Kimi Joins the Cast of Prince of Tennis 2


Kimi Qiao Renliang joined the cast of Prince of Tennis two days ago, saying he would devote half his time in May to filming and the second half towards preparation work for his upcoming album (finally!).

He will be playing Akaya Kirihara, of the Rikkai Dai school, the school that Seigaku goes up against in the finals. Akaya plays violently, and oh yeah, sometimes his eyes go red occasionally when he plays. So far two teams have been introduced fully, Josei Shonen (Gao Xiaochen, Ma Haisheng, and Yu Siyuan are in this team) and Rokkaku (Li Yifeng guest stars as part of this team.) I wonder what team BOBO will be on…Shitenhoji? There’s so much pretty in this drama I want to do a pic spam for it. With the all the added stars, and the much better hair this time around, this season should be much better received than the first.









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  1. I love these pictures. I think they’re a lot hotter than the photobook. Maybe it’s the mix of the red eyes and his devilish expression.

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