Chinese Paladin 3 DVD and Soundtrack Details


The producers behind the series based on the third installment of the Chinese Paladin RPG series have announced what’s to be expected on the soundtrack of the game, and packaging details for the “Gold Edition DVD”, which is going to be one of the best DVD sets ever. Seriously. Also released was the ending theme, sung by Hu Ge. I am now 10 x more excited for this series than I was before.


The soundtrack will feature besides Hu Ge, since this is produced by Gold Typhoon, many of their artists including: Ronald Cheng, Kary Ng, Zhang Yunjing, Blue Bird Flying Fish, and for some reason, Go Go Club, whom we all thought was going to be perpetually inactive. Gold Typhoon promises this will be one of the best soundtracks of the year. Even though the line-up doesn’t completely wow me, I really loved both of the first Chinese Paladin’s soundtrack (the one with the songs and the one with the score) and I’m hoping this can be just as good. It will be released mid-June.

The Ending Theme as sung by Hu Ge: Forget Time

The actual MV for this song is currently being made, which features Hu Ge, with scruffy beard and wearing sunglasses standing in the middle of the road.

Also you can listen to Zhang Yunjing’s contribution to the soundtrack, below, since it’s also part of her own album. Do you not love it??? She quickly becoming one of my favorite female cpop singers.

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What is definitely awesome is the Gold Edition Limited box set below. Chinese CDs have pretty nice packaging, but unfortunately, DVDs haven’t caught up. They usually just have the box and the discs and that’s it. But CP3 is taking it up a notch by including in their box set 12 DVD discs that contain extras and behind the scenes footage, and other goodies such as a fan signed poster, character cards, and poker cards featuring production stills.

They will also have raffle tickets in which lucky people can win props from the production like costumes, or win the chance to meet Hu Ge, Yang Mi and Liu Shishi in a Chinese Paladin 3 Party held in Shanghai in mid-August. The cost will be around 200 yuan, or approximately 30 USD, with preordering available in June. I seriously hope this sells well and inspires other companies in China  to do the same with their packaging. I’m definitely going to try to get one.


Included in this box set are the awesome  cards (postcards? trading cards?) where all the cast have been made to look like Chinese RPG characters. Shown below from L-R are Hu Ge, Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, Wallace Huo, Tang Yan, and Jerry Huang. Hu Ge and Yang Mi look really good especially. I know Yuan Hong doesn’t have a big part in this series, but I really wish he had his own card as well so I could play “Going to Egypt” with them. XD Yes, I have no life.

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You know, Hu Ge, Wallace Huo and Jerry Huang are hot and all, but it’s hard to not notice the girls…guh, all so so pretty in this series.

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Update 5/27 Pretty HQ widescreen stills were released. Click on them for bigger size.




This one reminds me of the Chronicles of Narnia for some reason, rofl.




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