MBC, SMG, and BOBO team-up for Nonstop remake


Jing Boran whistlings their awesome new song

MBC’s popular sitcom “Non-stop” is coming to Shanghai this summer with BOBO, the Backdorm Boys, He Zhuoyan and two new actresses. The show, directed by the original Korean director of “Non-stop,” began filming two days ago and will continue as the first episodes air. “青春进行时/Youth in the present tense” will have a total of 100 episodes and begin airing on July 6th on Dragon TV.  Super Junior‘s Hankyung will also guest star.

While you’re in a state of shock, enjoy this beautiful new song by BOBO, the theme to the “Young Gods of Cookery.

I’m not sure how to react to this news. I hope this is a real co-production instead of something substandard, especially since most advertised Korean-Chinese collab dramas ended up not so well. Let’s hope that the MBC guy who showed up at Jiayou! Dragon Angels was serious about collaborating and not just juicing money. On the other hand, this means that BOBO’s album will be delayed, which is very unfortunate since they were our only best hope for a summer boyband album.

Fu Xinbo huh Jing 3 Fu Xinbo 2

Girl: For 100 yuan, you’re willing to be someone else’s boyfriend, do you have any dignity? People these days..
Backdorm Boy: So what? He Zhuoyan needs a boyfriend, I need 100 yuan for lunch. It’s called fulfilling our needs, supporting ourselves….
Girl: Huh? (turns to Fu Xinbo instead) Baozi, how about if I add 100 yuan to your meal card, and you be my boyfriend?
Fu Xinbo:

The other leads: Backdorm Boys, He Zhuoyan, newbie Cao Yuan and someone called Zhang Xinyu that I can’t find a picture of:

backdorm He Zhuoyan Cao Yuan

13 thoughts on “MBC, SMG, and BOBO team-up for Nonstop remake

  1. @mrpeng

    A-One has been recording for their second album. They said they need 3 months and they started in May so I’m guessing September release?

    Their first album was only released in limited edition, and only in Beijing, but it was supposed to have sold fairly well. I think they’ll sell it in wide release in conjunction with the release of their second album

    They’ll probably release the MV they filmed for “Insect Whirlwind” then too.

  2. The Xinbo gif is funny ;p
    I’m pretty sad the album is postponed though. Oh well, more Bobo on-screen makes up for it I guess.

  3. A-One were on a show on Hunan sometimes this week.

    maybe it’s because a lot of celebs, especially the kpop idol factory ones, have had it.

  4. @chinkirox
    ha a-one… last time i check their blog on sina, (yesterday) they still have not updated yet. last post was about sichuan earthquake anniversary? no new pictures on baidu either. i dont know whats going on with a-one. its confusing, members leaving, debut, so many songs, no album. lets just hope a-one doesnt become a “seventeen”

  5. I just realized that the girl in A Tribute to Stephen Chow was in the sitcom Jia You Er Nv, for like what, 300 episodes? That show was great, and she was a great actress. I hope Jing Boran learned and took tips from her.

    This is why I don’t understand why Asians are so quick to cry plastic surgery. A lot of people grow into their looks. Do you know an actor named Peter Wingfield? He was an ugly child because of his gangly looks, but he turned out really hot. He just grew into them.

  6. omg I’ve been waiting for A-One’s album’s release since forever! They better have something out soon!

    I Love this new song by BOBO, Baoer and Baozi really harmonizes well. I’m willing to wait a little if they want to develop their acting skill, I’ll support them no matter what. Hope their new album would be as great as the last one.

    Backdorm Boys?! as in those guys who lip-sync to backstreet boys?! OMG I wanna see that

  7. This is such a touching song. Their voices are so soothing here, and the lyrics are really well-written. It almost made me tear up for some reason. Probably because for the past few months, their fans have been killing my hope in BOBO’s future.

    I think this is good for them. I think like Mike He said idol dramas are about acting like yourselves. And Meteor Shower guy has said that mainland actors tend to be too serious in their acting for idol dramas. Something lighthearted and quick(25 episodes per 16 days!) will force them to act more like themselves since they won’t have time to do anything else. And hopefully increase their popularity for their movie/album.

    Wow. I found a picture of He Zhuoyan and BOBO from the Glory days…He Zhuoyan looks so different. She used to look like she was ungrown, but now she’s really pretty. I wonder if Cao Yuan will also go that route

  8. *Sigh* Isn’t it cruel? You get a beautiful song with them and also the news that their album will be delayed.

    All I have to say is at least one out of BOBO, TC and A-One better release before… er, end of summer.

    I hope this sort of different format of television will help them develop their acting skills. They won’t get as many takes, and will have to be more on their feet.

  9. Whoa…don’t know how to react either…a remake? Guess I’ll try to watch and see how it goes. lol at Fu Xinbo’s reaction :D

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