Carsick Cars Releases New MV for Old Album

Maybe Mars, the newbie record label in China that launched the bands Carsick Cars, Joyside and Snapline, amongst others finally released Carsick Cars‘ first MV a month ago, for their song Muo Gu, Muo Gu, or Mushroom Mushroom, and I think the MV reflects the title pretty well.

There was an interview with Zhou Shouwang of Carsick Cars featured at, and with their permission, I’m posting  part of it here because I like the insight it gave about Chinese music past and present.

MP: Is there such a thing as new Chinese music?

Shouwang: Of course there is. There has always been great music made in China but until recently it was very hard for musicians to spread their music unless they produced very simple pop music or music that was very familiar and easy to swallow. But in the last four or five years it seems that underground rock musicians, folk musicians, and experimental and avant garde musicians in China have created so much great new music that finally many people are noticing it not just in China but all around the world.

MP: You were born in 1985, when Chinese rock first started. Do you know Cui Jian’s music and have you ever gone to one of his shows and listened carefully to his music? What do you think about your generation’s musicians and about the older generation of musicians?

Shouwang: Of course I know Cui Jian and I admire him very much. He spoke for his generation and was a good artist, but I think what he was singing about and the experiences he had are so different from what my friends and I have had. I think his music fit a more idealistic generation who knew less about music and city life and cared more about changing the world. I think we are maybe more pessimistic and also more interested in finding art that challenges us and makes us expand our thinking.

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4 thoughts on “Carsick Cars Releases New MV for Old Album

  1. China does seem to be moving very quickly through the phases that the Western world went through, in some ways, both technologically and societally; I wonder if that means we’ll be seeing indie and rock take the majority of the market in a few years?

    shoups, this song is all about the psychedelic. It’s supposed to sound trippy, and one’s not exactly very coherent when one’s trippin’ shrooms. If you wanted to, you could see a metaphor for corruption in there – and I wouldn’t put it beyond them, given that the lyrics for Zhong Nan Hai are also kinda…

    Let’s just say they’re either pretty good at using metaphors to disguise rebellious lyrics, or they’re just incredibly dense and have a knack for accidentally making those metaphors. Now that I think about it, Carsick Cars reminds me of Queens of the Stone Age in sound – I guess that makes them a brand of stoner rock.

  2. Thats a pretty interesting interview. Its good to hear that indie artists are getting some recognition. people are probably starting to get sick of all the bubblegum pop and ballads.

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