Chen Kun In Men’s Harpaar’s Bazaar; Sings Again and Acts a Lot


While I usually cringe whenever I hear an actor or actress is going into the music business, Chen Kun’s the exception. While I think he’s a wonderful actor, I would not mind if he quit acting and focused on his singing career because I really love his voice. But during his long career, he’s only put out two releases so  I was ecstatic to hear that he would be singing something new, the theme song for his upcoming series, Zhu Jia Hua Yuan .

You can listen to the new song here. This was composed by none other than Ding Wei, who composed my favorite track on his last album and who I previously mentioned said that artists should learn to compose to have a long career in the industry, as a criticism of today’s “idols”.  Considering that she used to be a singer, and and now mainly composes for others, perhaps her words stem from her own experiences, and is more advice than criticism.

This is the song she composed for Chen Kun on his last album, To Come True Again. It did not have an MV, but here’s a fanmade one featuring clips of him and Ruby Lin from the series Only You.

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Chen Kun is also featured in this month’s issue of Men’s Harpaar’s Bazaar as promotion for his upcoming “propaganda” film for the 60th anniversary of the PROC, The Great Cause of Founding the Nation, he which he costars with very famous Chinese veteran actors such as Zhang Guoli and Tang Guoqiang. Also included are a scary amount of guest stars, such as Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Chen Daoming, Andy Lau etc. I don’t know how I feel about this film, but that is a lot of people I want to see, particularly Chen Daoming. Besides his series, and this film, Chen Kun will next be seen in the upcoming Mulan movie with Zhao Wei as the titular heroine.

14 thoughts on “Chen Kun In Men’s Harpaar’s Bazaar; Sings Again and Acts a Lot

  1. I’m a fan of Chen Kun too. The first time I saw him was in Painted Skin – I’d mistaken him for another HK actor and had thought to myself that I don’t recall the HK actor having such a deep emotional range. I especially love the scene where Wang Sheng (Chen Kun) & Pei Rong (Zhao Wei) die. It really showed the great love between the two. I was also a bit disturbed that Wang Sheng also declared his love for Xiao Wei (Zhou Xun) but it showcased a great piece of acting from all 3 leads.
    I later ‘discovered’ him in The Conquest and after realizing that he was the singer in both the theme & sub-theme have come to discover that he has a really good singing voice & style.

    Thank you Chen Kun for sharing your amazing talents.

  2. The only publicity I remember for the last one was Kristy/Baby Zhang Hanyun (what is her real English name?) singing the theme song. But children’s movies tend to do fine even without too much publicity, and I can’t imagine a movie with pandas failing.

  3. I’ve always cringed a little at the word “propaganda” maybe it’s because of the society I grew up in. I remember saying something like “That’s propaganda!” to my mom once and she was like “So?” I guess it depends on where you grew up.

    Chen Kun is on talented guy, he can actually both sing and act (as in I don’t find him weaker in either) Can’t wait to watch Mulan.

  4. yeah, thats the one. Its weird huh? You would figure it would have way more publicity considering its a Disney film. Did the last film Disney did in China about that gourd get alot of publicity?

  5. Oh thanks…the one with the little kid in Lost in Time right? I’ve got a lot I want to post on, but haven’t so far…maybe I’ll post on it after box office numbers come out. There’s really not been too much press given to the film it seems though.

    …huh. apparently Zhao Wei is singing again too for I guess another album. I’m not as thrilled about that but they should duet together for Mulan. I’d love to hear the two of them singing back and forth “I’ll make a man out of you”.

  6. No, it’s backed by the government, or rather that film company that is state-run. That Liu San-Jie article I was going write about was another one of the movies being made for the 60th anniversary, and Eva Huang Shengyi is going to have a minor role in this as well.

    Quite frankly one of the reasons I wish Chen Kun would just sing is that I’ve been disappointed by the roles he’s chosen. Painted Skin gave him little to work with, and Mulan doesn’t make me feel any better. Founding the Nation I can’t say much about, because I’ve never seen a state sponsored movie before. I’m curious about it, but I don’t have any high expectations for it. At least Liu San Jie will have singing and dancing.

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