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Hit-5’s album pictures were released, along with a leaked copy of the EP.Up next they will be seen in Jie Jie Gao Sheng/Mix-box, the show that let’s burgeoning artists go up against other newbies in the music industry. They will PK Cotton Candy, a Taiwanese boy-girl indie duo that’s uber cute and will probably crush HIT-5 mercilessly, just like Long Kuan’s awesomeness left Butterfly group on the verge of tears because of critics saying how bad they were in comparison.   More pictures below the cut, or you can see them all conveniently in the youtube vid (thanks Swingsily!).

I Want You To Know (new song from their EP)

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Another song uploaded from Swingsily:

69 thoughts on “HIT-5 Say You Love Me Again Pictures

  1. This might seem unrealistic and a bit off-topic, but I’m hoping Hou Xian (aka HOHO, who is also in their new company) could write a song for them.
    I know that most of his songs are ZGF style and wouldn’t go with their more ‘westernized’ feel, but Hou Xian just recently put out “Babyface”, which isn’t ZGF unlike all of his other songs. It’s a bit cutesy, but I think he has a lot of potential as a composer to branch out even more. Although I would like him to stick to his ZGF style too..
    And even though HIT-5’s new songs didn’t blow my mind or anything, I have to admit they’re pretty catchy. It’s much better than HIT in my opinion, but I’m a greenhorn at judging things- seeing as I used to think Fahrenheit sang well.

  2. ohhh…any news on when their next mv will b out?? since they split with their old company recently….

  3. teehee :D oopsy-daisies
    It just bothers me that the guys all beautiful, they take beautiful pictures, and then someone comes along to screw it all up. Actually even the pictures in the first place–on the more monochromatic individual pictures, Duan Huangwei’s nose shadow looks like a giant booger and Yang Fan’s background has a car. It may seem nit-picky, but ultimately I think that these mistakes make them seem sort of unprofessional (along with the tacky shapes, of course).
    And yes, A-One is faring better! I feel like HIT-5 could do so much more, because frankly, they have something necessary to win the hearts of 90 percent of fangirls: looks.
    Their voices aren’t terrible, either–Duan Huangwei, of course : D ! And whats-his-name Leader Guy has a pretty good voice as well. And surprisingly, Yang Fan is improving a lot! I couldn’t even tell it was him singing in Say You Love Me Again.

  4. Oh annie…

    I’m seen too many people vitriolically prejudiced against their own people that “I’m _______, so that’s not racist/prejudiced doesn’t mean anything. There are a lot of Chinese people that I would say are prejudiced against Chinese./mini-rant

    Specifically your statement wasn’t bad at all though and you’re right, I don’t their publicist is good at all I think at this point.

    Even A-One is faring better than them….at least they have continuous activities, even if they don’t have as many hardcore fans.

  5. What bothers me is the random shapes/colors on the photographs.
    What is their publicist doing?!
    Also, their debut pictures were not the most flattering. I really wonder about chinese people and color sometimes. (that was not a racist comment. i am chinese).

  6. and kido’s b’day same as YUNHO’s b’day??oww…but HongKi also has the same…love all~ By the way, forget it larkh! where can i download Hit-5 songs??

  7. kido,yangfan and david are fans of YUNHO?in their profiles(in the fav.singer)…they wrote TVXQ YUNHO…oww gee~~LOVE YUNHO ^^;;;

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