What Jane Will Be Singing on Oprah


I don’t feel like making a new post, but by now we know Jane sung Impressions of West Lake and Celebrate on Oprah.

According to Sina, some more fun facts:

1) Oprah’s crew chose her songs to sing; neither she nor her managers had a say in it.

2) She didn’t have much prep time, before the show, such as what would be asked because they wanted to keep it natural.

3) After she sang Loving You showing off her whistle register, everyone gave her a standing ovation, and Simon promised to keep in touch.

4) She went out to celebrate with Oprah’s dancers after the show.

5) There was something about her doing an English song in the future, but I’m not sure what that means, and I don’t want to get people’s hopes up. That is, if you want her to sing in English.

Thanks again to  Bwear@Asianfanatics for the translations below, from an early article about the show. Thank you to Jenster @Soompi for screencaps. Note that this refers to what was taped, but not necessarily what will be shown on the show.

As a top talent, Jane Zhang shared her experiences on how she started with music and how she idolized Mariah Carey’s voice, which eventually led her to train English songs. Jane Zhang used English during the whole process and conversations with Oprah. She performed the Chinese song <West Impression Lake>, which is directed by Zhang Yimou and composed by Kitaro. She also performed a jazz song from her newest album <Celebrate>.


Her wonderful performance stunned all the audience and the producers on the show. They even invited Jane Zhang to perform <Loving You> at the end of the show. When she reached her famous dolphin sound (whistle register), all the audience gave her a standing ovation and applause, including Oprah and Simon Cowell. When the performance was over, Simon declared that he will keep in contact with this music talent from China. Oprah Winfrey also hugged Jane Zhang twice and expressed her admiration.

Jane Zhang went backstage, when recording was done. The producer of the show gave her his blessings and appreciation. The person who was in charge of this episode expressed that Jane is a world’s talent, and he wished Jane success in America.

Source: Sina


And because I know everyone wants the full song to Impressions of West Lake, here you go:

37 thoughts on “What Jane Will Be Singing on Oprah

  1. Yes! and I thought I was the only one…
    There was also Hunan TV in the credits. XD

    I think there goes proof to all the people who thinks Hunan TV is mean to Huayi-artists. and I loved how people on the Chinese site were like this has more commercials than Mango!”….it annoys me that people complain about commercials (especially product placement ones) when they’re really the things that pay for those shows that entertain them so much.

  2. Haven’t watched it yet… sina’s report made me :) but I guess we couldn’t expect them to air everything. Nevertheless…Simon Cowell + Jane Zhang= hopeful…Hope they really do keep in touch.

  3. Well, I’m sure Oprah knew what she was capable of since Craig Williams, the composer for her theme song, has been very supportive of Jane all along, so I didn’t expect her to act surprised. Not sure about Simon. His wink scared me.

    Did anyone else catch the word Tianyu (aka eeMedia) in the video credits? I wonder how they felt about that. Happy that their show is being advertised right before Super Girls 2009?

  4. Me too. I would have also loved to see Loving You. To be honest, Sina’s report left me high hopes and expectation. I was so happy to know that EVERYONE was TOTALLY STUNNED by her performance, as told by Sina. I mean LOL, I thought she literally blew all the audience away, including Simon and Oprah. Well, she did do very well (as usually), but they (Oprah and Winfrey) didn’t seem that enthusiastic as I thought they would have been. Though the audience are awesome! Well maybe they were indeed amazed by her Loving You, but sadly only people on the show were able to see that.

  5. I think she showed enough confidence, which is what I love about Jane. When she’s on stage, she performs, she’s such a natural performer. This was not true for Coco Lee at the 2000 Oscars when she sang the theme to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, so I was glad that Jane was able to not hold back.

    She looked gorgeous though, imo! Though she usually does.

  6. hmm, kind of disappointed that they only aired her jazz song, although she was great. Would’ve loved to see the reaction on the audience’s face when they hear her trademarked dolphin whistle.

  7. nods…I’m not fond of Celebrate. I did wish she would sing something like it, but I wish she sung someone else’s song since Celebrate isn’t the best song. I loved her performance of Kelly Clarkson’s Walk Away.

    I really do love her in more softer songs like Impressions and The Only. They’re so ethereal and beautiful. Like she’s carrying you through a dream.

  8. I have just watched her performance, and to be honest, I really think Jane shouldn’t have chosen Celebrate to sing. Yes, the song is mainstream, but I really think it isn’t doing her beautiful voice justice.
    Ofcourse singing Lake and Celebrate will show everyone her versatility. I just wished she sang Lake longer instead of Celebrate.

    Yes, songs like “The Only” (Themesong of Banquet), “Painted Heart” and “Tian Xia Wu Shang” might sound really weird to American audience, but those songs can really show her amazing, feminine, gentle vocals and left someone impressed. But most importantly, these types of songs can really show the world the amazing, gentle “fairy-like” vocals that Asian/Chinese women have, which I think Western singers actually lack (they usually have those very “scream-out-loud-vocals”). To be very honest, I think a lot of singers in America can sing Celebrate, just as good as Jane, if not even better. But not a lot of Western singers can sing any of the songs I mentioned before, because they require such a gentle voice.

    Nevertheless, I am really proud of Jane as her fan!

  9. @ Bwear

    me too :( i thought she was going to sing all of all of west impression lake.
    i feel like she didn’t get to show off her vocals really well.
    and what was with that sparkly skirt >< her english was pretty good though

  10. I’m a little bit disappointed that she only sang a few lines of Lake.. Celebrate is my least favorite song of Jane xP

  11. Ahhh I’m so excited. there’s exactly one more hour until the show!
    i almost forgot >< i hope they air west impression lake. love that song
    simon cowell+jane zhang is not something you see everyday xD

  12. that’s wonderful, i can’t wait to catch this later. i hope simon cowell keeps his word and stays in touch with her, he’d be a big help to her career if she decided to try america.

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