Baby Jie grows up and moves out


I think this may be a Watercube replica that she's holding, but it also might just be tofu. It also might be tofu in the shape of the watercube.

What’s the difference between one and four?

In the first year of their stardom, Chris Lee and He Jie, once best friends from the Sichuan Music Conservatory, won 1st and 4th respectively in Super Girls.

Four years later, March 2009 –
For her birthday, Chris Lee held her annual Why Me concert in Guangdong with soldout tickets and a sea of yellow.

Two weeks later, on He Jie’s birthday, He Jie announced that she would leave EE Media.
Why such different outcomes?

In honor of He Jie, the cute “Jie Baobao”, and both myself and Cfensi’s favorite Supergirl alumni, this is a look into eeMedia’s flaws. Btw – don’t take anything out of here without also posting its companion piece coming soon.

This is the performance that drew me into cpop. Hopefully, He Jie’s musical dreams are only hibernating and will make a comeback soon.


He Jie is wondering why the hell she needs to learn dancing to be a singer, but just does it anyway.

Other than lawyer Zhou Junwu, who single-handedly(?) caused the three biggest crisis in EE Media history, the first problem of EE Media is its rumor mill. It’s infamous for producing unwarranted rumors to generate news. While this works for individual events (ie. Meteor Shower), it ultimately ruins the overall image of the company and its artists. One of the reasons He Jie gave for leaving was the fact that she has more rumors than songs, something unfortunately true for many artists under EE media.

EE Media also has way too many artists to digest. Despite having Hunan TV as its backdrop, it only has a certain amount of screentime to fill. Instead of one artist going on five shows, there are five artists going on one show. In the end, none of them really gets noticed. That’s why He Jie and Chen Chusheng leaving, though sad, is a good thing for the other members of EE Media.

He Jie went into EE Media like a tomboyish dork…

with Yali

At a sleepover with her best EE Media buddy, Huang Yali who is happily with a good company. Perhaps He Jie can join her.

To me, EE Media’s biggest flaw is its hierarchical system. What EE Media needs is capitalism. EE Media, supposedly, actually has one of the best payment system for its artists, which is to say they’ll live reasonably comfortable lives under EE Media. However, how EE Media spends its portion is largely unfair. Whereas in other companies, what one artist earns, the money is often reinvested into that artist’, EE Media spends mostly on who it wants to promote. While this is essential for new artists, EE Media forgets that it is not the ultimate decider in who the consumers wants. Think of Jang Ri In or Han Xue, both of whose companies spent tons of money on their promotions but both of whom has yet to make it big as of now. EE Media, coming from a voter-decided competition, should keep that its that type of democracy that has made it. Changing the company to a government controlled system where the way to be popular is to make the head liking you, not the people, is a big mistake.

…and left looking like this blond, emo-looking girl wondering why of all the tomboyish Super Girls, all in different companies including eeMedia, she had to be the one forced to change her image into someone sexier, more girly

He Jie isn’t fully innocent, either. She was a tomboy. However, she had no ideas of her own nor firm positions. She was changed by EE Media, but the change was authorized by her. Compared to Li Yuchun and Jane, who both knows who they are and who they want to be. And I was quite disappointed by the fact that instead of seeking self-improvement whilst waiting for her next album (ie. learning composing and the piano like Wang Yuexin or magic like Fu Xinbo), she just sat around in her room, posting up increasingly depressing pictures of herself in dreary black. Emoness isn’t exactly the road to success and it’s not something that a lawsuit can solve. And really, how could she let herself be tricked into believing that lawyer?

Her lawsuit is expected to last for at least 6 months. What’s to become her after that, no one knows.

30 thoughts on “Baby Jie grows up and moves out

  1. I also wanted super junior m to perform, but I guess since they’re exclusive to China so they’re not so much as a commodity as SJ.

    God forbid Henry and Zhoumi turn up with SJ (Visions insane fans and the only 13 signs) When will they get over it? They’re already slowly losing Kibum anyways.

    About He Jie, I’m sorry I don’t keep up with news- she has/d depression? As in she’s taking medication for it etc? If that’s the case I can’t imagine her making any sensible choices with that hanging over her. I can understand why her performances might have been less than on par. Theres flaws in all companies- normally I would have thought her cute personality would have been perfect for EEmedia. Guess I was wrong.

  2. I belatedly realized that I totally just wrote far, far too much – sorry. All I really meant to say was that He Jie really does/did need to do as the article title says, and I hope this seemingly ill-advised move is actually a launchpad to success for her.

  3. I’m kind of miffed at Jackie Chan’s concert. What in the world was the point of inviting SJ over SJM, considering that Henry and Zhou Mi are apparently not doing a whole heck of a lot right now? They obviously can perform together – they did at a charity concert a half a month before. Rain and SJ getting two songs each was completely unfair, and uncalled for.

    He Jie’s problems, IMO, are mostly her own fault. She didn’t take initiative, didn’t have a direction, and if she had a personal sense of style, didn’t push enough to keep it. If she let her fears stop her from making her own decisions, that’s her problem, not the company’s. Her lawsuit against EE Media is just ridiculous and will make her seem unappealing to other record companies (unless one is backing her already – then it’s free publicity…). As for what was said about EE Media not investing back into its artists, is that really the case here? Her MV and dance routine seem to have had pretty high production value… But I wouldn’t know about her promotional activities and such, of course. What is obvious is that they have too many artists filling too many similar niches, so can you really blame them if they shuffled one who didn’t have a direction into a generic pop route?

    For some, that route works – the prepackaged artists appeal well enough to a specific demographic, and that’s why entertainment companies push the artists without a personal direction down that specific path. It seems to me like any path such an artist is pushed down has about equal likelihood of succeeding, because it’s not their true image, so it makes sense that they would go with something generic just because it has a higher likelihood of success than something out of the ordinary. Even after that, it’s not as though the artist can’t find his or her own voice (and had that been her reason for leaving, I’d have had plenty of respect for it, though I still wouldn’t blame EE, necessarily). EE is strapped for promotional time, but hey, so is the industry in general – plenty of artists can’t even make it to a contract, so if an artist doesn’t seize the opportunity, it’s not really a failing of the company. EE has plenty of other flaws to answer for, though, from what you guys have told me about artists who have both direction and talent but lack backing – maybe artists like her leaving might be a good thing for them?

    Pity, though. She’s talented, and her voice is quite beautiful. Hope this mess doesn’t drag her down – it seems like a career-endangering move, so I really hope she knows what she’s doing.

  4. He Jie and Liyin should form a group…I feel like Liyin should also be in a group because she’s so quiet. She needs someone crazy and talkative like He Jie to get her more lively and give her confidence. Sort of like how Fu Xinbo needed Jing Boran and vice-versa.

    They can be the first female all-Yi group. If nothing else, they’ll get the 8 million Yi population behind them. Maybe Ji Jie can be their manager.

    Jane’s still in the process of extending her contract…chances are low.

  5. He Jie might actually prefer to be in a group. She’s friendly towards everyone, and it’d keep her from going emo. I’d just like to see her somewhere at this point.

    While I think Liyin doesn’t seem to have much of a sense of direction, it’s hard to tell because she’s young and it’s not like she can do much self-directing under SM.

  6. Liyin’s contract lasts 5 years from the start of her debut i believe.
    sm is crazy strict but they work you to death in training and theres no creative freedom, other than that their management ways would have been perfect for He Jie, but only if they intend on her having korean activities, their chinese connections are kinda…

    Perhaps Liyin’s lack of direction might have been caused by the freedom
    restictions in sm, combined with her having debuted at such an young age, she probably didn’t really know what she wanted.
    Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if Liyin had been put in girls generation…*wonders*

    I think theres an Avex Taiwan? hence a lot of taiwanese artists are signed to them. Liyin is also signed to them outside of sm. (I think most sm artist sign to avex for overseas stuff like BoA, TVXQ etc.

    Basically it seems like He Jie is kind of in a sticky situation…

    BTW Jane leaving Huayi? Although I heard she decided not to, wonder what would happen if she did. Although I can see Liyin in Huayi I really can’t see He Jie there.

  7. I don’t know if they would know how to make He Jie successful in China, but I think they have better connections than SM and they have music more fitting for He Jie. They also have strict, set plans that are perfect for someone like He Jie.

  8. Avex currently has Danson Tang and Shin, as well as a recording contract with Jiang Yiyan, who was in Nanking!Nanking!
    He Jie’s record label was with Avex on her second album, but Avex recording contracts aren’t as good as managing contracts…they’re short and Avex doesn’t really care about the artists. IE. Show Luo,

  9. There’s no way that they’ll put her in a group with her already big fanclub…that’s like asking for disaster. With how they were packaging Liyin, He Jie would’ve fit the mold, too. I think had He Jie would’ve been perfect with Avex. It has the right mix of talent and idol for He Jie.

  10. SM hasn’t produced a serious singer since BoA, so I think they forgot how to promote a hardcore singer, without the pretty faces and sexy dance moves. And I agree with you, He Jie would fit better in SM then Liyin, but if He Jie would probably end up in a Girl’s Generation-like girl band with 12 other people and only singing one line per song. I think Liyin should switch to HuaYi if she wants to break into the Chinese market.

  11. For Liyin’s contract…does it begin when she’s a trainee or when she debuts? If Jane leaves, Huayi’ll need another powerful singer. I wonder if they’ll take Liyin. But I feel like Liyin, like He Jie, lacks direction. It just so happens that SM gave her the wrong direction. And I’m not sure if Huayi will give her the right one, neither. I wonder how she’ll do with Golden Typhoon.

  12. After reading the comments above I feel like He Jie and Liyin should trade places with He Jie going to South Korea, and Liyin to some company like Hua Yi in China. Liyin wouldn’t be Liyin if packaged the way kpop stars are, whereas He Jie needs someone calling the shots for her. She’s cute with Hyori eyes, a cute personality, and a fantastic voice. But no direction in life, and now she doesn’t even have Liu Zhoucheng to comfort her.

  13. random fact: He Jie and Zhang Liyin belong to the same ethnicity (Yi)


    that’s why I think He Jie’s not so smart. She has nowhere to go. Especially with a lawsuit like that. Whoever inherits her will also inherit her debts, and the chance of her suing them. Laure Shang had Huayi behind her back. Some say Chen Chusheng did, too. But Chen Chusheng can always start his own company because he can compose.

    During Super Girls, He Jie was the girl who just loved to sing and always smiled. And her joy was so contagious. But now…she rarely smiles and her songs lack emotions

    Super Girls days:

    (ignore the rap)

  14. oh, and Jane was never in eeMedia. She never signed with them and left peacefully, without any legal disputes. After Super Girls, she decided to take some time to think over her future instead of immediately signing with a company. I admire her a lot for taking the time to think about her future. Jane’s success isn’t just due to her voice, but because of her knowing herself and knowing what she wants. There are plenty of girls with great voices. He Jie’s one of them. But Jane’s smarter than them. Jane has really impressed me with her analyses of the music industry recently. She’s extremely articulate and clear about where she wants to be and how she can get there.

    Here’s an interesting quote from Shi Rencheng, who wrote half of SHE’s lyrics:
    “People who like to sing don’t necessarily have the requirements for being a singer. Having the star attraction and an unique voice will allow one to stand out among the crowd and stand at the top. The key to the success of Super Girls is the appearance of unique competitors.”

  15. Jackie’s mind works in mysterious ways….Did he determine the line up to who would sing what and for how long etc? I also saw the poster for the concert and Liyin was higher up and had a bigger picture than even SJ and I was like WTH? Jackie? Are you a fan of her or something? lol

    Liyin’s contract with SM should be 5 years like all SM artists. Some get their contracts renewed, but personally I, like you want her to leave, your right, SM is an idol factory, Liyin doesn’t quite belong there.

    I’ve been mostly seeing He Jie’s recent performances :( hence maybe I haven’t been able to be to interested in her (I never heard about her depression or her rumors, cause I don’t generally go there.) I wonder though, where would she go once she left EEmedia?

  16. I was impressed, too. Liyin seems so much more confident and stable this time.

    I must admit, though, I was a little annoyed at the fact that she did sing. Not because she doesn’t deserve to sing, but because the only reason that she got in was with SJ. And I was unhappy that SJ got two songs (three if you count Liyin), Rain got two and a half, and the most that any other artist got was JJ Lin and Charlene Choi with half a song each. Jane shared her song with three other people. There’s no way that either Rain or SJ sings better or is more popular than JJ Lin or even Jane Zhang in China.

    I really wish Liyin can leave SM. SM is promoting her all wrong, and SM isn’t the company that you realize your music dreams with. Liyin’s voice is beautiful, and she has so much potential. What she needs is a serious company that produces real music, not an idol factory. How long is a contract with SM? I hope it’s not one of those ten year contracts that shackles artists to death.

    which performances have you seen? imo, only her Super Girl/Boy performances were hreally herself and worth seeing. All the recent ones were terrible (because she’s been depressed, and she can’t hide it). I like He Jie because she has a beautiful voice, and she has the most gorgeous smile, but she’s really not the smartest, nor one with ideas.

    He Jie leaving was inevitable. eeMedia didn’t want her, and she didn’t want eeMedia. But I hated the way she left. She should’ve tried to solve the dispute peacefully. I mean, her contract ends in nine months, and the lawsuit takes about six months. Three months is not going to mean that much to her career, but a lawsuit and the money will harm it a lot. Personally, I think she got talked into it. If that lawyer doesn’t get paid by Huayi, then he must have a personal grudge against eeMedia.

    I feel like He Jie, were her to start over again, would’ve been right for the new eeMedia. But since the old eeMedia already ruined her with all the rumors and depression, she’s no longer right for the new eeMedia.

  17. I’m not going to say much but I feel like it was about time to decides to leave EE Media. They have way too many artists, and it’s hard for most of them to get noticed.

    As for Jang Ri In, I’m super happy that she was invited to the concert. I’m pretty sure that 70,000 people were impressed by her vocals, and just hope that she will get more recognized. i gave up on SM, but Im going to support Jang Ri In. She needs better promotion!

  18. She has such a cute baby face lol I’ve only seen her in a few performances, but I’ve never been able to appreciate her. To be honest the only EE media product I liked was Jane Zhang. I’m glad she moved on. Although I don’t like EE media’s way of causing rumors, it’s so off putting for me, but I guess I works.

    Interesting you should use Jang Ri In and Han Xue as examples. With Jang Ri In, sm spent so much money on her mvs, then when it came to promotions in China, they kinda failed… I think her lack of sudden fame might be due to the fact that sm is a korean company that doesn’t have the best of connections in China. Hangeng got people interested in super junior and it seems she gets dibs to events by sadly tagging along. No one can truly appreciate her if the people there are crazy fangirls who are too busy shouting “Hangeng!” during her performances. I just watched Jackie Chan’s bird nest concert, I was very impressed by her performance, (though not her clothes)with 70,000 people watching maybe she’ll be appreciated more.

    Back to He Jie- it’s sad that where she stands in all this seems so unclear, I hope she’ll determine what she wants in her career for herself, what with the new super girls season coming up…I guess she’d be pushed back even further.

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