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Fan Bingbing recently graced the cover of ELLE magazine, who labeled 2009 as the “Year of Fan Bingbing Movies”, a very apt description. Fan Bingbing starred or will be starring in 7 movies: Shinjuku Incident, Sophie’s Revenge, Wheat, Bodyguards and Assassins, East Wind. Rain, Future Cops and an unnamed one. She’ll also be starring her own production, the drama ,The Last Night of Madame Chin.

We’re including in this post as well, several other photoshoots that we found pretty, but were too lazy to make their own separate posts for. There’s He Zhuoyan who idarklight likes, from the upcoming HSDS adaptation, Sun Feifei, a tv actress who most people seem to like, and Ma Tianyu who we’re curious to see act and pass judgement on. And then there’s Zhang Ziyi, and the director/cast for Nanking! Nanking! who we thank for already giving us ample to  pass judgement on.

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Sun Feifei


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I’m not familiar with Sun Feifei, but apparently she actually is somewhat known for a Chinese television actress because she did a few wuxia series, the genre that most people seem to focus on when it comes to Chinese drama, but one I’m not interested in.  From what I’ve read, she is a good actress, very cute, comes across as down-to-earth and is well-liked in general. For my part, I just really loved the shadows and angles in these shots.

He Zhuoyan

hezhuoyan photo1a
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Ma Tianyu

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This photoshoot is so old, but too pretty not to post.

Zhang Ziyi


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The photoshoot shows off the beauty of the plains of Inner Mongolia. Fun fact: It is required by law for all stores there to include a Mongolian translations of signs. So you can see the words “I’m Loving It” in Mongolian if you go to the McDonalds there (and apparently that pesky little chain made it there as well).

The director and principle cast of Nanking! Nanking! – Gao Yuanyuan, Lu Chuan, and Liu Ye.


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I am so disappointed in all three of them.

5 thoughts on “Various Photoshoots

  1. cool pics.
    who is He Zhuoyan? never heard of her before…
    Not seen Nanking nanking! yet…from cfensi, it seems the film is a bit rubbish lol, is it still worth watching?
    Liu Ye seems to be in loads cool chinese dramas but average films…

  2. Yes, but I think I’ve been rather disappointed with his acting as of late in general, and maybe his choices in roles as well. I hated his tv series, Epic of a Woman, the one with Zhao Wei. The only person I liked in it was the Eva Longoria lookalike – Li Jiaxuan. Someone get her better roles!

    Oh, and speaking of Vicky Zhaowei I took out the photoshoot because I couldn’t find the non-scan pictures from it. And I really need to get things moving out of the draft box. I just realized we’re going to have four WLD articles in succession if I choose to post on An Xiang.

  3. Aww, don’t drag Liu Ye into it. He actually filmed scenes that could’ve alleviated the pains of Nanking!Nanking!…but Lu Chuan decided to cut them out in the end.

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