Mystery singer duets with Aska Yang

My Sun ft Aska Yang:

Cong Haonan, the mystery Huayi singer mentioned earlier, released a MV with Aska Yang this week. Cong Haonan comes from Jiangsu TV’s singing competition Jue Dui Chang Xiang. This year, Jue Dui Chang Xiang is endorsed by Sprite, Gold Typhoon and Jay Chou, which makes it the safer alternative to those suffering from the eeMedia scare caused by Chen Chusheng and He JieZhou Junwu as well as for the males aren’t brave enough to dress up as girls to compete in Super Girls.

Cong Haonan is also affiliated with the Sichuan Conservatory of Music (along with Ma Xueyang, Alan, Li Yuchun,Tan Weiwei, He Jie, Wei Chen, etc.). Actually, half of the top eight of Jue Dui Chang Xiang were from there. Jue Dui Chang Xiang also manages to get around SARFT rules by bring back the top 10 for a separate show after they’ve signed with companies. The new show is no longer a competition show and thus can air anytime with any length and text message votes.

Back to time, his first MV

9 thoughts on “Mystery singer duets with Aska Yang

  1. amazing voice! i am glad companies like Hua Yi is signing male singers with powerful voices (although I do appreciate BOBO =P)

  2. Finally, thanks for posting this mv.
    Ever since you posted ‘guess this singer’ game, I googled..oops I baidued different vids and found this guy singing that song from a competition. This guy really can sing…I found Aska and his vids on utube while making the mv.

    After Anson and Jacky Xue, I found a new love in c-pop genre..yay

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