the #1 most read blog in the world, and started an e-Magazine for working women. So what is she doing next that combines her lauded talents and her girl power attitude? You’ll never guess…

Xu Jinglei will next be directing the Supergirls finalists MV. Hopefully it’s better than Lu Chuan’s MV Superboys MV which, like idarklight stated once, showed off his directing skills, but didn’t really show the best side of his subjects, a statement that could be applied to his other work . But I’m quite excited to see what Xu Jinglei has in store. She will also be directing Du Lala’s workplace story,a drama based on the book of the same name.

Daniel Wu will next be in a Taiwanese film with Yuan Quan, Like a Dream, which I was excited for, oh about a year ago, but the buzz on it is quite dead at the moment. Instead he’s been promoting another star-studded Hong Kong film, Overheard.

eeMedia’s Zhang Jie sings the theme song:

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Because eeMedia has investment in this movie, the manly cast of the crew, Daniel, Louis Koo, and Lau Chingwan will go on the shows Happy Camp and Behind the Story to the delight of all the females present I’m sure.

Who has time to think about Zhang Jie when you have Daniel Wu's arm around your shoulder?

Who has time to think about Zhang Jie when you have Daniel Wu's arm around your shoulder?

Usually, this cast of proven, charismatic leading men would pique my interest as well, but I feel like they’ve all acted together way too much for this casting to feel fresh. Also adding to the feeling of deja-vu is ubiquitous Zhang Jinchu as the leading lady, since she acted with both Daniel and Louis in Protege. Still, I’d probably see this film just for the eye candy.

And on a related note,  if you’re wondering why I didn’t put up photoshoot pics from Xu Jinglei and Daniel’s photoshoot besides the one at the top of this post, that’s because it’s the only one with Daniel. How can you have a photoshoot with Daniel Wu and not take more pictures of him?

7 thoughts on “Daniel Wu and Xu Jinglei: What are they up to now?

  1. That’s such a strange comparison.

    Daniel Wu is the epitome of masculine (girls and guys like him), and Lee Junki is the epitome of effeminate.

  2. “How can you have a photoshoot with Daniel Wu and not take more pictures of him?”

    omg, so hot. he’s such an intelligent man too. his blog is amusing too. <3 i'm not fond of his nose, but he's tall, handsome and looks good in pretty much anything, so i can ignore the nose and just aim for the lips, oh yes. :D

  3. You think Liu Ye is better looking than Daniel? Really?

    But you know Daniel is more musical than Liu Ye. He’s in his own mock boyband. ;)

  4. I’m not a big fan, and that movie doesn’t really sound super exciting. The book sounded really good when I read about it on the news article, a mix of Ugly Wudi and Tiny Times.

    Alex Fong is better looking than Tian Liang. imo, Tian Liang’s only hot when he dives. He’s rather expressionless on photos and dramas.

    psh, she already left one actor, and a better looking one at that.

  5. I didn’t know you were such a big Sun Li fan. Does this mean you would see that robot movie that stars her? She looks really cute in it with the nerdy glasses and cop outfit, but overall it looks really crappy and it stars Alex Fong. I wonder if Tian Liang can ever build a career as successful as him post-Olympics.

  6. I tried reading Du Lala when Sun Li was rumored to be in it, but it was so slow…the writing was really simple and concise, but the actions they described seem pointless. Nothing of importance seemed to have happened after finishing several chapters. Perhaps that’ll be better for a drama as long as the dialogue’s good.

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