Photoshoots for Up-And-Coming Actresses


This post has about two and a half photoshoots of up and coming actresses. Why the 1/2? Well the above of Yang Mi and Liu Shishi (from Chinese Paladin 3) was for Nv You (Girl Friend). Unfortunately the only picture of them from the magazine was the one of the cover, and I can’t even find outtakes. Too bad, but if you want to see pictures of them being girly and bffs, you should check out the post of them vacationing in Egypt with Hu Ge/Yuan Hong/others ( even if you already saw it, I added more pics)…

The photoshoot below was also for Nv You Magazine, which as you may have guessed, always features two girls on the cover. It features Li Qin and Jiang Mengjie, from the New Dream of the Red Chamber adaptation. They actually had a photoshoot to go along with it this time.


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Below is Deng Jiajia, one of the young Hua Yi company starlets along with He Zhuoyan, who will be the lead opposite Mike He in Infernal Lovers. I thought the photos fit the girly theme.


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Oh and because there are pretty much only two Cpop artists that I consider myself a true, legit fan of, Faye Wong, and Wang Yuexin, and unfortunately for me both of them are pretty much inactive, I’m going to take this opportunity to spazz over this new photoshoot of the latter.


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Even though it’s more behind the scenes of a photoshoot, and he’s not really an “up-and-coming” actress per-se. So sue me, I’m deprived.

And I bet you he was prettier than all the above as a child:

16 thoughts on “Photoshoots for Up-And-Coming Actresses

  1. @Li
    He used to not say anything at all on TTXS. Now he is at least noticable. He’s not as shy, which is good, because I think he’s really fun when he wants to be (ie. When Wang Yuexin’s around).

  2. really? saw him on the show recently and he is as quiet as ever, HM that is. Tried to make a joke, got shot down by the other hosts, and didn’t say a word from then on.

  3. he got kicked out by Yu Haoming…which is sad because Wang Yuexin is a lot more entertaining and better at cracking jokes. (no offense to Haoming, after Meteor Shower, his entertaining ability seems to have multiplied by a lot on TTXS. He used to just stand there and do nothing. Now he actually puts himself out there).

    Wang Yuexin is right now in the lower middle section of the eeMedia ladder. Wei Chen is upper middle.

  4. That’s pretty odd about Wang Yuexin not getting any opportunity to be seen. Isn’t he “suppose” to be one of the host on tian tian xiang shang, yet haven’t seen him on there in a long time, too bad. hao ming and him had just a funny relationship, they had good rapport, well when the were seen interacting that is. they’re both so quiet on TTXS.

  5. This is extremely off topic but recently i came across chinese wondergirls “Sisters”, are they all chinese girls under JYP or korean girls under JYP to take over the chinese market or Chinese girls under chinese company or korean girls under chinese company?

  6. What a beautiful girl he would make…remember when they were doing the voting for “A Tribute to Stephen Chow,” and there was a category for “who do you want to see cross-dress the most?” Wang Yuexin won.

    I’m so jealous of Wang Yuexin’s assistant, he tkakes such HQ photos.

    Yang Mi really should switch over to Tang Ren. She fits right in with the Karen group.

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