Cotton Candy ‘s Small Flight


I mentioned that this indie duo from Taiwan (Cotton Candy or katncandix2) would be up against HIT-5 in the second season of Jie Jie Gao Sheng/Mix-box. They became a group in 2007, releasing an EP, and Small Flight is their first album. This is their first MV from this album:

Going with you to the End of the World MV

The singer is Xiao Qiu (Small Ball) and the guitarist is Shengzhe . They’re really cute (Xiao Qiu does most of the talking) and they have a pleasant sound. I think that Jie Jie Gao Sheng has already given them a boost, as their MV appeared on Baidu’s entertainment page, something rare for an unknown non-mainland group. They are pretty good at advertising themselves though. They have an easily searcheable English name helps as well, evading those annoying Top Combine results that would otherwise pop-up and they even have their own youtube channel, so go check them out.


10 thoughts on “Cotton Candy ‘s Small Flight

  1. i already bought their album and omogsh they are awesome :)! they have talent, while HIT-5 is more like a idol group.

  2. Jay only wrote two NQMM songs. They write most of their own, though the new songs for their compilation album last year were only half their own (or a little more than half taking into consideration the lyricists).

    The guitarist did write the song embedded here, is “庄鹃瑛” the girl’s real name? I’m guessing it is. I’ll have to listen to more, but from the credits in the MVs I’ve watched on their channel so far, they write their own songs.

  3. well, it’s sort of like how people think “if you don’t have the looks, you must have talent” and vice versa.

    I though Nan Quan Ma Ma wrote all of their own songs until this site popped up because they seemed indie…

  4. Not sure yet…it’s unfair really. I always think these type of indie groups probably write their own songs, and think prettyboys like Xue Zhiqian who spend probably hours doing their hair don’t (to be honest, I think if I didn’t start this site, I would have never known that he wrote almost all of his songs) .

  5. Well…Hit-5=boyband=Top Combine=Cotton Candy…yeah, they have nothing in common

    Do they compose their own songs?

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