Bodyguards and Assasins Releases Posters and Trailer


Update 5/22: A Trailer was Released at Cannes. Looks like a lot is still being filmed and most of it is raw footage, but both idarklight and I still really like it.

The Bodyguards and Assassins production released a poster featuring the full cast and then all the character posters, with the roles they’ll be playing.

U1584P28T3D2514361F346DT20090512233956 U1584P28T3D2514364F346DT20090512234052 U1584P28T3D2514368F346DT20090512234149 U1584P28T3D2514378F346DT20090512234313 U1584P28T3D2514366F346DT20090512234121 U1584P28T3D2514362F346DT20090512234024

U1584P28T3D2514383F346DT20090512234436 U1584P28T3D2514379F346DT20090512234340 U1584P28T3D2514380F346DT20090512234407 U1584P28T3D2514373F346DT20090512234217 U1584P28T3D2514376F346DT20090512234245

I love this marketing, very, very much and the film looks like it’s going to be so much fun. Who wouldn’t want to spend two hours of their life watching all these eccentric characters scramble around old Hong Kong for five hours trying to save Sun Yat-sen? 2008 was a bit of an average year for Chinese cinema with all that was going on, but 2009 is shaping up to be really promising. :D


10 thoughts on “Bodyguards and Assasins Releases Posters and Trailer

  1. Really liking the art style for this, and the minimalist in me approves of the color scheme. I’m not much for anything about the time period (tired of it, I suppose), but I like the broader genre it’s in, and it looks promising.

  2. The trailer looks like lots of fun, but intense at the same time…the only thing I don’t like is the overly brown costume, but I suppose it fits the theme.

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