Cross-Profession Artists’ Burberry Photoshoot for Men’s Uno and HotSpot


From L-R linda, Peng Tan, Song Ning, Chun Xiao, and Zhang Junning

I have no idea if the title made sense to anyone? Basically Men’s Uno grabbed five artists that dabble in different areas of the entertainment field (singing, acting, modeling) and put them in Burberry clothing. The shoot caught my attention because it had both Peng Tan and Zhang Junning who are just so different from each other. The other guy is Song Ning who started out as a model and now falls into that category of late twenties  to early thirties actors who only have slight fame in China. He’s been in a few series and a few MVs, including one of Ding Wei’s back when she still sang (she composed this song as well…don’t you just love her?).

Then there’s Chun Xiao, model and Peng Tan’s current girlfriend.  I have to wonder how she could  let Peng Tan’s hair look like that especially if Peng Tan is aspiring to go into acting. He looks really horrible here…actually most of the guys look worse than usual. The other girl linda was in a stage play, “Fashion Made in China” with Zhang Junning. I’m not familiar with her so I’m not sure what else she’s done, maybe modeling? Although there is another Linda that is a singer, under the company EQ (Li Yifeng’s company) who debuted last December with a pretty good album but I don’t think they’re the same Linda. How could there be two girls with the name Linda in the Chinese entertainment industry? What about Glinda? Or better yet, Galinda, since no one is using that one at the moment…

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So run down of everyone’s professions:

Peng Tan – singing going into acting

Chun Xiao – modeling going into singing

Song Ning – modeling gone onto acting

Zhang Junnng – acting gone on to singing

Linda – acting…and ??

This is a photoshoot for Hotspot featuring just Song Ning and Chun Xiao, that was done two months before the Men’s Uno one. They are also wearing Burberry, and for the interview talk about that “Yin Lun” or London Style everyone is so popular now in China.  Chun Xiao also mentions in the interview that she felt from her studying opera, that she could control her voice well, so ok, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and wait to see what she what  Peng Tan she comes up with for her debut album. While Chun Xiao and Peng Tan have dated for only not quite even half a year, Chun Xiao and Song Ning have been a modeling “couple” for years and years apparently, always being paired together for photoshoots. I can see why, their faces contrast with each other nicely…Chun Xiao and Peng Tan kind of look the same.


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6 thoughts on “Cross-Profession Artists’ Burberry Photoshoot for Men’s Uno and HotSpot

  1. People are going to think we’re Wicked fanatics or something…


    Peng Tan does look weird doesn’t he? I think he and Zhang Junning should switch hairstyles because Peng Tan’s face is not long, and Zhang Junning’s is.

    I think Peng Tan looked the best when he was with his band, and he had short spiky hair. He was hot. After he started dating Chun Xiao, it’s been going downhill. I hope this will not parallel the quality of his music. But I can’t see how trying to act and write songs for his gf won’t affect his music.

    Fun fact:

    Chun Xiao became friends with Song Ning after she comforted him after he broke up with Zhou Xun. And Zhou Xun is one of Jay Chou’s favorite actress talents, so they’re all related in some way. :D

  2. It is what Peng Tan is coming up with for her album, IMO. If you’re going into singing with a BF who can write songs like that, you’ve got to use that for all it’s worth…and don’t break up, even if being together is only a rumor (which isn’t the case here, but take notes from Jolin).

    Peng Tan looks weird in these. I hope him wanting to act doesn’t hurt his music.

  3. I see the resemblance, too. Especially in the Hotspot cover.

    Ozma is a pretty interesting name. It would make a hangman word with the z and m.

  4. 0_0 No, you’re mistaking her for Wang Luodan who is so, so, so much prettier than Chun Xiao. But I can see certain resemblences.

    I’m pro-Galinda too. Gregory Maguire’s names were in general far more interesting than Frank L Baums.

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