China’s First 3-D Musical Film: Are You Ready for China Idol Boys?


What was previously called Le Huo Nan Hai on this site, and what will still probably be called Le Huo Nan Hai because I can’t bring myself to say the English name (China Idol Boys) is coming to a theater in China probably not near you. It will be, as it’s advertised (accurately by eeMedia for once) the first 3-D film in China.

Watch the Trailer below and behold the cracktastic awesomeness:

Edit: Fixed with video that doesn’t lag.

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  1. Wow, do you know when the OST for this is coming out?
    I’m really hyped at the moment on this movie!
    Especially that song at the end~ “zhang da le…bie wan le…” xD

  2. Yes, he is Wang Zhengliang. He’s Wei Chen’s teacher. He’s also a good friend of Jane. He sung the the theme song for Nanking!Nanking! (which is produced by Jane’s company…the song, not the movie)

  3. is this guy in the film 王铮亮? I think he came 11th in the super boys. My good friend knows him really well, so I would love to know if he is in this film? lol

    He amazing at singing!

  4. It’s suppose to be viewed with 3-D glasses in a 3-D theater.

    Apparently the production team saw a 3D movie in the US and were amazed by the cinematography and effects of the movie, so they wanted to do something similar in China. And as you can already see, this movie has really pretty cinematography.

  5. @ cfensi – I disagree – Kangin’s singing voice stands out more to me than Siwon’s, and incidentally, Siwon’s stands out more than, say, Eunhyuk’s.

    I wasn’t disagreeing that those songs are solid and necessary, but with what you said about musicals being mix of catchy tunes and tunes to drive the narrative, because that can’t be said for a good number of musicals out there, which are compositionally brilliant and such.

    As for HSM, I agree that it is very good for the genre it’s in, and I expect that this movie will be too. However, this is not a genre that appeals to the wider public, and if the movie is like this video, it’s only going to reinforce the current view of the Super Boys. I have no doubts that if the quality is high, the movie will be good and popular, but at the same time, I suppose I kinda hoped something like it would be a bit more… substantial. HSM is happy fluffy goodness, but I guess I tend to look for something more than just that (maybe I’m just a critical person overall, haha).

    And of course, the main problem, subjectively speaking, is the fact that I’m not a fan of chick flicks unless they bring something innovative or substantial to the table – which is also why I don’t know that this movie will do well outside of with the fangroup that already likes the Super Boys, anyway. I am intensely glad that movies like this are being produced, though, ’cause like you said, internationally, most people seem to think Asian movies = martial arts, action, or horror.

    @ idarklight – HSM is very much like an Asian fluff drama, and Disney absolutely is like those companies (and even though it’s not directed at me, just clarifying that I’ve never meant to criticize Disney on those grounds). With the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus (who, IMO, is highly overrated but very well marketed), HSM, and now, boy band sponsorship, Disney really is the leader in the US of those same target demographics.

    HSM gets that benefit, IMO, because American things are still viewed as trendy. It really isn’t any different from Super Girls’/Boys’ stuff in its presentation and such.

  6. @shoups

    Have you heard Zhang Yuan singing Jeff Chang songs? They’re beautiful.

    Zhang Yuan’s in this movie…this is the Super Boys movie. China Idol Boys is the title of this movie (I know, terrible name). The actors are the top 13 Super Boys, including Zhang Yuan. This is like the movie version of Meteor Shower (in idea, not in story) for eeMedia, Hunan TV, Super Boys and China. They’re mainly singers…hence the weak dancing moves. Yu Haoming will probalby go to the all out acting route, but he’s a good dancer, too. He won Strictly Come Dancing, as did Tang Xiao, the main female lead… I think Tang Xiao’s better, but that’s probably because she’s from a musical background.

    more from the Super Boys:

    Best composer: Chen Chusheng
    Most hyper (cfensi’s favorite): Wang Yuexin
    Currently most popular: Zhang Jie
    Soon to be most popular: Yu Haoming
    Cutest dimples: Allen SU
    My favorite:Wei Chen

    My taste in voices gravitates towards clear, strong voices. So in the several groups mentioned, I like Ryowook, Zhang Yuan, and Jade Liu (in Super Girls)’s voices. There are some musicians I like for a mix of reasons, but few with voices that I would listen to just because they sung it. Zhang Yuan and Jade Liu come close, depending on the songs they sing and whether the songs shows off their voices or not. Also Chen Chusheng. I love seeing Zhang Jie and Jane Zhang perform. The only two artists whose voice I love hearing no matter what are Song Zuying and Anson Hu.

    Tension isn’t really a boyband, though. They are sort of like Nan Quan Ma Ma…in that semi-idol band category.


    I thought the only thing bad about HSM was the bad acting, average singing/dancing, and the obviously for-TV filming. I feel like while some tweens are too obsessed about it, others are too biased against it. The plot is obviously attractive and similar to most Asian dramas. The music was catchy despite the average voices. Overall, it leaves a happy impressions. basically a big party.

    And really, Disney = American SM/Avex/JYP/Johnny’s…so I think it’s silly that people who go for the k/jpop boybands criticize them. (this isn’t directed at you, btw, but just a rant)…ie. the Jonas Brothers actually compose their own songs, but people who like DBSK will call them stupid…I don’t really get Miley Cyrus and I don’t like her show, but she’s probably not as bad as some people make her out to be.

    Meanwhile, HSM is actually very popular in China. No one in China dismisses it as “stupid, teenage fangirl” stuff. I think it’s because people tend to be more critical of themselves. Sort of like how people in China dismiss Super Girls as “stupid, teenage fangirl” stuff, but not people outside.

  7. Conversation always keeps going to SJ because I keep talking about them lol, as I think they are the perfect boy group…..the other reason is because they are pretty well known, I am actually a big fan of H.O.T but i am sure not many of you here know or know enough about them them hahaha.

    btw dont know if you guys have ever heard of tension…they are a bunch of guys who can see pretty good. Our story 我们的故事arguebly their best song….

    Maybe I dont know enough about Zhang Yuan. so it is unfair for me to say he is an average singer. Perhaps it is the songs he has been singing which do not demonstrate his singing abilities…..the songs he has sang so far has not demonstrated melisma or vocal belting (where one lets their voice go). His he sings lately-stevie wonder, a whole new world, kiss goodbye-lee hom songs as such to demonstrate his singing abilities. maybe he needs harder songs to sing. I personally do not think his voice is unique, Akon, Sean kingston, james blunt(not that nice), 杨昆(yang kun), yoga lin have unique voices.

    I will probably end up watching this film because i am curious about who these guys are….are they singers, actors, dancers, presenters? i have never heard of them…

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