H.Born to release self-composed EP


H.Born stand for Harmonic Boys of Rhythm Nation, and also bo'en, a combination of their names

What happens when the seemingly parallel lines of self-composition and boybands meet?  H.Born is born. The new boyband duo composed and arranged every song on their EP. Their resume is no less impressive. Wang Nai’en was third in line to sing You and Me at the Beijing Olympics. He also in majored directing at the prestigious Central Drama Academy, which hopefully means he’ll direct their own MV, too. If that’s not enough, they have the best nicknames ever.

one of their old demos, composed and arranged by Lion King, lyrics by both:

hborn frank photo4

Name: 王乃恩 (Wang Nai’en, Nai’en=transliterated Lion King, named by his father)
English name: Lion King (do you not love this English name?)
Birthday: March 26
Height/weight: 183cm/60kg
Birthplace: Shanghai
Interests: astronomy, music, archaelogy, Final Fantasy, strolling, etc.
Favorite movies: Amadeus, Forrest Gump, A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, anime
Favoirte music: classical, video game music, movie soundtracks,
Favorite places: Greece, Mercury
Favorite sentence: Remember who you are,and take your place in the circle of life…
Favorite artists: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Yoshitaka Amano, Yoko Kanno, Nobuo Uematsu, Shiratori Emiko, Sheryl Nome,Ranka Lee,Michael Jackson,Barbra Streisand,Lara Fabian,Hyde,Malice Mizer, too many.
Favorite sports: tennis, computer games
talents: piano, track, tennis, dubbing anime, eating a whole cake, passing the restricted level of Final Fantasy
what you want to be in 10 years: to compose music for Final Fantasy
food you can cook: Sichuanese food
Want to give to girlfriend: heart, the rest of my life
Want to do with a girlfriend: grow old together, live out a forgotten fairytale

hborn frank photo2

Name: 剑波 /Zhao Jianbo
nickname: 波波/bobo (his nickname is pretty awesome, too)
Birthday: December 17
Height/weight: 183cm/65kg
Bloodtype: O
Origin/birthplace: Zhejiang/Wenzhou
Interests: buying clothes, collecting things, telling jokes, watching movies
Favorite movie:Malèna
Favorite music: Rock, Hip-hop
Favorite artists: G-Dragon, Justin Timberlake, DBSK, SJ, Big Bang, etc.
Favorite sports: basketball, soccer, pool
Favorite girl type: understanding, thoughtful, kind
Least favorite girltype: not understanding, not thoughtful, not kind
talents: telling jokes, pretending to be crazy
what you’ll do when you’re alone: writing songs, going online, find friends

More pictures:
hborn lion photo2 hborn frank photo5 hborn lion photo1 hborn frank photo7

28 thoughts on “H.Born to release self-composed EP

  1. Oh, the lack of popularity (specifically for mainland) is something different altogether. There’s so many reasons for that, besides the fact that China doesn’t really actively promote their stars to a greater foreign audience, and isn’t so well-established or big as Japan yet, where that isn’t necessary.

    If you want to look at in on a country to country basis:

    – Japan doesn’t really take notice until you sing in Japanese. Which most Chinese people don’t bother with, and which I hope no one really tries in Cpop, because then it’d be Jpop.

    – Korea – restrictions on foreign promotions

    – Taiwan – Very, very strict promotions against mainlanders until recently. Should a mainland celeb step into Taiwan, they couldn’t even talk to media. It’s still not completely lifted. These actually didn’t just pertain to mainland celebs, there were lots of mind-boggling restrictions on mainland people living there. It’s really crazy how one sided the western media is – they never tell you about those laws, and I’m trying not to let it get to me how unfair it all was.

    – Outside China – Young Chinese mainlanders absolutely suck at promoting their own culture. Again, you’re living in a biased environment that predisposes you to think your own country is some sort of horrifying creepy place where there couldn’t possibly be any good entertainment. And the amount of mainlanders that do know just isn’t enough right now to make a real impact. It’s growing, but most are still in the dark. There’s nothing sustained. I could put up a MV like last year at AF, and some people would just forget. Some people actually think Top Combine disbanded because no one was translating/spreading their activities or making it more noticeable.

    So basically China’s market is a free-for-all, whereas it’s facing restrictions if it goes elsewhere, and Chinese Americans just are easily manipulated by the news around them. And until more Chinese can spread the culture, you can come out with gold stuff, and people will just forget. Oh well, I don’t care much as long as it’s Cpop and I get my Faye Wongs.

    Overall…spreading the culture isn’t so important except money-wise. I remember someone on my LJ-f-list went on a Korea tour and then made her go to some park where there were statues of the Winter Sonata people, which she did not watch and was like WTF?? She still took pictures though and I was laughing so hard that the statues were considered a tourist destination because they weren’t that great just in comparison to statues. But hey…if the pop culture gets people to fork out money to travel, that’s good. But even then, I’d say you’re better off in a Thailand scenario – they will always have their beaches and pristine water, but pop culture changes…you can’t get too dependent on that for tourists.

  2. Haha, cfensi, you are like so into it.

    I just want China’s Cpop industry to come out with something eye-catching and good so the stereotype “cpop is boring/bad/outdated” will go away. Right now, not many people know much about mainland china’s entertainment industry. I want companies to produce flashy groups that can grab people’s attention, and once people get into it, they can start digging deeper and find some pretty good (less superficial) artists.

  3. I haven’t seen any news pop up, but honestly I haven’t been looking.

    Right now I’m sort of sick of the idols, even the talented ones, because mostly in the Asian pop culture community people just use looks first as a deciding factor if they’ll give them a chance, and then judge on talent. Like they won’t give anyone who looks remotely non-attractive even a chance even if they have lots of talent and self-direction. Or they have to be in a group (what’s with that obsession?).

    I agree that looks attract attention, but honestly, I’m sort of feeling like the Asian online community is just getting dumber and dumber because when you surround yourself with superficiality, superficiality is what you’ll become. And more importantly, I feel like I’m getting dumber. Just by trying to keep up with Asian entertainment news. The news is so inane. And it’s something I’d like to get away from. A little superficiality is nice and necessary at time…but honestly it’s too much.

    And man, has asian culture gotten superficial these days. At least when Jpop dominated the boyband niche, most of the members were kinda unattractive. Rather instead, they had the it-factor.

    Now it’s just all looks, throw in some mediocre talent, some slight quirkiness, and that’s it. I don’t even know…that’s all just so…average.

    Sorry, a couple years ago it wasn’t all about that. Or maybe it was and I just got older. Either way…it’s just too much. Where are the Faye Wongs? Where’s the creativity? Where are the driving forces that turn the art world on its head? I find myself fangirling businessmen, companies a lot, because the artists are just too puppety, and there’s something wrong I think when that happens. When in art, I don’t fangirl artists anymore, but the businessmen behind the artists since they are essentially dictating how the art should go.

    Sorry…doing a lot of ranting these days, because I see a lot of people wanting a very flawed, broken model, rather than a healthy one, because the broken one is pretty and enticing, like unhealthy food, and it’s like well….if that’s what people want, I’m not dragging myself into that just because it’ll get me more visitors to this site, or because I get a bigger soapbox to stand on. Because like I said…feeling myself getting dumber. A little superficiality and glitz in film and movies is fine…it’s hard to turn such a costly thing into drivel, and people will call you out on it, but with music, I guess it’s easier.

  4. -@ Nepheliad the high voice is Lion King/aka the really interesting one who looks like Seto Koji. I guess with your take that’s why they can’t go solo.

    He should get with that one guy instead…the guy from the old Xin Wu Qi boyband, the one that looked like a replica of Oguri Shun.

    Then they could have been known as the Japanese-actor lookalike duo.

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