JS Releases a New EP, Somewhere

This was released on May 12th. I know I’m quite late, but that was also the date fo the one year anniversary for Sichuan so I was a bit distracted. JS is a Singaporean brother sister duo that like most people, I started paying attention to after I heard their amazing theme song for Chinese Paladin, Sha Po Lang. Justin composes the songs, and Sophia has such a soothing voice, which makes them a perfect creative team. Somewhere is kind of new direction for them, as they play with an electronic style and I really like it. Even though the EP really should be called a single, since it mainly consists of different versions of the song Somewhere, it has a remixed trance version of Sha Po Lang, and that by itself makes trying this EP worth trying. If you wan to hear the other versions of Somewhere, this youtube account is upoading the rest.

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  1. ive realized how so many taiwanese artist are fluent in english. wilber pan, leehom, machi, jolin tsai. and this group.

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