Chloé Wang Has Her Eye on the Chinese Market with Her First MV Uh Oh


Someone commented in an earlier post there were many artists in Taiwan that spoke English in contrast to China. I think  partly that is because their established music industry allows TW Americans musicians to try their luck with reasonable expectations of success. However as China’s market gets bigger, more Chinese Americans may want to do the same thing. One of the first  could be be Chloé Wang  (汪可盈) , a teenage singing phenomenon hailing from Chicago, U.S.A. born to a Chinese father with Shanghai roots and an American mother. She’s  been recording in Beijing and has already performed in Chengdu as seen in the video below.

Her first MV, for her mandarin version of Uh Oh,  was just released. Watch it at MTV Iggy since I’m not sure if it can be uploaded elsewhere. However, we did take it upon ourselves to upload performances at Chengdu. In the one above she’s singing a different English song, but it shows off her vocals well and a penchant for performing so we forgive. Below is her singing Uh Oh live. A little shaky, but it’s in mandarin, and not her first language.

What definitely caught my attention was that one of the biggest Chinese music producers in the business,  Zhang Yadong is co-producing Chloé’s very first single “Uh Oh” with UOMO/ Random Music (Miley Cyrus, Kumi Koda).That man is incredibly gifted with producing and signing talent, ranging from SuperVC to the most famous of his stars, the legend Faye Wong, pretty much my favorite singer ever and of all time x infinity. So if he’s producing then that means she has potential.

I really wonder if a changing Chinese music industry and growing market will allow an increase of Chinese American talent to pursue their dreams there.  It’s not happened too much before in the mainland. Even if Chloe doesn’t stay in the Chinese music market (since I think she has a reasonable shot at the American market as well with her looks)  the fact that she’s trying in China says something about how its market has grown. She may be one of the first, but she won’t be the last.

In Chinese entertainment, it's all about kissing up to this eye, and sometimes the Sohu fox. She knows what she's doing.

In Chinese entertainment, it’s all about kissing up to this eye, and sometimes the Sohu fox. She knows what she’s doing.

Thanks to Michael at MTV Iggy for the tip!

Edit: She better get there quicker than the Koreans…so apparently JYP is getting ready to debut the Chinese Wonder Girls? Oh man…right when eeMedia is looking for people for their own girl group with Supergirls 09.

SM debuted SJM before Top Combine and HIT-5 and all those other Chinese boybands, and I guess JYP will be getting a hold on the Chinese girlband market before eeMedia again. Chinese companies need to seriously just hurry up to retain their market. I hope these girls won’t just do covers of the Wondergirls’ songs in Chinese but considering how JYP really doesn’t put out that many songs even for just two groups, I’m guess that won’t happen. -_-

A fast rise in economics is both a blessing and a curse. China has money to spend, and foreign companies are trying to fill the void on where they can spend it before Chinese companies fully mature. And if Korean companies keep doing this, trying to profit from Chin’s market, then it’s hurting the chances of those Chinese companies to sell as much and in the process, nuture their own artists.

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  1. SO I went to school with her and I heard her sing be4 but it was nothing special but w.e. she was never a scholar so
    I guess she got through some way with her looks

  2. chloe used to go to my highschool. and on the contrary of what people say, she’s not mean or stuck up. she was really popular and even more so now

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