Want to be the next Super Girl?


Allen Su - singer, composer, air-guitarist, and Super Girls host?

Ever wanted to become famous, meet hot and talented guys, and get covered by CFensi?

Well, if you’re a girl, here’s your chance. Super Girls 2009 has been officially approved. Get ready for commercials, MV’s and potentially talented singers to begin rolling in.  EE Media CEO Long Danni has stated that through this competition, in addition to singers, they will be also be looking for budding actresses and those that excels in other areas. Some of the Super Boys will also be co-hosts for the regional contests of Super Girls. The finale is scheduled for mid-August. Visit the online sign-up site here.  Anyone interested in trying out? Come on, you can be the next Li Yuchun.

Super Girls commercial #1

Learn more about changes to this year’s Super Girls and see more photos of the Super Boys filming the advertising MV for Super Girls 2009 below the cut.



Because of new SARFT rules, this year’s Super Girls will change its name to Kuai Le Nv Sheng/Happy Girls, but the official English name, so far, is still Super Girl. The show will also air later in the day, at 10:30pm. Text-based and online voting systems are also not allowed. Being awesome, Hunan TV has came up with a rather ingenius solution to replace voting. Fans will be able to support their favorite artists by downloading MP3’s of that artist’s performance that week. The exact details are still unclear, but it’s a great way to help Hunan earn money and benefit fans who want to hear their favorite artists.


As you can tell, most of the pictures are taken by Allen Su fans. Wang Yuexin’s assistant also took a lot, but they’re mostly close-ups of his face. Zhang Yuan had one fan whose camera was too blurry.





12 thoughts on “Want to be the next Super Girl?

  1. ha. that was fast. thanks.

    these duos and groups, they arnt actual groups or duos are they? are you saying that those are the people who are still left in that region? or are they entering as a group and trying to finish first place in supergirls contest as a group, if that is possible.

  2. That one is only for people competing through the Golden Eagle (Hunan TV) Internet region.

    “dream girls” (girl group) and “Mo&Na”(duo group) are both top 10’s from that region. They are among 300 who will go on to compete on nationals. I’m still trying to find some of the region’s videos before updating since some regions have only just finished, some have yet announced winners, and I can’t find some of the videos. I’ll be so happy when the show goes on Satellite so that people can actually watch it.

  3. http://girl09.hunantv.com/

    since my chinese is horrible, i dont understand this site. there are girls listed on the site. are they super girl contestants? if so, why are there pics of “dream girls” (girl group) and “Mo&Na”(duo group). i google translated it. im assuming they are winners of their province?

    btw. just wondering when you guys are going to update us on supergirls contest.

  4. Actually, Jiangsu had a pretty good plan. Apparently, what they did was have Jue Dui Chang Xiang and then pick out the top 20. Then, they sign off the top 20 and have them come back and compete in another show as already celebs…. aka, doing an extension. So someone said that Hunan TV should pick the top 20, sign them with eeMedia, and then send 10 to Just the Two of Us and then 10 to Strictly Dancing.

    In general, I think SARFT just hates Hunan TV. It’s completely unfair to let Jiangsu do that and not let Hunan TV have Super Girls go on Yi Hu Bai Ying.

  5. I HATE SARFT. They are absolutely ridiculous, and look back at the past five or so years, I feel like they haven’t changed much at all. I want to see change, but it’s not there.

    But SARFT, in my mind, is headed by the remnants of the older crowd in China, and are very much influenced by the older music crowd in China, who have been vocal against the competitions and competition contestants. And that’s why they’re doing this. Not just bc of ratings competition with CCTV, although that’s probably a factor.

    I think the only way to effectively get rid of SARFT is for the older generation to retire. Until then, people will have to ingenious and find ways around around it.

    I guess Dragon TV is just waiting for Hunan TV to make the first move to give them any sort of idea on how to squeak by SARFT? Because they aren’t smart enough to do it on their own.

  6. well, if it doesn’t get appproved, then everyone will have to watch it online. IF it does get approved, some people will get to watch it and others won’t. Either way, you won’t lose anything that you haven’t already lost. ow that I think about it, the chances of SARFT approving this plan is rare, too, consdering how they shot down most of the other ones.

    I would really love to give SARFT the benefit of the doubt, but I can’t think of a single logical reason why it limited airing time so much. I understand Korea and TW’s protection laws, but this is just random…

  7. I would have liked to “connect” with all the competitors from the beginning, but if the above happens, then would I only be watching the finals, since going around all the other local channels would be a hassle. I’m not too sure how I feel about this, but I would like to have stuck to one channel.

  8. ————–bitterness mode on———————
    according to the latest news, SARFT, who I’m sure you all love by now because how much it’s doing to improve the world, vetoed the MP3 plan. Too commercial, they said. (right, because TV stations are suppose to lose money?)

    But good news for auditions and regional competitions(unless our friendly SARFT shoots the plan down again). Because SARFT said that only the finals (June-August) can be aired on satellite, Hunan TV wants to try a new program by networking different local TV stations. The regional competitions can be broadcasted and managed by the respective local TV stations, and Hunan will only be in charge of finals. This kills n birds in one stone.

    1. it solidifies relationships and provides a backdrop for further collaborations, which are always good
    2. it allows the local viewers to connect more to “their” competitors
    3. it gives Hunan TV more money that it can collect from the local stations
    4. it means that people who don’t normally watch Hunan TV will be drawn to it
    5. it lets fans to follow their favorite artists from the beginning, and not just from the finals.
    6. it allows variability and more innovation in each area

    I can’t think of anymore, but I really hope this works out for Hunan TV. If it doesn’t, I think SARFT needs a turnover.

  9. Hope we find the next Jane Zhang on this show~ It’s cute how the Happy Boys are advertising for Super Girls, way to get girls interested.

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