News Roundup 6/8/09 – 6/19/09

We’re going to start a news roundup of all the little bits of news that we don’t have the energy, time, or motivation to make full posts on. I wanted to start one before, but my inherent laziness made it seem like a project doomed to failure; We’re going to try again anyway because now we’re finding it harder to have the energy to make those full posts.

These links were found mostly by idarklight ….which is how it usually goes on behind the scenes of Cfensi. Except for the obvious parts by me, like where I start to whine about lack of Wang Yuexin activities again. WYX…you’re turning me into a whiner.


Yu Siyuan and B.I.Z


Yu Siyuan and Biz are back with their new single Zhan Fang, which  is making airwaves across China. Unfortunately no link, but here are the lyrics.

Chinese Paladin 3 OST is out. Though the album is a disappointed to most who loved the first OST, Blue Bird Flying Fish may make their lucky break as their song, “Ci Sheng Bu Huan,” was a general favorite. Listent to the OST here.

Huang Yali‘s first MV under Taiwanese company Linfair is out. The former Super Girl is one of the latest to benefit from the lifted restrictions on mainland artists in Taiwan.

Also releasing albums recently: Gary Cao, Peggy Hsu, Phoenix Legend, Tan Weiwei, Jerry Yan, and Lollipop. And maybe some artists I’ve forgotten (Don’t hate me!). I’ve linked to youtube accounts where you can listen to the album for some artists.

Mayday‘s DNA MV for their DNA tour is out. Watch it here.

Jane Zhang joins Universal Music. This should be good for her career, but sad to Huayi. Nevertheless, I applaud Huayi’s statement that they “will never change their company to accommodate one person,” something that eeMedia seems to have been doing way too often.


The guy in the middle is not that short, Go Go Club members are just all tall (188 cm)

If like us, you almost forgot their existence, revisit man-band Go Go Club as they prepare for an new album. They also have a song in CP3 and belong to Gold Typhoon.


What are you holding Wei Chen?? I guess nothing says PRC quite like a robot.

eeMedia stars do a random 60th Anniversary of the PRC photoshoot, with certain members of its company participating, perhaps the ones that will be featured in their upcoming group album with the same theme. Wang Yuexin is not there. I started to panic at first but I’m sure he’ll be fine, being the goal oriented guy that he is. I hope. T_T


Meanwhile if you are also a deprived Wang Yuexin fan (are there any besides me?) listen to him sing a folk song for father’s day here. The song starts at 3:45 , but it’s worth the wait. He does it so, so beautifully. Is there any musical style that this boy can’t do? That is if he were given the opportunity.

Television News


Meteor Shower changes its name to Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower to be more “unique.” They’re currently recording the OST, which features the beautiful voice of Zhang Han singing Lu Hu’s song. Why is everything in this drama going so wrong?

Hunan TV snubs at SARFT by broadcasting the banned Gillian interview anyways, but on the Hong Kong-based global channel, where SARFT has no control.

Hunan also wants to move into movies, and it begun by changing the title of its local “Media Agency” to “Movies and Film Industry”This is not surprising announcement since it has recently invested in several big movies, including Mulan and Bodyguards and Assassins,

An animated series of CJ7 is to begin production. Stephen Chows says he always loved animation.


Liu Ye to get married on July the 5th with French girlfriend. Best men will be Nanking! revisionist director Lu Chuan, and wedding style of choice is traditional (traditional French or traditional Chinese?).

Movie news will be up next as I finish posting on the Shanghai Film Festival.

18 thoughts on “News Roundup 6/8/09 – 6/19/09

  1. @mrpeng…I think you might have to wait a bit. Being played on the radio doesn’t necessarily mean available to hear online just yet. I remember it was about three weeks after Xue Zhiqian’s Deeply Loved You started being played that it finally was able to be heard somewhere online.

  2. @hobielover

    im tring to find the 绽放 single. ive seen all of BIZs mvs and heard all their songs. i have them in my ipod. i just cant seem to find teir new single.

  3. “俞思远 & B.I.Z 绽放” when i type that in the search box on youku, tudou, 56, etc, i cant find any vids… do you have a link to the mp3 so i can listen to the song.

  4. Oh, I was thinking that maybe this meant some Vincent Fang lyrics in Go Go Club’s album, so the article cleared that up!

    @cfensi: I’d love to see a rock/indie news roundup post. For some reason, I haven’t listened to Yu Siyuan and BIZ any yet and I feel a bit guilty, but Chinese music is such a big thing, I don’t think it’s really possible to keep up with all of it.

  5. @nepheliad I was trying to link to a youtube account with all the songs from Lollipop’s album but I guess I failed horribly. Will try to find it again.

    @mrpeng I think the tall guy from Feng Yun Bang left. Not a huge loss…he was from some film academy and should thus stick to acting.

    I think “Yu Siyuan and BIZ” is the full band name. It confuses me too.

  6. Yes! BIZ is my favorite band. listen to their music almost daily. and I had no idea gogoband mements were 188. as all as the tallest guy in fengyunbang. And I’m kind of confused isn’t BIZ a four member band? why do they always add yu shiyuan. is he solo and BIZ actually a 3 member band?

  7. I didn’t like CJ7 as a live-action movie… but an animation of it sounds much more promising. A lot of the scenes I found too ridiculous probably won’t be as bad in a cartoon.

    Starting to like BBFF, and I have to say (related more to your earlier post about them) that I like their dynamic. They seem to take after their seniors in the company like Show Luo and Lollipop, and I like it, humor and all. I think it’s a niche that they can fit into and find success in far more readily than with the more “serious” boy bands. Admittedly, it makes for mood whiplash when hearing their serious songs, but that can be said for the others, too.

    Speaking of which, what was the link for Lollipop supposed to be? Of this?

    As for Sony, in addition to SPC, Sony also owns Columbia Pictures, so she really wouldn’t have been disadvantaged in that aspect, either, for what little it matters in her case. Prolly just a matter of who presented the better offer.

  8. I didn’t know that Sony owned Columbia Pictures, also…

    I’m not sure if this makes any sense, but Sony (China/TW at least) and Avex feel a bit like eeMedia to me. If you can do your own work, then great. Otherwise, they just feel so cold, harsh and unorganized. Huayi always had that wholesome feeling. Sort of like how they have dramas to develope artists for movies.

  9. @Benji I would have preferred Sony too. I don’t like Universal. Too many artists remake songs in Universal, although there are some great artists as well.

    I think Jane was offered a better distribution deal for her own company perhaps.

    @idarklight Does Sony have Sony picture classics? Jane doesn’t need a movie-connection, unless she gets to sing theme songs, and no one would give her theme-songs except for Chinese movies. Which means her best bet would have been Hua Yi.

    I’m interested to see where this goes though. We’ll probably make another post on this when they hold the formal press conference in July, if there’s anything else interesting from that.

  10. @Benji
    Sony doesn’t have the movie connection, though. I think I would’ve prefered Warner for her. But really, Huayi wasn’t bad, neither.

    and they can have Xie Na as the wedding host! That’ll be even more.

    He Jiong should host Xie Na and Zhang Jie’s wedding. And they can get Yang Er as the wedding singer. Or Wang Yuexin…isn’t Wang Yuexin commonly nicknamed as Zhang Jie’s kid?

  11. Hm…Jane Zhang signing onto Universal sounds like good news, as far as music production is concerned. I’m a bit worried that her artistic creativity might be a bit stifled under such a major company, but honestly, she would do a lot better with a more commercial sound.

    Though, I think Sony might have been a better choice. Sony has Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Leona Lewis. And I think they’re more similar to Jane’s singing style. Mariah Carey is under Universal now, but her initial (massive) success was with Sony.

    Any idea how long this contract lasts?

  12. @chinkirox, I think it’s self-titled.

    @idarklight Oh you’re right, I don’t know Vincent Fang by face or apparel and I didn’t actually read the article that came with the picture.

    Article if anyone does want to read it. Chen Zheyu looks hot in his outfit:

    They should get Zhang Jie as a wedding singer. :D


    Mayday MV was awesome. I’m also thinking about making a separate New Roundup for indie/rock news cuz there’s been quite a bit of that as well…we’ll see how that goes.

  13. Who is that guy with Go Go Club? With the facial hair and the taboggan, he looks like Vincent Fang. If that’s not him, he really resembles Vincent!

    Mayday’s MV made my day! And a “CJ7” cartoon sounds really cute.

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