10 Minutes Behind the Scenes of Sophie’s Revenge

The female director, and the ladies of the film talk about the film. Sorry, I have no subs, but you can always look at the pretty sets. I think I’m setting myself up for a great disappointment by looking forward to this film so much, but eh. What’s life without hopes?

The thing is, I really like this film because of the genre (aka fun chick flick), which was rather undeveloped until recently in China, but has endless potential at the moment. I don’t dislike the artsy films of China’s past when I look at them separately, but I also don’t think it speaks well of a film industry to be mainly comprised of those films. There should be a balance, a diversity and China’s slowly (or rapidly?) getting there.

I sort of blab about Zhang Ziyi a bit underneath the cut, so if that doesn’t interest you…

Zhang Ziyi, co-producer of the film, says in the video “I want people to see that China can make such good comedies”. It comes off as a bit pretentious, and ZZY does have that unfortunate attribute sometimes in her speech, whether it really reflects her as a person or not,  but I’ve always felt she has good points underneath her statements and she’s able to look at the Chinese from an overall standpoint, as an industry, compared to other industries, along with its faults and potential, but still supportive of it.

I remember in one of Instyle Magazine‘s yearly features on the Sundance festival  in which they celebrate Indie film by asking big-name actors the question, “How do you know you’re in an indie film?”, and the actors answer things like, I carpool with the director, or I make breakfast for the crew. ZZYat the time, which must have been something like five years ago, said “In China, all the films are kind of indie”. Which was completely true…the only big-budget films back then were things like Hero or Curse of the Golden Flower, because those films planned to cater to another market, America’s. Now it’s changed, and China can have big-budgeted movies for her own audience. which is exciting.

So looking forward to this, and anything else Zhang Ziyi wants to produce in the future.

Tell me if anyone wants a specific part translated.

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  1. …I never looked at it from that angle. I don’t really get why mainland people would have smaller faces though. I never really understood why people with smaller faces are better looking tbh.

    I wouldn’t say Chinese magazines don’t have great photos, but none of the idols get into the really good magazines like Harpaar’s Bazaar because there is still stigma against idols. So yeah, Chinese idols really do get the shaft in the photoshoot department.

    I never really thought Wang Yuexin was really that good looking, with good features. He reminds me of a turtle actually sometimes. A turtle with acne. But sometimes when he gets that confident smirk he is way too adorable.


    I actually like the first picture of WYX way more…maybe my tastes are just weird. I think Yao Chen looks really cool for example.

  2. @ idarklight
    Hahaha..you are very particular about jawline *I am laughing so hard*..so pointy like YFan and DongYF is not good and the squared one is not good either. But isn’t the v shape line is the favorite among k-celebs, at least YF and DYF jawlines are natural not chainsaw-ed..ouch.

    I was kidding about the girls vs male Chinese artists..but honestly from the past few years, the young female idols have been very manly esp. popular young singers and this issue even became a discussion in Chinese blogs. Chinese young actresses on the other hand are quite feminine looking with small faces.
    But I got to admit I prefer Chinese ml male actors/idol singers over other Asian males. Big head or faces usually make people less photogenic (there are exceptions).

    Yes, Chinese actors got smaller faces and heads in general than many other Asian actors, maybe we can take a tape measure? LOL. Look at Ge You for example, he is not good looking but his face is narrower than this guy from Sophie’s Revenge. I watched Zhang Junning’s interview in Japan for 5 star hotel and the male host got bigger face/head compared to Junning (check youtube). Look how small the faces of Happy camp’s male hosts incl. the chubby guy (picture him thinner please).

    A lot of pics in the magazines from China are not necessarily the best quality (getting better and better) but the actors still came out OK, while other Asians like J or K actors got good photographers & stylists that help them look good, but just strip them n..ed, shave their head and you would see who are the best looking ones. This is why kfanclubs don’t allowed fans to post the pics of their idols (according to my kfangirlfriend) cause the pics might came out bad if taken from the wrong angles. Meanwhile any cfans can post pics of c-celebs with no restriction and they still look ok even if the fan videos or fan pics are not the best quality.
    DuanHW or DYF often compared to Zai Zai, but Duan’s and DYF’s faces are smaller.

    I’ve seen many pics where ml celebs are photographed next to tw celebs, it’s so noticeable who got bigger faces. But luckily some tw actors got dimentional faces, so they are still good looking. My bf is a photographer, so I notice this stuff…or maybe I’m just a picky fangirl?

    Wang Yuexin also got a small face, that’s why he looks cute.

  3. @cfensi

    I don’t notice the acne..but his jawline bothers me sometimes. It depends on the photograph, though, and isn’t as noticable in videos.

    ie, see how square-ish his lower jaw is in this picture?

    versus this one, where he looks gorgeous and has more angular lower jaw:

  4. @kale
    huh…I never realized that Chinese celebs had smaller heads. I can’t really tell the difference between the big-headed people and those with smaller ones.

    You’re the first person I know who’s said that Chinese female entertainers are prettier than the male side. Most people seem to think there aren’t any good looking Chinese guys while they acknowledge there are good-looking Chinese girls.

    I agree with your last statement though. Lots of companies package personality-wise as well, especially those who started training artists when they were young. Besides, lots of people don’t express their personalities but it doesn’t mean they aren’t interesting. So now I think I fangirl people mostly for what they produce, rather than anything else. I mean, how does one even really guage a person’s full personality just from shows?


    Really? I think there’s been quite a few celebs I thought were hot with the dyed hair. Even bleached.

    What about Wang Yuexin? Until lately he had a pretty bad case of acne.

  5. @kale
    Stylish hair and clothing doesn’t hurt…even the most beautiful can be made into trash with the right outfits and hair

    China has plenty of pretty girls, large or small faced. You can’t judge China’s female artists by its Li Yuchun or Zhou Bichang. They were miracles, and are an anomaly rather than the norm.

    I’ve always thought I was the type that liked smaller-faced, cute guys. I was never into the looks of the more masculine “handsome” guys like Huang Xiaoming.

    In HIT-5, lookwise, I prefer Duan Huangwei. DOng Yufeng and Yang Fan’s face all have really steep jawlines, not only facing front, but also side…They’re like upsidedown pyramids. THey’re all so long, too.

    This is what bothers me the most about them, besides the dyed hair. See the two giant bumps on either side of his face?

  6. I like Ziyi and FBB, but I don’t like the male lead…too bad, I won’t watch this until future reviews change my mind. The guy is so f…

    IMO Dong Yufeng got a pretty face and well suited for a metro look, if there were a beauty contest and he’s the only guy , I bet he would win the crown and beat girls like Yuchun or Bibi and other manly girls ( no offense fans) with strong squared jawline and large faces.

    The reason why I like Chinese male actors or even some singers, cause they usually have small faces….small face with more dimensional features and minimal plastic surgery. They got even smaller faces than tw male actors/singers (just compare their pics lol)…look at Chen Kun, HXM, Zhang Junning, and HIT-5 boys, Ma Xueyang, Bobo etc.

    @idarklight, since you wrote that you were/are a kpop fan, you might get used to seeing larger faces with squared jawline. So, maybe small faces men look odd to you lol. What scares me is female large face with strong jawline, just like the examples above. How come China could produce pretty men but the girls are….except Liu Yifei, Sunli etc ( just kidding guys..lol). I don’t think Hit5 boys are that feminine anymore, they look better now..their first MV’s style was horrid though.

    agree about JE artists, those who claim they are good looking are anime fans. JE artists tend to style themselves to mimic those anime characters (just like Hit5 first MV, that’s why I didn’t like them then). But I would choose any JE artists over KE artists though.
    I think fangirls need to judge beauty by picturing the guys without stylish clothes and hair cause that could change a person a lot. I still don’t get why f… idols got famous, because of their personalities? Personalities can be made up as well,not only fake faces in the idol industry.

  7. I don’t know…maybe it’s the hair. I hate bleached hair on Asians. Tints of red, blue or purple are okay…but full-out dyed hair makes Asians looks sickly.

    And the face muscles…they bother me. Imo, metro looks only fits people with smooth, feminine features. HIT-5’s faces had mountainous surfaces and looked obtrusive. Yang Fan and Duan XX doesn’t, though…but Yang Fan lower jaw is so creepy. I feel like I’m the only one who thinks that because everyone else thinks they’re gorgeous.

  8. I think in JE, while so many of them can’t sing, and I think you could probably go around with your eyes closed in Japan and have a 90% chance of picking a kid better looking than Ohno, has some of the best boyband personalities.

    I think HIT-5 looks fine with the metro look (you don’t think it suits them?)…but if Yang Fan ever dyed his hair blonde, I agree, he’d look horrible like the less talented guy in Hborn.

    I like BOBO for that too. They haven’t changed at all appearance wise since before they got famous. In fact, it’s like they have the same hairstyle that they’ve had since they were twelve. They were cute then too. :)

  9. I got yelled at by my friend when I first saw Arashi and told her I didn’t think they weren’t that good-looking… JE boys were allowed to show their personalities, though. Like what Jane said – discover the best traits of someone and let it shine.

    I’m not sure if this makes sense, but both this band and HIT-5 bothers me their unnatural feminity in looks. Liu Zhoucheng naturally has a pretty, feminine look. but with those guys, they are packaged that way, but they don’t look right in them. In video, several members of HIT-5 have really muscular, structured faces that are so different from the flawless, pink skin of their photoshoped pictured. Combined with the feminine style around them, their faces look awkward, grotesque almost.

    I never got the popularity of looks like that of HIT-5 and Luo Zhenhuan because though they look like porcelain dolls on photos, in video, they look terribly sickly and awkward. (same with BOBO from Hborn…Lion King pulls it off because he looks almost normal)

    overall, the main reason I had an initial negative reaction to this group is because of the way their photo looks…glossily, but also ghastly packaged. I think this group should’ve went with a more sunny, sporty looks.

    that’s why BOBO’s my favorite… they seem the most normal.

  10. Aren’t most JE artists kind of fug though? No offense to their fans?

    I mean, Arashi has no good-looking members at all, and furthermore they’re all really short. Matsumoto Jun is like 5’7 and he looks like he’s a head taller than the rest of them. And Ohno is one of the most popular members and he has no good physical features whatsoever (again, I really hope his fans do not read this…I don’t dislike him, I just am stating my unbiased views towards his looks).

    I think though, that they have such awesome personalities and chemistry and are given the opportunity to show it that most people end up liking them for that reason. So I don’t think good-looks are imperative. But these boys probably don’t have a very influential company backing them that allows them to show off their personalities.

  11. Should I keep recapping it then? It seems some people really liked it…maybe it’s a hit or miss. I haven’t seen enough to tell. I can see that the writer is better with the overall story than the details of characterization though. I must admit Wang Luodan is disappointing in it. And I hate how they’ve dressed her. She looks gangly. I’ve seen the ending though…I thought it was cute.

    So many series to watch! I still need to finish Who Controls My Youth, and Chinese Paladin seems really interesting. I’d watch it even if I wasn’t so interested in how Tang Yan fares as an actress.

  12. i just finished watching Hidden Fragrance, and I thought the series was okay. It definitely dragged and the ending wasn’t that great either.

  13. yea i feel like i’m going to be dissappointed too but i’m still eager. i had really high hopes for All About Women and it was good but not as good as i had wished. nevertheless i thought that movie was fun and enjoyable too!

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