“One Night in Supermarket” to hit the Shanghai Film Festival


How cute are Qiao Renliang and Li Xiaolu together?

Quick post, because I’ve been sort of busy. One Night in the Supermarket, an ensemble comedy about a 24-hour supermarket will be competing for the ” CCTV6 Chinese Film Media ” award, at the upcoming Shanghai Film Festival, one of the biggest film festivals in Asia. I’m not really sure how that award works except that it’s given out by CCTV6 and has evolved into its own subsection of the SFF. Guess why I’m interested in the movie?

Yes, nerdy Qiao Renliang pretty much seals the deal, but I also do like ensemble movies, and this one seems quirky.  Considering that Qiao Renliang is an acting newbie, it’s good that he has acting veterans like Li Xiaolu and Xu Zheng to carry the movie.


Qiao Renliang plays a shy worker at the supermarket who secretly likes Li Xiaolu’s character. One day they both work the night shift, and unfortunately that night two separate guys come looking for trouble. The first guy (Xu Zheng) had a winning ticket at the store, but because the store owner punched in numbers incorrectly, he got nothing and he’s back to get the money he feels owed. The second is a “real” robber.

Some character posters for One Night in Supermarket (btw the lack of ‘the’ is not a typo on my part) of the three main castmembers (top row Xu Zheng, Li Xiaolu, and Qiao Renliang) and others.



One Night will be in theaters on July 24th, and hopes to be a dark horse at the box office.

The 12th Shanghai Film Festival will begin June 13th and it’s going to be much bigger this year than previous years, so hoping to post again when that starts.


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