What Jane Will Be Singing on Oprah


I don’t feel like making a new post, but by now we know Jane sung Impressions of West Lake and Celebrate on Oprah.

According to Sina, some more fun facts:

1) Oprah’s crew chose her songs to sing; neither she nor her managers had a say in it.

2) She didn’t have much prep time, before the show, such as what would be asked because they wanted to keep it natural.

3) After she sang Loving You showing off her whistle register, everyone gave her a standing ovation, and Simon promised to keep in touch.

4) She went out to celebrate with Oprah’s dancers after the show.

5) There was something about her doing an English song in the future, but I’m not sure what that means, and I don’t want to get people’s hopes up. That is, if you want her to sing in English.

Thanks again to  Bwear@Asianfanatics for the translations below, from an early article about the show. Thank you to Jenster @Soompi for screencaps. Note that this refers to what was taped, but not necessarily what will be shown on the show.

As a top talent, Jane Zhang shared her experiences on how she started with music and how she idolized Mariah Carey’s voice, which eventually led her to train English songs. Jane Zhang used English during the whole process and conversations with Oprah. She performed the Chinese song <West Impression Lake>, which is directed by Zhang Yimou and composed by Kitaro. She also performed a jazz song from her newest album <Celebrate>.


Her wonderful performance stunned all the audience and the producers on the show. They even invited Jane Zhang to perform <Loving You> at the end of the show. When she reached her famous dolphin sound (whistle register), all the audience gave her a standing ovation and applause, including Oprah and Simon Cowell. When the performance was over, Simon declared that he will keep in contact with this music talent from China. Oprah Winfrey also hugged Jane Zhang twice and expressed her admiration.

Jane Zhang went backstage, when recording was done. The producer of the show gave her his blessings and appreciation. The person who was in charge of this episode expressed that Jane is a world’s talent, and he wished Jane success in America.

Source: Sina


And because I know everyone wants the full song to Impressions of West Lake, here you go:

37 thoughts on “What Jane Will Be Singing on Oprah

  1. Okay, I just watched this on yt. Whoa how awesome is this?? Her singing is of course off the charts amazing, but I really love her spunky attitude. She didn’t seem all that nervous and considering her company and the language thing, that’s pretty damn impressive.

    Takes a lot for Simon to smile so girl must be doing something right!

  2. Nepheliad: I second that! I’m glad Simon got to meet her, and he was smiling, not doing those things he does during a bad performance on “American Idol.”

    cfensi: You need a DVR, LOL!

  3. Actually, even though I really like ‘loving you’ I can see why they didn’t broadcast it. It’s a cover song- Jane’s a singer with her own albums and songs released…she should sing her own songs. Having her sing covers is kinda like getting Leona Lewis to come up and sing a maria song or something. At least the viewers won’t get the impression she’s trying to copy american music or something. (like so many people critisize the korean singers with debuting with songs that are so americanised…and people don’t kind it anything new)

  4. From Hunan TV:

    冯柯告诉记者,因为奥普拉的提问会很随意和突然,所以张靓颖并没有做太多的准备,只是在曲目的选择上跟节目组有些沟通。“奥普拉的团队把靓颖的每一首歌都做了仔细的研究,最后确定了《印象西湖雨》和《我的音乐让我说》这样两首歌的搭配。”冯柯还介绍,原本节目组规定的表演时间为2分45秒,但在演唱了两首歌之后,“因为现场观众的反应很好,所以节目组临时决定让靓颖返场,让她演唱了海豚音歌曲Loving you。”

    Jane’s manager told the reporter that Oprah’s band listened to many of Jane’s songs and were the ones that decided to let her sing “Impressions West Lake Rain” and “Celebrate.” So I guess a cover of a more powerful song wasn’t a choice?

  5. Simon Cowell is a male diva, but he’s a great entrepreneur, so I hope he does keep in contact with Jane.

  6. Simon better be a man of his word. Wouldn’t mind if he kept in touch with her. I like what he produced for Leona Lewis.

  7. My mistake, LOL

    I have no complaints anymore. I’m glad enough that she was able to participate. When Simon winks, it means he likes her ^^. I doubt he will keep in touch with her though.

  8. @Bwear It wasn’t youtube videos…it was footage from Hunan TV/EE Media, hence the credits at the end.

    @cfensi I don’t get them, neither…but I think some may think that it’s the TV stations trying to subvert their minds or something…I love product replacements. They’re much better than real ads.

    @Winshu tears on loving you getting cut

  9. I really don’t get the vicious complaints about product placement as well. Do they really annoy people? In a TV show? If you’re not paying for it, then just let them make money. And they wonder about Meteor Shower clothing…

    Simon winked at Oprah while she was singing…

    Well, it’s the way all news articles sounds. They take a stance, and go in that direction, and use superlatives a lot. After years of reading them, I’ve habitually started to skip over subjective words and just read the actual news, so I wasn’t disappointed. That being said, she got way more screentime than I thought she would when I read your first article, was incredibly cute, and performed great like always.

    Someone called me right when Jane started singing and I was so annoyed because of course I wasn’t going to answer it, and it just kept ringing throughout impressions of west lake. I wanted to spork someone.

  10. @shoups
    I don’t think Susan boyle is allowed to sing, she’s techinically still in the Britain’s got talent show so having her sing might be unfair for the other competitors of the show.

  11. He could have said it after her Loving You performance, but they cut that out, so nope, it didn’t air.

    They used a lot of Youtube footages of Jane LOL.

  12. simon winked? I don’t know why but that creeps me out a little lol. Whatever, I’m just glad he approved…btw the part where he said he wanted to keep in touch with Jane- was that aired or was it only in the sina report?

  13. the skirt was…eek…she should’ve done one of her Japanese outfits. Those were gorgeous, hip and classy at the same time.

    I think the length of Western Impressions was good. And they did show her loving you clip…though live would’ve been so much more amazing.

    I liked her insert of “Hero.” It was pretty. I still think celebrate was a bad choice, though. It wasn’t energetic enough. Impressions of Xihu would’ve made a better ending impressions.

  14. Yea, I guess you were right about Oprah now you mentioned Craig Williams. The “震撼” and “精彩的表现征服全场” Sina used in her report, just left me high expectations and huge space of imagination xD. Like geez, Sina’s report just made me :D the whole day. Well, I think everyone did enjoy her performance, but to me, they just didn’t seem to be that enthusiatic. It could be just my problem xD. I was so happy that Jane was standing there on the stage, I could hardly concentrate myself xD.

    Simon winked? I didn’t catch that! ^^

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