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Jaycee Chan and Xie Na in Tracing Shadow

A recent article from the Shanghai Film Festival (where the Hua Yi stars coverged) talked about the Four upcoming Hua Yi “Blockbusters”, all very different in genres and styles. Two of them, I’ve already mentioned on this site. Feng Sheng/The Message and Tangshan Earthquake/Aftershocks. Despite their boring English titles, it’s clear that they were heavily funded. The third big-budget film from Hua Yi is Di Re Jie, which I’ll be talk about whenever there’s clearer pictures/footage of the cast but from concept art, it seems well-budgeted as well.

Of the three, the one that makes me question the “blockbuster” tag is Tracing Shadow , starring Jaycee Chan, Xie Na, and Pace Wu. But it’s the fun one.

Tracing Shadow Trailer (Don’t judge if you don’t know what I mean by Chinese humor, or if you’ve never seen a Chinese Odyssey film.)

For me it looks like a hell lot of fun, and is directed by Francis Ng, along with Hua Yi backing. I’m already sold.

Fun Fact: The guy playing fake “Jackie Chan” played the doctor in the tv series Jin Fen Shi Jia/Story of a Noble Family who caused the maid to go into a nunnery. He was  in a Disney commercial too. That kind of resume just screams “Jackie Chan” doesn’t it?


Oh…and group picture of Hua Yi stars that were at the SIFF just bc.  *cough* BOBO’s in it.


9 thoughts on “Tracing Shadow Trailer

  1. Alec Su looks better tanned imo. More manly.

    Yeah, Love Strategy guy is Yuan Wenkang, and he was also in The Assembly as the nerdy guy. I know his name bc I think he’s hot, lol.

    Thanks for the pic bluemoon! Now I see Zhou Xun, Dong Xuan and Alec.

    I really wish they had a straight on shot of all of them.

  2. yeah, that’s not Wang Zhonglei at all from bluemoon’s angle.

    Alec Su looks so tanned! I didn’t know that the guy from Love Strategy was in Huayi…I guess I should’ve figured he was since that was a Huayi drama.

    I really like that about Huayi, too.

  3. @idarklight

    Hua Yi media is the company of opportunity. As long as you have the talent/charisma for showbiz, they’ll let you work your way up. I love their attitude towards cultivating artists not just “making” stars like eeMedia does.

    Chengtian kind of has that too though…I know you probably don’t like the fact that Kimi is in a movie, and I don’t either but he plays a reticent character. Not a lot of lines.

    I think the guy w/ glasses in back row is Wang Zhonglei. I don’t know who is to the right of Lu Yi.

    The stars I recognize are Feng Shaofeng, BOBO, Lu Yi, Li Bingbing, Ady, Pace Wu, Zhang Hanyu, Yuan Wenkang, and the Soldier Sortie people.

  4. @yelei
    BOBO’s not in the movie, just in the Huayi group picture.

    Is Wang Zhonglei next to Lu Yi? Who’s the guy on the other hand of Wang Zhonglei?

    Huayi’s family picture doesn’t have the hierachy that eeMedia’s did. I like that.

  5. I always had doubts about Happy Camp, but I began watching it recently and I love Xie Na’s personality. I never thought she was really beautiful, but she reminds me alot of Ah Ya from Wo Cai x3. As for Jaycee, I’m not a big fan of his acting. If Bobo is going to be in it, i’m definitely watching this =)

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