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Welcome to the build-a-girlband workshop! Create your very own Girl Band and other related artists at the Build-a-Girlband Workshop! You can choose and group your new Super Girl...

EE-Media has stated that through this year’s Super Girls, they were going to create a “female version of Top Combine.” And since only three of the people I mentioned last time were in the top 18 (further proving that eeMedia CEO Long Danni and I do not have the same taste in artists), and all of the top 18 are already signed with eeMedia, I decided to do another post. On the other hand, not being in the top 18 doesn’t mean not being in the girlband. Only 2 members of Top Combine were in the top anything, and Hunan TV/eeMedia has said that they will invite selected eliminated Super Girls to go on Yi Hu Bai Ying to select more girlband members.

To keep with the female Top Combine comparison, I’ve even organized them into groups for you.

Wang Zhixin’s self composition – one night

Silent composer/ Ma Xueyang

Wang Zhixin (20)
Pro:  talented composer, touching voice, and a sob story to go with it.
con: I think she’s too good to not go solo.
Li Xiaoyun (22)
pro: fluent in English (training to be a teacher in Australia), gorgeous voice and a Li Yuchun-like powerful personality.
con: her personality seems too strong for a girlband, and she can’t compose as well as Wang Zhixin

What's with Guangdong and cuteness?

Hoping to follow suit of fellow Guangdong Liu-clan member Liu Zhoucheng, Liu Meihan and Liu Xijun are already girlband-bonding.

Cutie pies/ Jin Ensheng

Liu Xijun (21)
pro: enough voice + looks to go solo
con: she seems too popular and ambitious for a girlgroup
Liu Meihan (18)
pro: fluent in English, Japanese and German and was specially admitted to the Beijing Foreign Studies University this fall, which is China’s best school of the kind (He Jiong is currently a professor of Arabic there.) She’s young, cute, energetic, and she composes.
con: she doesn’t sing that well, but she’s perfect girlband material

Sexy dancers/ Li Mao

Li yuanxi (19) and Jiang Yingrong (21) both manages to pull off singing “sexy songs” while maintaining fun, almost klutzy, personalities. With her looks, voice, dancing and personality, Li Yuanxi is the most well-rounded of the group. Jiang Yingrong is a more powerful singer, but I wish she would stop wearing sweat jackets in every performance.
Tan Lina (19)
pro: she’s a quarter Indian. Though she doesn’t know the language, she pulls off Indian dancing pretty well, and she looks gorgeous in photos
con: neither her voice nor her dancing is as spectacular.

Tao Le is artistic, but not so musical.

Tao Le's artistic, but not so musical.

Pretty and talented?/ Liu Zhoucheng

Pan Chen(21)
Pro: sings well, cute
con: not spectacular in anything
Tao Le (25)
pro: model, designed the trophy for the 2008 Olympics Arts Fest and is currently a web designer at Sina.
con: weak voice, too old for a girlgroup. Maybe she can go into acting?

One-of-a-kind/ Zhang Yuan

Huang Ying (20)
pro: unique, simple, adorable, and has a beautiful voice.
con: really, really needs a boost of confidence

pan hongyue 1

Soloists all the way

Yu Kewei (23) and Pan Hongyue (19), both of whom I touched on last time.
Pan Hongyue is young, fun, pretty-ish, can dance, can sing and has a very strong personality. I think she has the most Super Star potential out of all of them. Yu Kewei’s personality is softer, and could fit into a group, but her voice is too pretty for that.

Then there are Mo Chen (26+) and Yang Zi (25), who I don’t see going anywhere since neither are good enough to go solo, yet are both too old to be in a girlband. Da Chun Zi (26) may be a talented singer and Cheng Chen has a cute personality, but unless they can compose very well, they won’t be able to succeed commercially. Finally, there are two wtf artists that no one has any idea how they got in, since they have neither the voice, the personality nor the looks. If either Zeng Yike or Zhang Youfang manage to get into the top 10, to use a phrase from judge Bao Xiaobo, “If they stay, then I’m leaving.” Zeng Yike does compose, though, so she might be useful behind the scenes. But her voice is…worth Bao Xiaobo leaving.

Words of Wisdom from flip-flopper Gao Xiaosong

Last heard suggesting that the coastline vs. land mass ratio was an indicator of pureness of the thought, future Super Girl judge Gao Xiaosong switched his opinions by saying that mainland musicians make music as if it were art, and TW-HK musicians make music as if it were a commercial product. On the other hand, from his home in LA, he writes a loving note to Zeng Yike, among a rather amusing and insightful extended metaphor of Zeng Yike’s musical talents.

The last words are for Zeng Yike: When I was little, I had a dream, and that’s to view the world through my eyes, to use my pen to write down my feelings, and then find the right voice to sing those feelings to more people. When I see everyone from Sa Dingding to Li Yuchun singing my song to warm the hearts of many, my dream was fulfilled. I never wanted to run around singing, even if I’ll earn a lot of money that way, but those opportunities belong to people that Heaven gave good voices and looks to. Heaven gave us good eyes and good writing, and we should be satisfied.

From the competition today, we can see that for a long time, we will lack neither good voices  nor good performers, what we lack is quiet and talented writers like you to write a new generation’s loves and worries.

Future competitions

Since SARFT is anti-voting, Super Girls this year will have a combination of three voting panels. The first round is judged by three judges, as usual. The second round is judged by a panel of regional head manager/president/editor-in-chief of Sony (regional , Go Go Rock (Mayday, Beyond), Warner, EEG, HIM(SHE, Jade Liu), Ocean Disk (JJ Lin, Hu Ling), Avex (Shin, An Youqi), Taihe Rye (Zhang Yadong, Li Yuchun), Modern Sky (represented by the judge who loved Zeng Yike), Poly Agency,and Elle magazine. The final PK is decided by a group of audiences, like this.

Side note: I’m so disappointed in Chinese companies for not staking out in the Sichuan Conservatory of Music looking for newbies. Or at least watching TV. Wouldn’t this have made a nice girlband? Effortlessly discovered and sings wonderful. I really want Zeng Sixuan to be in the girlband. She’s so refreshingly cute. 

32 thoughts on “Build-a-girlband à la Super Girls

  1. @idarklight

    That’s because I’m actually, secretly the stylist for the Supergirls this year. And pssh…Jiang Yingrong looked awesome with the braids.

  2. I think the Hunan stylist this year is really into braids…Jiang Yingrong also had braids, even though it didn’t look that great on her…what is wrong with her stylist, really?

    I really did like it on Pan Hongyue, though, but she only had braids on half of her hair.

  3. @Benji

    Oh I dislike SM too. For Sm I look at the singers he had before, to what he has now, and it’s so disappointing. For JYP I look at the singers he promotes vs the way more talented singers he doesn’t promote and find it disappointing. But I don’t really know how JYP would operate in China, because he hasn’t really done anything in China.


    I’m not so sure he won’t market well anymore. He seems to have a better grasp on connections in various countries, more than I gave him credit for.

  4. I think Sichuan obviously has the altitude advantage, which makes it easier for them to sing. On the other hand, in terms of musical emotions, I think it’s pretty much the same everywhere. At the above average level, there may be more Sichuanese musicians. But I think when you go to the “omg, you’re the best thing since sliced bread” level, it’s pretty even between everywhere.

    JYP doesn’t market as well in China, though. SM has gained far greater success (at least a third of it thanks to Hankyung)

  5. Well, remember, Korea had a ban on a lot of Japanese cultural things up until only a decade ago. So Japanese companies didn’t really have the possibility of breaking in the Korean market. And even then, the Korean music industry is incredibly small. Taiwan, with a population a third the size of South Korea, still sells much more CDs and pulls in more revenue. So, really, being ‘big’ in Korea is still not that big a deal for a Japanese artist who could sell a lot more just in Japan alone.

    Though, cfensi, I get the impression that JYP is still better than SM. JYP looks like he actually cares about his artists, despite their talent or lack of. With SM, it’s as if all their artists are just products, there to make them money. When SM conducts activities in China, it’s obvious that they’re just trying to exploit the Chinese market. There’s that arrogant air of “We’re Korean. You’re Chinese. We’re better than you, so anything we sell to you…you’ll lap up.” I don’t get the same feeling from JYP. Thankfully.

    I have noticed Sichuan having a lot of good singers, though…I’m not sure why that is. I’d say, just roughly and from my own personal opinion, singing is about 50% physiological, 25% practice and 25% cultural. Practice, because even if you have the talent but never train at it, you’ll never be the best. Cultural, because that’s how you’re influenced to sing. Traditionally, Chinese singing has been soft and gentle. Then Mariah Carey comes along, and look at how Jane Zhang or Coco Lee sing now. Or with Teresa Teng. All her Chinese songs were soft, but listen to her sing “My Way” in English and you’ll be surprised at how powerful her voice actually was.

    But I’ve gone off-track again. = _ =
    I’ll probably comment more after watching all the videos.
    Lousy, slow Internet…*grumble grumble grumble*…

  6. @yelei

    *sigh* While I don’t think any country NEEDS a girl group, I think that if other countries are going to shove their girl groups down Chinese fangirls/boys throats, then China should have first dibs.

    It’s not like Universal/Sony BGM in Taiwan. Those mega-companies have subdivisions in Taiwan, that are headed presumably by all Taiwanese/other Chinese speaking people. The staff is Chinese, the creative team is Chinese. It’s not bad for the industry.

    With these small companies like SM/JYP, there’s no Chinese behind the scenes besides the idol boys/girls doing all the grunt idol work. It really has zero positive influence on the growth of Chinese music, and simply diverts the dollars that could help it develop, into the hands of a foreign creative team. I really dislike JYP too. He’s neglected some really, really good singers in his company for the ones that don’t sing as well.

    Darn Korean companies and their avarice! I wish China could just develop normally in music like other countries were given the chance to… I don’t remember Japan trying so freaking hard to break into Korea’s market with a token Korean. *Sigh* The downsides of having such a huge potential market.

    Ok, I’m sounding way too bitter like Wang Yuexin. -_- It just pisses me off so much that I am actually anxious for this girlgroup to debut, when the idea irks me in general. All because of the greed of some men.

  7. @anon

    These are the top 18 contestants. There’s some great ones here, and some ones that aren’t as good as those eliminated already, for some reason. Top 10 will be decided soon.

    @mr peng

    In reference to your earlier remark about Sichuan, I really think Sichuan has the good singers because of the altitude, and thus changes to lung capacity. I think actually all the provinces in Western China, like Yunnan (Zhaxi Dunzhu) and Tibet (Han Hong) must be filled with fantastic singers as well, but thanks to the DuJiangyan irrigation system (one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites btw) Sichuan is the most developed province, and thus, it’s easier for her singers to get famous.

    This is not to say that there are singers with great ranges in places w/o high altitude, but that the ratio of good to bad singers in western China is probably bigger.

  8. @yelei
    Tao Le’s already out.

    I don’t think she’s ugly, she’s actually a very cute and innocent looking girl. Has no one yet noticed the strong resemblance between her and Hu Ge after surgery? but I feel like there are definitely better voices than her that deserved the spot. Plus, her being there is making everyone being disappointed in Super Girls in general, which is bad for everyone.

  9. I havent been paying attention to Super Girls like I said I was going to.

    About the whole Wonder Girls debuting China.. I honestly don’t think Wonder Girls can debut in US. The recent teaser of Nobody’s english version said WG dominated China, Japan, Korea.. etc. Sometimes JYP likes to exaggerate things. I’ve been hearing rumors stating that the “Chinese WG” is suppose to debut some time this summer. I think it’s time that China comes out with their own girl group. So far many girl groups have debuted, but didn’t do so well and of course since most fans are girls and boybands are more likely to succeed.

    Liu Xijun – i imagine her going solo.

    Sometimes I wonder why Tao Le is still in the competition.. I think her singing is kind of average, but you do have to admit that she’s really beautiful (+cute).

  10. @cfensi, darklight
    actually to be honest. zeng yike doesnt look as ugly as you guys claim her to be. her face is maybe a tad below normal looking, but its fine. she seems nice, good lyrics… but voice? im not good at all in telling apart a good singer verses a poor singer, but from the vids, i dont think she has such a good voice. i was watching american idol rewind 2 days ago and my sister had to tell me who would be bust and who wouldnt. so @ darklight, when ever i ask you about singers, groups that i have never heard cfensi or you mention before on this post, its because i dont know if they are good at singing or not, and thus i dont know if they are worth finding out about or not. if they have many photos on baidu, or vids on youku,tudou, i assume they are good. lol.

    im also happy that supergirls actually look like girls this time around. that tomboy look annoys the crap out of me. this years supergirls are not only talented, look like girls, but also hot. hope they comeout with girl group as good looking as hit-5 and as talented as top combine.

  11. woah…Sony, HIM, OceanDisk and Elle all chose Zeng Yike…surprising. Can you imagine Zeng Yike under HIM???

    I liked the “wtf” look that the EEG guy gave after hearing that so many people chose Zeng Yike.

    In top 10: Yu Kewei, Li Xiaoyun, Liu Xijun

    Out: Tao Le, Zhang Youfang, Mo Chen.

    From this, I think Zeng Yike will stay around for a while…

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