Han Han wants more pay for writers


Han Han deciding whether to shave off more writers' money or Guo Jingming's precious hair.

…and he’s going to start with himself.

Han Han,  national racecar champion, high school dropout, bestseller and the other symbol of the 80’s generation writers, actually agrees with his “archrival” Guo Jingming for once.  Like Guo Jingming, he’s going to start his own literary magazine. In it, he plans to pay writers more money per character than ever. The top half of the submissions will receive 2000 yuan per 1000 characters, and the second half will receive 1000 yuan per 1000 characters(can someone explain to me how this is different from  one yuan per one character?). According to him, this is ten to twenty times the industry average, and twice the amount that the best writers receive from top magazines.

He also suggests a “worst submissions column,” where he’ll pick the two or three worst submissions per column and pay them 250yuan per 1000 characters. To prevent plagiarism, he’ll also pay 500yuan per 1000characters to whoever first finds the plagiarism. And no, you can’t plagiarize under one name and then report yourself under another.

source: Han Han’s blog

The other Han Han, per request

The other Han Han, per request

I always thought it was interesting that the most popular magazines in China were literary magazines, one of the least popular ones in the United States. Those literary magazine range from Novel Monthly, which publishes short novels only, to others like Du Zhe, which contain short stories and non-fiction prose called sanwen. Unlike in the West, where most famous writers are known for either poetry or novels, many Chinese writers are known for their sanwen, and Han Han’s one of them. Guo Jingming’s more known for his novels, but says he prefers writing sanwen as well. Guo Jingming’s magazine also showcases photo stories and photography and drawings in general. Han Han’s will only accept photography.

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  2. 1,000 Yuan for 1,000 characters is different from 1 Yuan per character because 1,100 characters would presumably still only get 1,000 Yuan.

  3. i absolutely love reading san wen.
    Fashion magazines arent that popular in China, while people in the US love reading gossips. ha.

  4. @geez
    I’m sure the editors will cut out redundancies. And since these aren’t commissioned, the writer will probably want to make it as concise and well-written as possible

    I guess 100yuan per characters? I’m not sure if that’s high or low since I don’t know how fast the average writer can write…Guo Jingming can write about 10000 per day, but that’s Guo Jingming and words gushes out of his brain like water from a water balloon with a 1m hole in it, except his brain never dries out.

  5. That is interesting. I love Du Zhe and I read that all the time. The stories are very interesting. It keeps reminding me of how I want to keep writing in Chinese [but I get too frustrated with my crap writing and I am so busy lately].

    How much are they normally paid, then? Other than like the estimates. Is it really that low?

  6. “The top half of the submissions will receive 2000 yuan per 1000 characters, and the second half will receive 1000 yuan per 1000 characters (can someone explain to me how this is different from one yuan per one character?).”

    lol. Getting paid for the number of words you write… people are gonna have a tendency to flourish their works thinking they might get a little extra. Hope they remember it’s quality over quantity.

  7. You can get Du Zhe in Chinatown but I’ve never seen Top Novel. How does one get that?

    ps…you should just post the other Han Han picture too. More Han Han can’t hurt.

  8. sanwen=short, non-fictional prose. If you read Chinese, here‘s a link to one of Guo Jingming’s sanwen collections.

    Du Zhe sometimes publish stories by Guo Jingming.

    I don’t know…When I read GJM’s magazines, I just read his sections and then look at the pretty photography and drawings. Other than him, Hansey(who left) and STOIKS, the other people aren’t that great.

    Other than Top Novel, which I borrow from my friend, the magazine I actually read the most is Chinese National Geographic. They have glossier pages than the American one, so the photos are prettier.XD But it’s sort of like the opposite of Du Zhe. It only talks about Chinese places, and isn’t as sciency as the American one.

  9. Han Han is really hot and I really want to read his magazine.

    Du Zhe is really good, and I love how unlike Reader’s Digest in America, it pulls inspirational stories from all over the globe.

    It is interesting how it’s more popular than the fashion, gossip or whatever magazines in China.

  10. HAHA i lolled at this “And no, you can’t plagiarize under one name and then report yourself under another”

    BTW my moms addicted to duzhe

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