Zhang Jiani and Mingdao reminds you to Always Smile!

always smile

Even if Meteor Shower fails, which it might or might not since eeMedia is Hunan TV’s most unpredictable segment, Hunan TV is sure to keep up its quality of self-made dramas with Always Smile! Starring Zhang Jiani in her second Hunan drama lead, Mingdao in his nth drama and Ma Ke in all his funniness, Always Smile! will air on June the 27th on, surprise, Hunan Satellite TV!. You can read the synopsis here.

This drama is another co-production of Hunan TV and Taiwanese CTV after Princess of Returning Pearl. The Qiong Yao* connection doesn’t end there. Like all other leads in Qiong Yao dramas, Zhang Jiani was especially picked by Qiong Yao for her role in Dream Link, and Qiong Yao has great taste in actors and actresses. The artistic director of Always Smile! also happens to be Auntie Qiong Yao’s daughter-in-law/spokesperson. Even without all those Qiong Yao-ness, this drama is pretty much guaranteed to be good, if not great. Meteor Shower, on the other hand, has a possible range from awkward embrassment to paragon of perfection. I really hope it’s the latter.


Like An Xiang, Always Smile! also features the scenery of Sanya, Hainan.

3 thoughts on “Zhang Jiani and Mingdao reminds you to Always Smile!

  1. @mrpeng
    right after this one finishes. This has 30 episodes, airing once per day, so it’ll finish on July 27th?

    it depends. Some deserve more than 15-20 episodes. Some don’t. It really depends on the scriptwriter. SARFT did make a no-sequel-longer-than-30-eps rule recently, though. Not sure how Journey to the West remake will deal with that.

  2. I think China should shortened idol dramas to like 15-20 episodes. This drama seems to be interesting.

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