Hit-5 vs Cotton Candy on Mix-Box


Xue Zhiqian did a great job trying to get votes for his company juniors, Cotton Candy and looked hot while doing it.

Xue Zhiqian opened up the show with a performance of Let Go, one of only two tracks from his latest album that he didn’t write. He also later on did a great rendition of a song he did write, his first hit, Ren Zhen De Xue. But the show was not about Xue Zhiqian, but two other artists. As suspected, Cotton Candy was great, but surprisingly, HIT-5 wasn’t bad either. A lot better than I thought their performance would be.

Singaporean singer Yong Bang was the older musician supporting HIT-5. and Gao Xiaosong was the CMO judge. His credits include producing and sometimes writing for the likes of legends like Liu Huan, Lao Lang, and Na Ying.

Visit Official HIT-5 for the rest. Thank you for putting up perhaps the first full episode from this show. I really like how it gives new artists a platform for exposure and I hope Hunan keeps improving on it.

30 thoughts on “Hit-5 vs Cotton Candy on Mix-Box

  1. Thanks idarklight,
    Haha..I got that impression in the beginning cause I heard he didn’t live in China, I don’t want to generalize but his bias is very cliché from where he lives.

    Another thing, Hunan needs some styling help..OMG..what are Su Xing and the other 2 pretty MC wearing? It’s just so shiny and extremely colorful and the dresses ….sigh.

  2. I agree with most comments about CMO’s generalization.
    I think boyband should be competing with other boybands, try Hit-5 vocals vs Feilunhai or BBtang vocals for example, than you would see who sound PURER. There are way too many “singers” who can’t sing in that “pure” island.

    For a poster above who said that Hit-5 is commercial and superficial, well…dude, they are boyband! Of course it’s about commercial music. The superficial part of dancing and having good looks are some of the requirements for a successful boyband, otherwise they would have been called The Full Monty.

    Btw, where does CMO currently reside?

  3. ^ I think in the show it said they were under ‘Fresh Music’. Don’t know anything about it though.

    That CMO was pretty harsh :S And his generalisations were so unnecessary and baised. Cotton Candy’s music is really pure and I really like them but there are way more artists from TW who arent. I don’t really like how the show seems pretty focused on the competition between the two groups. I’d like it better if it was more focused on showcasing talent and less on the points that they score.

    I think as a boy band, they are sufficient enough in the looks, dancing and singing side of things. But they havent had enough exposure so i dont really see their personalities coming through, which I think is very integral to a boy band. During the entire show I think only the leader spoke, and he even sounded quite underconfident during the ‘la piao’ times which I think would lessen their appeal. So hopefully they get more opportunities to go on shows where they can be themselves, show their cute/funny/dorky traits or even get to act in dramas. Yang Fan totally needs to talk more!! If he was more talkative and in the leader’s position it would help alot imo.

  4. @Nepheliad
    Baidu gives pretty much freedom to the bar owners. And it semi-makes sense. Han Geng’s pretty friendly, and not much bad goes in his bar, so few will enter with alternate motives. Li Yuchun’s tieba has occasional shut-downs when only fans can post (this is also a power given to the owners) due to anti’s spamming the tieba, so they wouldn’t want people who don’t really like her to join the club.

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