70 and Zhang Yunjing spaz


Looks like a scene in the Twelfth Night? It's even better.

When they first debuted, weI wanted to pair up B2F2 with the girls of our Yi group (Zhang Liyin and He Jie) since 70 was also Yi, but Zhang Yunjing and 70 won us over with their awesomeness. This is a very non-serious, non-informative spaz article that we needed to do, because summer’s just started and we’re all tired, so stop reading now if you feel like you’re the true prince(ss) of either Zhang Yunjing or 70. Or if you’re for something more strange, view this with caution.

Disclaimer: The following portrayals are highly biased in favor of a ZYJ-70 pairing

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

HH: Who do you admire more, HuHu or 70?
*70 puts hands on ZYJ*
70: We’ve worked together more
ZYJ: Do I have to pick one? Do I have to pick one? I’m afraid you guys will fight. (she doesn’t want to sound too eager to pick 70)
ZYJ: I think HuHu’s cuter, but 70 is the type to depend on for life, very manly. But I”ll never like you.

quote from cfensi, used without permission:

she drew him first. With a fang. And she said she could never like him. From all the drama watching that I have done, I think that definitely means something.

HH: What’s the most crazy thing you’ve done?
70 (moves too close to ZYJ): Streaking? Wearing a bikini? (shakes head) None of the above.
ZYJ (to 70): You’re full of nonsense.
ZYJ: Wearing dresses…getting kissed by you was pretty crazy!
70: getting kissed by me was pretty crazy?
ZYJ: It stinked…No, it didn’t.

Exhibit C:

HH: She looks really different in “Puo Tian Huang.”
ZYJ: Right, now he began looking at me and telling me, “hey, you’re really hot.”
70: I was only saying the truth.
(here the scene changes, and they decide that their loveadmiration for each other was too great to not repeat)
70: When I first saw A’jing today, I told her she was very hot today.
ZYJ: Thank you. Thank you.
HH: You’ve been saying that the whole time.
ZYJ: I feel like after watching the “puo tian huang” MV, you look at me differently.
reporter: 70’s so bold, saying that you’re hot, could it be that he has other “inappropriate thoughts?”
70: What inappropriate thoughts? Though there are some kissing scenes in our MV.
ZYJ: What do you mean some?
(and now HuHu ruins the mood by talking about less romantic things)

Contrasting with Zhang Yunjing is the trio’s “shi-mei,” Bibi Chou aka Zhou Bichang. B2F2 also guest stars in her new MV.   Her album will come out on July 8th. It seems like after Gold Typhoon has exausted its Taiwanese market (four releases in three months), it’s going after the Hong Kong market with a Cantonese song by the Guangdong-raised Bibi Chou. For her re-debut after nearly a year, she collected videos of fans to make this MV:

Your(plural) love – Bibi Chou

After 70 has taken all the spotlight from HuHu, here’s something from HuHu. In Hu Ge‘s MV “Tell him I love her”,  HuHu plays a mute clown who is in love with a girl, who unfortunately is in love with 70. Why does 70 gets all the girls?

Tell him I love her – Hu Ge

15 thoughts on “70 and Zhang Yunjing spaz

  1. Your(plural) love – Bibi Chou
    absolutely love that song at the moment. So good!! Can’t stop listening to it.
    I love the tune when she sings “我一直努力改变所有失败“, that part sounds perfect, has a little “chinese vibe” to it as well.
    I prefer bibi chou to li yuchun. I think she is better at singing

  2. @Yelei lol, I would never of guessed. I am called shoups on pretty much everything hahaha.
    i prefer cfensi because the bloggers reply so fast and I am more interested in chinese entertainment than korean these days. The blogs are pretty well written as well, that is probably due to practice…don’t know how many blogs they have written before reaching their current standards.
    I recently joined soompi so I can see what other people think of chinese entertainment as I was reading one the the dicussions on cfensi, people mentioning people on soompi were slightly racist

    plus lots of cool pics lol

  3. @yelei
    not that Top Combine hasn’t done much. They’ve certainly done more than most boybands after only having an EP. Most importantly, they’re the one that composed the song that really shot them to fame. And it’s not like they haven’t tried. Li Mao wrote a script for the Cotton Candy MV, but the director had another one in mind.

    and recently, Ma Xueyang’s been sleeping while holding a guitar(how uncomfortable) because apparently, he gets the most inspirations in the middle of the night for composing.

    oh, and 70 takes really interesting photography. a bit artsy, sometimes creepy.

  4. idarklight: now you mention Top Combine, I think you’re right. So far they haven’t done much.

    I didn’t know ZYJ was a graphic designer.

    shoups: haha, this is pillowbow on soompi!

  5. Zhang Yunjing and 青鸟飞鱼 are so comfortable with each other lol. They are so funny together. They should present more shows together, for example dedicate a show similar to 娱乐百分百 to them, should be great joy to watch. 青鸟飞鱼 songs are average to fair, I think they would make better presenters.
    It was so funny when zhang yunjing had to hug that fan, she was so awkward and she was speechless after the hug, she was so shocked that she kind of forgot what to do next lol

  6. It’s one of my favorites, too. I also really like the Merchant of Venice. probably because I hate tragedies. Hamlet’s about the only tragedy I like from Shakespeare…

    I generally go for clear and crisp, too. The one exception is Anson Hu, whose voice I love. Zhou Bichang does it sometimes, but not really in this song.

    HuHu and 70 seem really fun, which is something that’s a bit lacking in the mainland industry (especially eeMedia)…the things they do are really out there, though sometimes a bit too out there.

  7. Oh, and I forgot to mention…I love Twelfth Night, Or What You Will! It’s probably one of my top three favorites, story-wise from Shakespeare. The man’s tragedies may be his classics, but I love his comedies more.

  8. Thanks for the post! Spazzing over 70 and Zhang Yunjing was some of the most fun spazzing I’ve done about any pair. They are simply so cute together, and I really do love Zhang Yunjing’s personality.

    Zhang Yunjing was a graphic designer before she became a singer, and 70 is very into artsy photography. I think they do have a lot in common, and it’d be so so cute to see them together. Like I said, I don’t remember spazzing over a pair this much in a long time. Maybe BOBO but they’re more BFF spazzing rather than OTP4life spazzing.

    I was joking when I first said I thought ZYJ and someone from BBFF should be a couple, but who knew that they would actually be such a captivating pair?

    BBFF…I don’t know if I like them as a group just yet, but they are given so much creative freedom in their debut and I do like that. I like it when the groups manage themselves. They are a bit crude/perverted for a boyband though, and I can’t see them appealing to tweens or whatever the main demographic is for a boyband.

    And oh, Huhu? Pyromania is not that attractive.

    Edit: I’m one of those who falls into the camp of actually liking ZYJ’s voice, which is weird because usually I like those crisp clear voices. Like Wang Yuexin. I really want ZYJ’s commemorate edition, autographed CD but yesasia says it’s out of print.

  9. first sidenote: I was really impressed with HuHu in Hu Ge’s MV.

    I’m really proud (wc?) of how much 青鸟飞鱼 is trying. If He Jie had half of their motivation, she would be great.

    In this short amount of time they’ve really done more than Top Combine in terms of self-creation. They designed their own choreography, own outfit, own skits, own performances (no matter how random). They really try to impress their audience, and that’s visible.

    Can you imagine what He Jie could’ve been like with that type of motivation? If instead of brooding, she started designing things, be it choreography or goofy webcams, even if she didn’t come up with great things, she wouldn’t be half as depressed.

    That’s why an artist’s attitude is just as important as their talent (did some Li Yuchun fan write this a while ago?).

    I like Zhang Yunjing. Not a big fan of her voice. Enjoy her personality. She’s more down-to-earth, and I was surprised at her un-boyishness.

    bleh..but this article was suppose to be lighthearted, mainly because I can’t think any more than light.

    on the other hand, 青鸟飞鱼 is a bit too crude for a boyband, and for my comfort…they’re up there with Show Luo, and he is already more crude than necessary.

  10. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of 青鸟飞鱼, but they’re pretty comical. Other the other hand, I love 张芸京’s voice and I prefer her singing rock songs.

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