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One  main cast member that Struggle had that reappeared in Who Controls My Youth was Wang Luodan, an actress whose natural affability juxtaposed with a solid acting foundation helped endear her character to millions that watched the hit show. Who Controls My Youth only cemented this popularity further, making Wang Luodan one of the fastest rising stars in a country where life after graduation from film academy means possibly a decade before finding your big break. It took her only four years. Below is a  photoshoot of her doing simple leisure activities such as rollerblading and reading, and it gives one a sense of the easy-going characteristic of hers that made her popular.

Her blog has gotten over 20 million visitors now, three years after she opened it. It shows off her unaffected personality. She’s pretty, she’s relatable, she’s talented, and she’s got two of the qualities I most admire: hard-working and self-reflective. With those characteristics and her youth, she’ll likely go far.

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Wang Luodan along with Huang Xiaoming will next be seen in An Xiang, or Hidden Fragrance . It premieres today, the 22nd on Guang Dong TV. It’s definitely one of the shows I’m making it a  mission to watch this summer, and that’s mostly because I like her and her acting, and not really because of Huang Xiaoming. Ok…maybe a little because of him. Either way, it should have some pretty decent acting.

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  1. Hmm you’re right idarklight. As much as I like WLD’s acting, I love Li Jiaxuan’s acting even more and she’s from Shanghai Theatre Academy. She can act like a biatch or a biatch with a soul underneath and it’s so utterly mesmerizing. She ran circles around Pan Yueming’s acting, and he’s not a bad actor. And she’s so pretty. I really wish she was more famous but considering she’s probably early thirties now that’s not likely. T_T

    I think a good foundation in theater acting can add so many nuances to one’s acting, as Wang Luodan once posted in her blog. Many of the actors I admire have a good background in it, like the actor who played the gay guy in If You Are The One. Or that sitcom on Beijing Tv with the dad, his daughter, and his three tenants (2 white guys and a gay Chinese guy). I forget what it was called.

    China needs to really just, like get that commercial film industry caught up to its market, because that’s the key in having lots and lots of talent being able to show off their talent.

  2. I absolutely love her acting! Her acting is quite natural unlike some female actresses out there -_-.

  3. I watched 奋斗 and loved it to bits. There seem to be a a lot of the same actors and actresses from 奋斗and the new drama you mentioned in the previous post.
    Wang Luodan, not the prettiest but she has an unique look, I love her acting and her smile is so charming.
    I think both beijing film academy and central drama academy are equally hard to get into, both produce very talented actors.
    上海电影学院and 上海戏剧学院are also top class.

  4. I’m not seeing img1154783_f.jpg

    Neither? She just seems to be like the calmer version of Rainie Yang…she’s too pretty/not confident to give up her image like Xie Na and be fun…but she has yet to show any depth in her speech.

    I actually like Shanghai better than Bejing in terms of Film Academies…they seem more bold (probably that Shanghainese haughtiness). but the Central Drama Academy’s still my favorite.

  5. Er, is one of my thumbnails not showing up? Or is it just me?

    What do you think about the JJGS host that looks like Rainie Yang then? Do you think she has the thoughfulness but not the fun factor?

  6. Whoops. I totally forgot. You mentioned that, but I really didn’t watch Struggle enough to remember because I guess he wasn’t very prominent in the beginning. Of the guys I just remembered Tong Dawei because I wanted to smack his pop-collared sleepy looking head.

    She’s from Beijing Film Academy, but you’re right. They way they talk about their career is something different from the norm.

    And I have the highest respect for the Central Academy of Drama when I look at all the people who’ve graduated from there. Sometimes I question the Beijing Film Academy’s selection, but I think Central Academy of Drama definitely chooses on talent over looks (kind of probably why Zhang Han was the best looking in his class). They’ve given me my favorite actors. The ones I can just sit back and watch in their profession and enjoy.

    And yes to the part about He Jiong.

  7. aahhh i’m sooo excited for an xiang, i have been waiting a long time. I’ve been a fan of Huang xiaoming since he was in Da Han Tian Zi I. i really want to see how he does in a more modern drama (he was quite good in Shanghai Bund too).

  8. What about Zhu XX? He was in both, also.

    I really like Wang Luodan because she seems to be the type of person that will never compromise herself for anything. This is probably going to sound bad, but I feel like people that come out of the Central Drama Academy, especially, has more depth than most actors. Like in addition to just acting, they learn to think about acting in a way that many others don’t…this is coming out of me being frustrated with a lot of hosts that are fun but occassionally annoy me with their ignorance…like how there’s an obvious difference between people like He Jiong and Wang Han and many other hosts, who may be great at the goofing off part of hosting, but lack the thoughtfulness.

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