Anson Hu sings for Ethan Ruan; Yan Peiyi no longer buck-toothed

Ethan Ruan and Wang Chengyang

Ethan Ruan and Wang Chengyang

Along with  the no-longer “buck-toothed” and never “ugly”  Yang Peiyi, Anson Hu sings the theme songs for Ethan Ruan’s movie New “Boy Jia Li.” Produced by SMG, New “Boy Jia Li” is a children’s movie based on the book of the same name.  When Ethan Ruan’s character, the class teacher, goes to work at a TV station, Jia Li’s seventh grade class is without a leader. The class also becomes involved in a conflict with the neighboring class. As the classes learns to get along, Jia Li grows up and Ethan Ruan finds a love of his own.


Ethan Ruan and news anchor Chen Chen

Despite the recent lack of an idol market that caters to older teens, mainland has great dramas for school-aged children. From the elementary schools of “Happy Planet,” to the middle schools of  “Girl’s Diary,” to the high school of Sky, these dramas depict the daily lives of students with a splash of romance between the teachers.  The next one to look for is sequel “Boy’s Diary,” starring Yang Zi, Lu Hu and Yang Lei.

4 thoughts on “Anson Hu sings for Ethan Ruan; Yan Peiyi no longer buck-toothed

  1. Love Anson Hu and his songs.
    OMG, this drama is based on a really famous novel. I remember reading it when I was younger, and enjoyed very much. It has a female version “Girl Jia Mei” featuring Jia Li’s sister ^^. Ah, this brings back old memories.

  2. SMG=Shanghai Media Group. It’s the company that owns Dragon/East TV, and thus My Hero.

    Don’t worry, though, this is just one of its projects. SMG is also making Prince of Tennis and an idol drama collab with TVB. It also plans to work with Disney and Huayi on a High School Musical remake.

  3. Is SMG a mainland company?
    If mainland companies focus on tween dramas, what will college idols do? sigh

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