Sodagreen Releases New MV


Sodagreen is a pop rock band from Taiwan that really needs no introduction but  still aren’t quite mainstream just yet. Each of their albums seem to have built on the previous. They  released their MV two days ago for their promotional track, “Ri Guang”, or “Sunlight” from their highly anticipated next album.

This album, called “Spring. Sunlight” is to be the first in a series that will span the next two years, in which four albums will be released, each pertaining to a season, inspired by Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. The plan is spring, in Taiwan’s Taitung county to be warm folk, summer to be London rock, fall, in Beijing to be a melancholy poem and winter, in Berlin, a stately classical. Sodagreen’s lead singer Qing Feng died his hair pink for this new album to evoke the feeling of spring. When asked if he would dye his hair for the other seasons, he replied with a smile that he could consider it. The album  hits stores May 8th.


9 thoughts on “Sodagreen Releases New MV

  1. Maybe it’s because my expectations were lowered that I was able to enjoy it…the familiarity was comforting. I’m very curious about both Fall and Winter, since they’re both supposed to be rather solemn.

  2. Perhaps it’s because I’ve come to expect so much from Sodagreen, but I found the MV and the song both somewhat disappointing, especially after finding out that it was meant to feature a “spring” motif in the manner of Vivaldi. The song and MV were, like the bulk of Sodagreen’s works, very “summery”, like a cool summer morning more than a warm spring day. I’m still very interested in seeing how they’ll tackle, say, winter; perhaps it’s good that I’ve had my expectations lowered somewhat so I can enjoy those better.

  3. I was actually disappointed to hear about this Vivaldi project from Sodagreen because I felt they were boxing themselves in with a timetable (a la Jay Chou), and furthermore some of those seasons just don’t sound Sodagreen, if you know what I mean. But I thoroughly enjoyed the song and the MV so I hope they won’t disappoint.

  4. The guy in the middle with the pink haircut… sorry this is random but it reminded me of something from Detroit Metal City (Japanese manga, it’s a dodgey reference)…nevertheless I’m liken’ their sounds…hope to hear more from them.

  5. I can’t wait to hear the rest of their album and see how the full thing sounds compared to their past albums! When I bought “Little Universe,” I got hooked.

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