The Other “Dream of the Red Chamber”

The second set of HQ stills were released on Monday for the other Dream of the Red Chamber adaptation, called Dai Yu Zhuan that idarklight mentioned was starting production right as The New Dream of the Red Chamber was finishing up its filming. Despite its lower budget, people have rallied around this version already, since the makeup and costumes adhere to canon, versus Li Shaohong’s version where everyone has opera hairstyles and pale makeup.

Furthermore Dai Yuzhuan’s star Ma Tianyu has long been a fan favorite for playing Jia Baoyu with his round, youthful face that appears to be lifted from an illustrated version of the novel. Ma Tianyu, although famous because of his singing career, is in fact more of an actor than an singer, since he’s currently a student at the Beijing Film Academy and applied there before his first album was released. Casting him isn’t a knock on  this production by itself. Overall however, the series definitely feels more like an idol version of the classic, without the elegance seen from Li Shaohong.

As the title implies, this will be focusing on the character Lin Daiyu, and thus, will be probably a truncated version of the novel, of which she appears in only about 2/3 or 3/4 (depending on which version you adhere to) of. Unfortunately I fear that this will will be also truncated in terms of the wonderful nuances that make the novel, a classic.


Source: Sina for the pictures

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  1. Oh I didn’t know of this version. This seems to be quite similar to the 1987 version…
    The Baoyu here looks quite good but I don’t like the Lin Daiyu actress here, she looks like normal pretty actress and doesn’t give the special feeling as she should give.
    I prefer the Li Shaohong version that seems to be really artistic.

  2. the color is more vibrant here, but the other one still more opera-like. I think I will prefer the other one.

  3. oh, they can make dramas as lighthearted as they want to. Look at what they did with LoCH 2008.

    Hey, Zhang Jizhong’s more recent Jin Yong adaptations had gorgeous clothes. It’s mainly the old TVB dramas that are massproduced…

    THis one is obviously made from cheaper materials, but that doesn’t mean the design’s that much worse. While the Li Shaohong’s version pays great attention to details, some of the costumes don’t look as great overall, especially the hair and the overuse of lace.

    ie, this looks like a sleeping robe…

  4. Dream of Red Chambers was never a lighthearted novel to fall back on when you don’t want to think,hehe so I’ll stick with Li Shaohong’s version. The Baoyu costume looks directly lifted from the 87 version other than that puffy little ball at the top in the 87 version. Personally, I much prefer the costumes in Li Shaohong’s version other than the Opera air which actually doesnt bother me that much. The costumes themselves look amazing. Intricately detailed, elegant, and they have an air of realness to them. This new one in contrast, the costumes look a bit kitschy and tacky to me…a bit like mass produced costume drama costumes. With Li Shaohong’s you can definitely tell they had designers design them exlusively for the show and to bring something new to Chinese period dramas instead of the usual ugly mass produced costumes you see in most Jin Yong adaptations and what not.

  5. I believe this is suppose to be the “Qiong Yao” version of the drama…I’m looking forward to it, because Qiong Yao dramas, despite their melodramatic plots, are still really good. And the director has basically directed Qiong Yao dramas for his whole life.

    This will definitely not be an art piece, but it’ll be something lighthearted to fall back on when you don’t want to think…and Ma TIanyu really looks like he walked out of the book (not the outfit, just the looks…)

  6. Well, Li Shaohong’s version has been bashed as being an idol version as well, since the leads are younger and more inexperienced there. Mostly people just can’t stand the hair because it’s opera hair, not a hairstyle found in any dynasty.

    But I agree, this looks like the ’87 version. A lot. Makes me wonder if they’re going to get a shot of “Fei Lai Shi” in the beginning too, and all of that good stuff.

  7. Im gonna skip this one. The costumes look rather uncreative, as if they just updated the costumes from the 87 one. Li Shaohong’s looks to be a much more artistic minded and elegant drama. Of course, the Chinese masses dont want that. They’d rather have their cutesy typical idol dramas. sigh

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