My Youth succeeds without struggle


The ladies of Who Controls My Youth

The companion piece to the immensely popular “idol drama” StuggleWo De Qing Chun Shui Zuo Zhu/who controls my youth?,  easily reached the popularity of its prequel. So popular, in fact, that the director has announced a third in the series – Bei Jing Shao Nian/ Beijing youth.

This drama would be to Meteor Garden, what BOBO is to Top Combine. The first two are quintessentially Chinese, no offense meant to the others. It has all the romance, young cast and plot-twists of a typical K/J/TWdrama, but I love its capturing of a more complete picture and thus greater audience range by involving three generations and  multiple plotlines. At the same time, it also caters to the idol drama audience. The filming and costumes are also high-qualitied, and the dialogue is cleverly written, layering the drama, and giving it the nuances that make it one of those dramas that can be watched over and over. Synopsis below the line.

synopsis of Who Controls My Youth? (Wo de Qing Chun Shei Zhuo Zhu):

My Youth, a companion piece to the popular 2006 drama Struggle, involves around three cousins and their struggles with love and

Wang Luodan plays Qian Xiaoyang, a nurse in her early 20’s who wants to explore the world. Caring and effervescent, she’s somewhat of the typical idol drama lead, with contract dating and all that good stuff. But when her impulsive love led to an accident that left her father on the bed, she must face the responsibilities of real life.

Zhao Ziqi plays a young law school graduate in her mid-20’s.
Adventurous and intelligent, she sets out seeking to make a name for herself by taking on the hardest cases. During one of them, she falls in love with the accused -a handsome real estate tycoon played by Lu Yi. Their love is constantly restrained by his vegetable ex-girlfriend and the possibility of him playing a part in her hospitalization.

High-schooler Li Pili is played by newcomer Lin Yuan. Pili’s dream is to become a chef, but her mom sent her off to England for three years hoping she’ll get into Cambridge. In those three years, her parents get divorced and father plans to remarry. When she returns rejected from Cambridge, she’s uncertain about both her own future and that of her family.

With a good-looking cast, classy clothes, clever dialogue and a wide audience, it’s no surprise that it topped the rating charts since it began airing.


18 thoughts on “My Youth succeeds without struggle

  1. I just finished watching. I wasted my weekend by watching 24 episodes in 2 days. haha. but it was worth it. such good storyline.i finished first series. i cant seem to find 2nd series on youtube. is it still called wo de qing chun or is it need a different name? characters remain the same throughout series right?

  2. well, this drama’s targeted at everyone. All CCTV dramas (minus the kiddy ones) are targeted at the largest demographic possible. That’s why there are so many multi-generation dramas on CCTV.

  3. kind of weird for guy to be watching a romance tv series. but its good. im on eps.10…. 3 eps per day. funny stuff.

  4. aahhh i just watched the first 2 eps of Fen Dou. Looks good so far and i’ll definately watch My Youth as well.

  5. I already finished watching it and I must say i liked this one better than Fen Dou. I didn’t like Pili at all, but I’m looking forward to the 3rd one. :)

  6. Yes. Apparently it’s very easy to fall in love with Wang Luodan in Fen Dou, or so what many Chinese females of all ages tell me (“I love Milai!!!”), but I would still go with My Youth first.

  7. I think this is better than Fen Dou…Fen Dou freaked me out in the first episode when the male lead(Tong Dawei) decided to kiss the female lead(Wang Luodan), his girlfriend’s best friend, after meeting for a hour. They were more impulsive than Romeo and Juliet, who were already too much for me to handle.

    But a lot of people liked it, so it may get better later. And plus, Wei Chen was in the play version, so it can’t be that bad.

    oh, and you can watch both on youtube.
    My Youth:

    Fen Dou:

  8. hmmm did u say the first season is called Struggle does dat translate into Feng Dou? I never watched it before but i think i’ve seen it somewhere and at first i thought it was too serious for me but now i think i should give it a try. Thanks for the synopsis! does anyone kno where i can watch it?

  9. not really. My grandparents watch Hunan TV as much as they do CCTV…the last time I called, they were watching My Bratty Princess with Alec Su and Jang Na Ra…not sure what channel that’s on, but definitely not CCTV.
    I think CCTV’s main draws are its big-production dramas, their opera channel, and their children’s channel. Newswise, phoenix TV gives a better perspective.

    When I was young, my stars were Liu Xiao Ling Tong and Zhao Wei. Liu Xiao Ling Tong, admittedly, is shown every summer on CCTV. But Zhao Wei’s Princess of Returning Pearl is equally popular, and it shows every year on Hunan.

    I think it’s unfair to say Hunan TV is only young viewers. It has great talk shows like A Date With Lu Yu, which in addition to entertainment stars, also invites interesting people from all walks of life. I also really like its Ling Dian Zhong Feng, which is mostly a business program, but done through dialogue between two or more successful people in various careers.

  10. I think this should be a success as it would attract viewers of all ages.
    Hunan TV tend to attract younger viewers…..
    aging people like me have started to enjoy watching CCTV where they show stars that i have grown to like when i was young lol. I think as one ages they tend to shift from watching Hunan TV to CCTV

  11. i am really glad that a post on this show was done, as you said, this show is a good representation of a quintessentially Chinese show that have been adapted to a modern setting (stylistic & quirky).
    b/c no matter how good k- or j-drama is, it can never replace the jokes and the clever usage of the language that only a C-drama can bring to the Chinese audience

  12. The series does have a broad-ranged appeal, even overseas – I was at a party held by my ‘rents friends last weekend, and I remember two of them, both in their thirties, talking about the show. I was thinking of giving it a try myself, even though the genre rarely ever suits me.

  13. I really hope he gets younger guys…the girls are at least normal-aged in this one, but the guys are a lot older overall.

    CCTV has a lot of money and really focuses on quality if not originality, and I still trust it to air high-qualitied series.

  14. I’m really glad that CCTV can have such high quality series like this one, and I’m even more happy at its success. I hope they take as much care in making the third installment, and inspire more of the same types of dramas in the future. And maybe get some fresh new faces for all the roles apart from Lin Yuan. I don’t think WLD can do a third one.

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