The 20th Golden Melody Awards Winners


Crowd Lu = Adorable

So I was going to put up the nominations the day before the ceremony to refresh everyone’s memory before the awards were announced, but then I forgot myself because I’ve been busy. But I’m still not too late to put up the winners list, so check it out and see if you agree or not.

The big winners were Jay Chou and Crowd Lu, the former with three wins and the latter with two. I don’t know how Jay Chou ended up with Best Male Mandarin Artist, but I’m really happy Crowd Lu got  best newcomer and best composer!

Song of the Year:
“Hold You Tightly” from Hold You Tightly, Jody Chiang

“The Next Dawn”  from The Next Dawn, Claire Guo

“100 Ways of Living” from 100 Ways of Living, Crowd Lu

“You’re Not Truly Happy  from Poetry of the Day After, Mayday

“South of the Border, from the Cape No. 7 Soundtrack, Van Fan

“Fragrant Rice (稻香),” from Capricorn, Jay Chou

Best Male Mandarin Artist

Eason Chan, Don’t Wanna Let Go

Ricky Hsiao, I’m Ricky Hsiao

Leehom Wang, Heart Beat

Khalil Fong, Orange Moon

Jay Chou, Capricorn

Best Female Mandarin Artist

Sandee Chen, If One Thing Is Most Important

Tsai Chin, No Regrets

Fish Leong, Today is Valentine’s Day

A-Lin, Natural-Born Songstress

Tanya Chua, My Space


Best Band

Natural Q, Breakthrough

30 Band, Horse-Faced Sailor’s Summer

Mayday, Poetry of the Day After

The Chairmen, Spent All His Money

The Hohak Band, Rice and Love

Best Performing Group

Da Mouth, Wanka

Y2J, Living for You

NyLas, /’nailes/

Nanwan Sisters, Nanwan Sisters Self-titled Album

Best Newcomer Performance

(Joanna Wang didn’t perform…I think she’s preparing for her Beijing concert)

Best Newcomer
Rachel Liang, Love’s Poetry

Crowd Lu, 100 Ways of Living

Hsiao Hung Jen, Hsiao Hung Jen Self-titled Album

Joanna Wang, Start from Here

Jam Hsiao, Jam Hsiao Self-Titled Album

Yoga Lin, Mystery

Album of the Year
If One Thing Is Important, Sandee Chan

Don’t Want to Let Go, Eason Chan

100 Ways of Living , Crowd Lu

We All Lay Down in the End, Stanley Huang

Capricorn, Jay Chou

Best Music Video

“Wind (风),” Good Man?! Abin, Abin

“The Happiest Thing (最幸褔的事),” Love’s Poetry, Rachel Liang

“Love’s Miracle Cure (爱情灵药),” ELASTIC ROCK, Josie Ho

“Spacebomb (太空弹),” Spacebomb, Wu Bai

“Black and White (黑白),” Orange Moon, Khalil Fong

“Morbid (病态),” Mystery, Yoga Lin

“Mr. Magic (魔术先生),” Capricorn, Cowboy Jay Chou

Best Composer

Crowd Lu, “100 Ways of Living (100种生活),” 100 Ways of Living

Khalil Fong, “Singalong Song,” Orange Moon

Jay Chou, “Fragrant Rice (稻香),” Capricorn

Li Quan, “Gaze (眼色),” Mystery

Chen Jiannian, “Memories of the Ancients (烙印祖灵),” Nanwan Sisters Self-Titled Album

Best Lyrics

Wu Yuxuan, “In the Trollycar (电车内面),” Hold You Tightly

Ashin, “The Yet Unbroken Part of My Heart (我心中尚未崩坏的地方),” Poetry of the Day After

Ashin, “Like Smoke (如烟),” Poetry of the Day After

Yan Yunnong, “South of the Border (国境之南),” Soundtrack from Cape No. 7

Jay Chou, “Fragrant Rice (稻香),” Capricorn

Best Arrangement

Zhong Chenghu, Chen Bozhou, Crowd Lu, “Good Morning, Beautiful Dawn! (早安,晨之美),” 100 Ways of Living

Wang Leehom, “No Reason to Pay Attention to You (我完全没有任何理由理你),” Heart Beat

Martin Tan, “As Love Begins to Mend,” Start from Here

Khalil Fong, “Singalong Song,” Orange Moon

Zhong Xingming, “Mr. Magic (魔术先生),” Capricorn

Best Produced Album

Chen Zihong, Judy Chiang, Hold You Tightly (甲你揽牢牢)

Sandee Chan, If One Thing Is Important (如果有一件事是重要的)

Stanley Huang, Jae Chong, We All Lay Down in the End (最后只好躺下来)

Jay Chou, Capricorn (魔杰座)

Purdur, Nanwan Sisters Self-Titled Album (南王姐妹花同名专辑)

Best Produced Single

Lu Shenfei, “South of the Border (国境之南),” Soundtrack of Cape No. 7

Lin Qiang, “Bosom (交心),” CABACA

Huang Yunling, “Hope for Love (对爱渴望)” Aska Yang’s Dove

Wang Zhiping, Guo Wenzhong “Gaze (眼色),” Mystery

Lin Shengyang, “Drying the Fields (晒谷场),” Sweet Burden – Wu Sheng’s Poems and Songs

Nomination List Credit to, and winners list credit to NJ

Sorry, I am really too lazy to post pics, click here to visit Sohu’s site for the awards to see what else went on.

Article from Yahoo:

By MIN LEE,AP Entertainment Writer AP – Sunday, June 28

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Taiwanese R&B sensation Jay Chou and Hong Kong’s Eason Chan swept the top awards at the Chinese-language equivalent of the Grammys on Saturday, as organizers paid tribute to late American pop legend Michael Jackson with a round of applause.

But newcomer Crowd Lu _ sporting a bowl-style haircut, large black-framed glasses and an outfit with prison stripes _ stole the show with his nerdy and frantic demeanor, stuttering through his acceptance speeches for best newcomer and best composer on his debut album, and uttering random musings like “I’m on TV, yeah!” and “remember to eat breakfast.”

Chou won best male singer for his 2008 album “Magic Jay Station,” as well as song of the year and best music video at Taiwan’s 20th Golden Melody Awards, while Chan clinched Mandarin album of the year for “Don’t Want to Let Go.”

But Chou, the 30-year-old Taiwanese pop star, didn’t show up for the awards ceremony and instead sent collaborator Gary Yang to collect his trophies. “Jay wanted me to say that it’s very cool that besides his music, his video work is also honored,” Yang said.

Chan, who lost to Chou in the best male singer category, appeared surprised that he had won best album. He said he felt honored to receive the prize from “my idol,” referring to presenter Jacky Cheung, one of the biggest names in Chinese pop, as his fans chanted “Eason” repeatedly.

Organizers also paid tribute to Jackson _ who died Thursday in Los Angeles, Calif. _ with host Tao Ching-ying asking the audience to give him a round of applause. “I believe many of the singers attending today’s ceremony were influenced by him,” she said.

Taiwan’s Sandee Chan, who started her career as a composer, clinched best female singer for the album “If There Is One Thing That’s Important.”

“I don’t think I’m someone with a naturally gifted voice or someone who knows how to sing very well, but I spent a lot of time trying to do a good job at singing,” she said.

Cheung sang his 1993 hit “Farewell Kiss,” which was voted by fans as the most popular song to compete in the first 10 Golden Melody Awards ceremonies.

South Korea’s Super Junior drew wild shrieks at the 15,000-capacity Taipei Arena with their fast-paced hit songs “It’s You” and “Sorry, Sorry.” The 13-member boy band donned white suits with black dress shirts and danced in unison.

Taiwan’s Ouyang Fei Fei _ known for her Tina Turner-like disheveled hairdo and successful Japanese recording career _ and veteran Hong Kong singing trio Grasshopper also performed.

Honoring the island’s linguistic and racial diversity, organizers also gave away prizes to singers in the Taiwanese, Hakka and indigenous dialects.

Aboriginal singers added color to the awards ceremony by appearing in their native dress _ painted face, wooden bead necklaces and feathered hats _ and performing the now-famous Ami tribe number “Jubilant Drinking Song.” The song is the source of the distinctive background vocals in the hit 1994 Enigma song “Return to Innocence.”

Puyuma tribe composer Purdur crossed over and won best pop producer for the album “Nanwang Sisters.”

The special achievement prize went to Rock Records’ Sam Duann. The founder of one of Chinese pop’s most respected labels held aloft a yellow banner that said “Long Live Music.”

The jury prize was awarded to a compilation of covers of songs by famed Taiwanese folk singer Li Shuang-ze, while popular Taiwanese rock group Mayday was named best band.


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28 thoughts on “The 20th Golden Melody Awards Winners

  1. the sight of crowd lu make ya turns off completely, speaking of his songs..sorry i don’t see any “talent” in them, IMO.

  2. Ah, yeah, his weak point is definitely his voice, but I can’t begrudge songwriters the chance to sing their own songs.

    And I must admit, I don’t like Jay just as an cpop artist, so I don’t judge him purely based on that. I like his ability to plan, and be innovative. His insight into the entertainment and his willingness to do something about it is quite remarkable.

  3. Haha, I’ve nothing severe to say – it’s mostly that I don’t particularly care for his voice. To me, sounds too wispy and soft (even weak and sometimes lacking in emotion in his more dramatic songs) for a lot of his songs, especially when he’s singing in his upper registers… And he’s been doubling back on song styles, but with a discography as large as his, I don’t really hold that against him. I do listen to his songs some, because I like some of the composing, but find myself preferring the instrumentals to his vocals. That, plus I haven’t noticed an improvement in vocals, nor that much of one in composition, though I guess that plateauing isn’t necessarily a bad thing. He just seems a little overrated to me, in that he’s got talent, but I don’t see him as having that much more talent than some of the other stars around. That bias, admittedly, makes me a little unfair in my judgment, but even without it, the other points would keep me from liking him very much. To clarify, though, I don’t dislike him or his songs, and even like a few of his songs – I just don’t like his discography as a whole enough to be a fan. I like him much better as a composer than a singer, to be honest, and I think I’d like him more if he’d compose more songs more suited for his vocal tone and range. His high notes kinda ruined some of his songs for me.

    I definitely agree that it’s hard to compare Jam and Crowd; they’re pretty different in everything from style to personality (which makes me want to complain about the lack of categorization in C-Pop awards, but I digress). However, I don’t see Jam getting those other composers as a that much of a knock on him, because it showed how versatile his voice is. Crowd comes off as simply pleasant, but all of his songs run into one another like a one-trick pony, to use an exaggerated idiom. Not to say I don’t like Crowd – I’m actually more likely to listen to his songs because I like that style. It’s just that self-composing is admirable, but not as much so if all the songs rely on similar, simple chord progressions. For that reason, I feel like Jam shows more potential at the moment, though I’d love to see Crowd tackle something a bit more outside his box.

  4. AWWW Disappointing results…Really!
    It should have been Khalil Fong with Orange Moon not Jay Chou especially with “Capricorn.” According to me, this is such a credibility plunge for GMA.

    Thanks. I visit your blog a lot!

  5. @Nepheliad I feel like I’m going to regret asking this, but I respect your opinion on music a lot, so I will anyway. Why aren’t you a fan of Jay in any circumstance?I can see how it’d be annoying to see him win this year when obviously his heart wasn’t even fully in his music, but before?

    It’s hard to compare Jam and Crowd really. And Jam had songs from a host of composing talents on his album.

  6. Ugh, Jay Chou? And for Capricorn? I’m not a fan of his in any circumstance, but that album just… no. The only song worth listening to on that album was Fragrant Rice; it did not deserve those kinds of accolades. I don’t care what else he’s doing – if he doesn’t have the a batch quality songs to put together in an album, he shouldn’t release one. His star is big enough that it’s not like he can’t make those decisions himself.

    Crowd is so dorky, haha… But I have to say, I’m disappointed that Jam didn’t win best newcomer – I love his range in musical style. Whenever I listen to Crowd, I get a sense of deja vu ’cause his style reminds me of folksy, laid-back Sodagreen (or Jason Mraz, if we’re not talkin’ just C/T-Pop), but his first album is rather more musically repetitive than theirs, much less Jam’s.

    Also disappointed that Khalil got shut out, along with Ashin not winning best lyrics, though that’s kinda bias on my part. Happy to see Eason Chan win best album, though. Mayday totally should’ve nabbed Song of the Year.

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