Film Productions Give Sneak Peaks At Cannes


Cannes isn’t just the oldest, most venerated film festival in the world; it’s also a prime opportunity for film companies everywhere to hawk their upcoming productions and look for potential buyers. Those lucky enough to be part of a film chosen for selection will be certainly be pulling-double duty and promoting them to distributors as well as jurors. Others like Zhao Wei and Chen Kun came especially to Cannes to promote for an unfinished movie, in their case Mulan, for which a sneak peak and teaser poster was revealed. Other Chinese films giving first looks included Little Big Soldier (the Jackie-Chan Leehom Collab), Sophie’s Revenge, Confucius, and Falling in Love With You in Seven Days. However, I have to wonder if trying to scramble to get something together in time for Cannes is that wise of a tactic- if I had any interest in these movies before, these posters may have killed it.

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Sneak Peak (Xu Jiao (CJ7 girl) is everywhere now!

Actually, the teaser poster here makes the film look much cooler than the previous pictures of the set did, but I just can’t get excited for this film because of the director. I’ve liked some Jingle Ma films, but this is the same guy who directed Butterfly Lovers, perhaps the second most famous story of cross-dressing in Chinese history, and that movie does not give me much faith in how this will turn out. Zhao Wei says she wants to portray a feminine Mulan, a girl who didn’t want to dress up as a guy, but had no choice.




The poster below is pretty dull, but it does its job, which is putting two well known names together. *sigh* I really wish Pu Cunxin, a great stage actor and philanthropist had taken on the role instead like it was rumored at first, but that would cut down the movie’s foreign marketability by 98% (or something like that) and the poster below would simply read “Confucius”.


This kind of lame Engrish-poster (Falling Love With You in Seven Days) was rather uninspiring. Li Xiaolu’s previous romance films (About Love, Desires of the Heart) had all been well made, and Mike He could certainly do with a worse partner for his breakout into film. Hopefully this doesn’t become the stinker in Lu Lu’s resume.


The Message (Feng Sheng) also had their own setup at Cannes which was infinitely better than the one above, but since I posted already on the film, I won’t do so again here. I’ll be talking about the films actually in competition at Cannes in a later post however, unless I get bogged down first.

14 thoughts on “Film Productions Give Sneak Peaks At Cannes

  1. Just looked him up. I think he just debuted…kind of came out of nowhere.

    The only thing I know is what’s on his Baike, which says that he went to some famous training place in South Korea where all the famous people go to train or something.

    I didn’t know he “plagiarized”. I just didn’t really like his voice or style or anything.

  2. haha. i think i know why. i searched him up on youku. and listen to a song that was almost completely plagiarized. but did he just debut? and how is he interms of popularity.

    wish i can search this by myself but chinese reading… is bad.

  3. He’s mainland, but I don’t really like him, and so even if I wasn’t having trouble finishing up the posts I’m working on, I’m not going to post on him.

  4. I love Chen Kun so probably watch Mulan lol…such a stupid reason.

    jacky Chan and lee hom, interesting combination, looks to be a funny film

    Sophie’s Revenge looks as if it has an intriguing plot line, I think the same would go for Confucius, big fan of Confucius’ sayings. I am just surprised they got chow yun-fat to act confucius. I was hoping for liang chao wei….

  5. Sophie’s Revenge looks rather plain and it doesnt seem like something China would make. I’m not a big fan of zhang zi yi but I will watch for the plotline.

  6. Well, I believe the Sophie’s Revenge poster was created by the Korean company financing part of the production, since CJ entertainment (the Korean backers) was the only one with a booth setup promoting. I’ll go find the picture of the booth and add it in here. Despite the poster, it’s still the only one I have any hope for out of all these movies.

    I do wish Chinese graphic designers were more consistent. I forgive here, because lots of people feel like they need to put something out at Cannes even if they simply aren’t ready to, but sometimes they are horrible. Sometimes, they are really beautiful (Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles).

  7. I’m getting second hand embarrassment from the Sophie’s Revenge poster. It looks it was made with a budget of $5. I also had no idea you could go to Cannes to promote a movie that wasn’t actually going to be shown at the festival…

  8. I couldn’t help but giggle a little at some of these posters… in an awkward/embarrassed sort of way… Oh well, the names/faces are well known, so people are bound to be intrested regardless. Even though the mulan poster was mega bland, it looked better at least that the three below which are some cases of seriously bad photoshopping.

    I’m kinda sad that Zhao’s Mulan is going to be more feminine- (as the poster suggests, she looks a tad bit emo too), I really wanted to see her in some masculine action lol. But I guess I’ll have to watch it to really see how it turns out.

  9. I can’t remark much about the directors/casts, since I’m not well-versed enough in the Chinese film industry, but one thing I can make a remark about…

    They desperately, desperately need to get better graphic designers. Especially for the historical war films. That Mulan poster is one of the most uninspired ones I’ve seen in a while – bad Photoshop job + annoying closeup + bar of clutter on the bottom + same monotonous blue-green color = bland nonsense at best. Cold color theme can be great for a war movie, but when the entire thing looks like one big blur of grayish blue-green armor, it just fails to grab the eye, or even to assault it. The bottom picture is so much more interesting than the huge mess on the top, but not only is it small enough to look like clutter, it’s covered up by text. The badly Photoshopped mess of a background in Little Big Soldier and the grainy, contrast-lacking haze of Confucius doesn’t do much, either. FLWYS’s is bland, but at least it’s not an eyesore…

    Perhaps this is the norm in China – I’ve seen a lot of those effects rampant in Chinese releases – but these posters make their productions look cheap, at least to the foreign eye.

  10. Yes, what I wouldn’t give for her to do another collab with Takashi Tsukamoto again, under direction by Zhang Yibai. Mike He – he could be good too. I haven’t watched too much of his acting to be a fair judge of it. But Tsukamoto. Oh man. I could watch the movie completely in Spanish and wouldn’t care.

  11. I like Li Xiaolu…omg..with Mike He? why? I think she should do more movies with the A-listers not with a beginner. sigh*

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