Sophie’s Revenge Cast Promote Website Launch


L-R Ruby Lin, Yao Chen, Zhang Ziyi, and Peter Ho

The Chinese/Taiwanese cast members of Sophie’s Revenge minus Fan Bingbing who was probably busy with one of her six upcoming movies, helped launch the official site for the movie yesterday.

Included on the websites is Sophie’s Revenge first teaser trailer. This was released at Cannes, and it did a pretty good job because the rights were sold to five countries. Although it’s not featured here, Cao Xuanbin will be writing the theme song. Can’t wait to see how will make it reflect the feel of this film.

A few more pictures from the launch and some new HQ stills from the movie below. The latter is my real reason for making this post.

Some thumbnails from the launch of the website. They only get thumbnails, because press conference-type pictures are boring unless someone shows up drunk.


And onto the stills! Click the pictures below for bigger.

I adore the designs of this movie. From the pajamas she’s wearing, to the scribbles on her cast, everything is so wonderfully detailed. You can also see that her car’s license plate says “FEI-CWM”, a shortened version of “Fei Chang Wan Mei”, or “Very Perfect”, the film’s title in Chinese.




At first I thought So Jisub was the main character but it’s pretty obvious that Peter Ho is the “pining away for his best friend in secret” type in this movie.









So I think So Jisub is one of those people you probably need to see in action to get the appeal, but I have to admit he looks a lot better in this movie than he does in the majority of the photos I’ve seen of him. Very clean cut. Good job stylists. Unfortunately, that will probably just gain Zhang Ziyi more hate.


This reminds me a lot of last year’s flop, Tsui Hark’s All About Women/Not All Women are Bad, which bombed both critically and commercially. I actually enjoyed that movie very much, but that may be because towards the end of the movie I had to do something else, so I stopped it, thinking that there was only maybe 2 minutes left at most. There was probably half an hour more when I returned to watch the rest. My curtailed version was much better, more romantic, didn’t make Zhou Xun‘s character look like a selfish biatch, and it’s the one I’ve stuck with in my mind.

Hopefully this one captures the quirkyness of that film, but without the extra baggage. The director for Sophie’s Revenge is Jin Yimeng, a newbie, female director, and it may be easier for her to make cuts and perhaps get into the crazy female psyche.

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  1. at 0:12 (movie trailler), the 3rd person looks like Oh Dal Jah (Chae Rim character Dal Ja Spring in 2007) to me…

  2. Yay for Ruby Lin! I know no one has really said anything about her, but I really love her; I’ve been like following her dramas & movies since the “Pearl Princess”, or whatever that was called in English.
    So I’m happy she’s going to be in this c:

  3. @Yelei – you can check out, where you can watch chinese shows/drama. However, i dont think you can download them

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