Pop vs. Non-pop Battle It Out on Mix-box

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In the second episode, "Mi Yao Yue Dui" from Thirteenth Month Records won over Wen Jiao.

Mix-box aka Jie Jie Gao Sheng, the show that gives a stage for new artists, is back, this time changing its format and stepping up the quality of their musicians. First to go is the old show format, where through some strange and twisted way, the singers that fail to impress the judge gets to sing their whole song and the rest gets only 30seconds.  In its place is a system where two singers PK each episode and the winners will battle each other out. Interestingly enough, the contestants are often paired to have a more “pop idol” versus a more “non-idol musician.”

“Mi Yao Yue Dui” is a classical folk song group consisted of lead vocalist/guitarist and ex-Super Boy Zhou Luming and celloist Meng Nan.


Perhaps this is taking cue from one of the biggest controversies of the previous season, one between the respective fans of Long Kuan and Butterfly. Long Kuan was “ugly and strange” while Butterfly were “just pretty faces who can’t sing.”  The judges, usually big-named music producers called CMO’s, also took obvious sides. Some supported Long Kuan’s musical passion while others argued that Butterfly was more “marketable” while Long Kuan was “too esoteric” and not “popular.” I found it interesting that Taiwanese/Singaporean judges tended to go for Butterfly, while mainland ones prefered Long Kuan. Since these “CMO’s” are pretty important in the shaping of the music industry,  perhaps they’re a clue to why mainland has lacked idols for so long. I wonder who Long Danni would’ve chose?

So far, the only win for “pop” has been by Cao Xuanbin,who has produced/composed songs like Wang Leehom fanclub’s “Love in the heart,”  Fish Leong’s “Too Bad It’s Not You, and Jacqueline Lulu Li Xiaolu’s “Oriental Beauty.” He has also composed for Huang Yida, Show Luo, and Cyndi Wang amongst others. He’s also composing the theme song for Zhang Ziyi’s Sophie’s Revenge.

Mini-Photoshoot of Cao Xuanbin for Jie Jie Gao Sheng that Cfensi liked:

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Other changes include the addition of  a duet with a more famous artist from the competitor’s  company each episode. Next episode will feature Cotton Candy with her company senior Xue Zhiqian, and HIT-5 with someone unannounced.

5 thoughts on “Pop vs. Non-pop Battle It Out on Mix-box

  1. Butterfly is pop because their music and looks are pretty much accepted by everyone, whereas Long Kuan’s only liked by some. I was really surprised at how environmentally activist her songs were. But songs with political/social messages, unfortunately, don’t generally become as popular as the cheesy love songs that everyone accepts. That’s not just true in China, but almost everywhere.

    Does Long Danni even care about music that much? She’s been talking so much about cutting down the amount of music that her artists create because “albums lose money.” I think she has more of a business and fun mind than anything else, which really, is what China needs right now.

  2. Umm… so I’ve watched the show and in terms of Long Kuan and Butterfly, which is pop and which is not? Long Kuan is kinda eccentric and strange to be pop-ish, while Butterfly has some folk-ish feel to it too.

    lol angry celloist. Mi Yao Yue Dui’s song sounds nice. I personlly hope there won’t be too many idols in China. (not cause I’m old lol) maybe in moderation? The last thing I want it for what’s happened to the korean music scene. So commericalised, image orientated and superfical now, maybe because their market is smaller, I dunno.

    I like this show, hope more talented mainland artists come from it, don’t want to sound like an as$ but I’m sick of less talented artists from overseas coming in and taking the limelight when there are so many talented mainland artists (and good looking) who deserve a chance.

  3. Butterfly is such a pretty song. I wonder why the celloist looks like she just got out of jail and hates the world.

    I hope Cao Xuanbin gets something out of this. He seems to really want to be a signer, can do it, and should step out of the shadow of writing songs for others.

    I think a large reason that China has no idols is in fact in the older generation and their huge influence. But it’s kind of cool that they’re all so passionate about music. And I would choose Long Kuan over Butterfly group any day. Although I did feel bad for Butterfly.

    Do you think Long Danni cares about money only or has ethical regard for musical creativity and such? She seems to allow Top Combine to freely compose.

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