Gold Typhoon Launches Their Newest Artists


On  ‘Bai Fen Bai’ last week, host Show Luo introduced two of his company juniors who are debuting around the same time, but with two different appeals. Chang Yunjing is the winner of the first season of Taiwan’ s Super Idol. Blue Bird Flying Fish is a pop duo  made up of Sichuan boys (this is my 512 related reference in this post). They are all under Gold Typhoon, the powerhouse company that covers the mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong with artists from each region.

On Bai Fen Bai, First Blue Bird Flying Fish performed the dance they choreographed for Guai Guai Nu and Chang Yunjing sang a song written for her by Anson Hu, who is also a part of the Gold Typhoon Records label (Blue Bird Flying Fish appeared in his Male KTV MV)

Watch the episode of Bai Fen Bai with both of them here, and watch them doing a photoshoot together here (very cute).  I can’t say that I’m getting a feeling of something particularly new or fresh, but Zhang Yunning has a great voice, and the boys are good performers and not afraid to look silly. So final verdict: it’s interesting to see what these new artists can accomplish under a company that has variety show hosts, and good composers under their wing, with influence on both sides of the strait.

Zhang Yunjing


Black Shoes, the song composed by Anson

Her other MV, Unprecedented


Blue Bird Flying Fish (their release is called Yi Pi = EP)


Wu Gun (What are these called in English?

Their other MV, Strange Girl

30 thoughts on “Gold Typhoon Launches Their Newest Artists

  1. Heh, minchong92 put that up at Zhang Yunjing’s AF thread, so I watched it already, but once more doesn’t hurt. They are so so cute.

  2. @minchong

    I’m generally half-asleep when I’m posting, and communication is not my strong suit…but yes, what cfensi said.
    And when I said pointless, I didn’t mean ridiculous or insulting, but as in “trivial but amusing.”

    It’s probably a habit picked up from reading too many Chinese forums…they have the most interesting discussions, most of them off-topic.

    I was worried that you’ll get offended by that post, since it’s so random. A lot of people get offended by others matching their favorite celebs up…I personally don’t get it since I like almost everyone (fangirl Wei Chen and at least eight other people…not exactly the easily jealous type). Friendship is cute.

    Look how cute this! ZYJ is so sweet and considerate (and feminine ;b) when she goes and wipes 70’s blood off.

  3. minchong I think idarklight meant debating more than arguing –

    She probably thinks the idea of debating who is more feminine, Zhou Bichang, and ZYJ is hilarious.

    I certainly did when I read your comments.

    Anyway, yes, cyberspace friends! Thanks for keeping everyone so up to date with Yunjing news. She’s so loveable and is one of those people that I want to see perform and on shows each time they come up!

    Looking at her buzz in China, she she should do fine.

  4. we’re arguing @-@?
    haha just joking
    I want to be friends (at least in cyberspace) XD

    btw enjoyed ur post on 70 and ZYJ, they are quite funny together
    i would say there are more interactions to come this summer
    since she’s going to China to promote soon

  5. Zhou Bichang is definitely more girly than ZYJ, but to continue the rather pointless argument, LYC is in no way more girly than ZYJ.

    ZYJ and ZBC both wore a wig, and ZYJ wore a skirts in her first album. Li Yuchun didn’t were one until her second one…interestingly enough, both wore black skirts for their first try.

  6. @idarklight
    i think the femininity I was referring to was probably their dress styles. Li Yuchun and Bibi seem to be more willing to wear more girly things like shirts, pants etc. I guess in that aspect, ZYJ is more tomboyish than them. But personality-wise, Jing is quite “niang niang qiang” when you see her behind the scenes and all.

    agree totally with that easy-going vibe. I’ve read fan accounts of ZYJ’s signing events and they’re super nervous right before shaking her hand, but then she looks up and says, “how are you doing?” in a really cheerful manner. Her appearances on television are really funny too, I find that the hosts naturally warm up to her for some reason. They act chummy to her ^^

  7. @minchong92, thanks for dropping by!

    At first glance, Zhang Yunning really does remind me of the other androgynous contest winners. And in fact many chinese websites have referred to her as the “Taiwanese Li Yuchun”, which has garned her more publicity than the usual Taiwanese contest winner in the mainland.

    But after watching her in videos, she really is different, personality wise. She’s very laid back and approachable. I would love to be her friend, whereas I think I’d be afraid to be friends or go up to most of the people from 2005 Supergirls. I admire them from afar, and their passion for doing what it is they want to do, without letting others dictate to them, but I really like the easy-going vibe that Zhang Yunning gives off. She definitely does not seem like the rest of the Supergirls anymore to me.

  8. @minchong92
    I agree with most of it, but Li Yuchun is way less feminine than Zhang Yunjing. Zhang Yunjing’s speech has a higher register, and the way she interacts is a lot more feminine. She’s also pretty cool with doing girlish things. Li Yuchun doesn’t seem to care about doing things to please other people, Zhou Bichang seems too shy to do it, Zhang Yunjing doesn’t care either way and just go out and have fun.

    Not that being more masculine is anything to be proud with…but I feel like you have the exact opposite ideas about Li Yuchun and Zhou Bichang. (although, I do think Li Yuchun and Zhou Bichang looks prettier in long hair and Zhang Yunjing in short hair…maybe that’s the femininity you were talking about?)

  9. Hi from asianfanatics :)

    personal opinion: Zhang Yun Jing may seem like the average crowd trying to follow the trend set by Li Yu Chun and Bibi. But in truth, she’s actually quite different in her vocals and personality, I would say. Yes, her hair is short and she dresses more of the androgynous type. But in my opinion, she’s even more tomboyish than LYC and Bibi as in the average person who doesn’t know ZYJ may actually be confused for a long time as to whether or not she is a guy or girl. However, her personality is really bright just like her vocals. She’s direct in conveying her feelings. Her laugh is really infectious too, just watch any variety show she goes on.
    She’s like a natural entertainer, unlike some debuting artists who go out of their way to make ppl notice them. Even if she just stands there while someone else is performing, your attention goes directly to here. Perhaps I’m a little bias (or very much XD), but there’s something subtle that makes the average person drawn to Zhang Yun Jing.
    I think Golden Typhoon was smart in signing her. She’s going to be successful, even if ppl do compare her to the SuperGirls.

  10. Wow. I really like Zhang Yunjing’s voice. At first I keep confusing me whether she is a girl or a guy hahaha. Her voice is low, and sometimes she looks like a guy and then a girl XD But since you kept saying she, I had to to keep myself to say SHE IS A GIRL . LOL. She is kinda adorable in Unprecedented XD She look really mature in Black Shoes. I like both mvs :]

    The guys from BBFF looks ok, their song Wu Gun doesn’t really appeal me though. I kinda like their Strange Girl song though. It’s kinda cute hahaha.

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