Sophie’s Revenge Reveals Teaser Poster


This summer, fight for love. This is the tagline issued by the first poster for the romantic-comedy Sophie’s Revenge, officially proclaiming that the movie, even though still in post-production, is already entering into the promotional stage.

This marks Zhang Ziyi’s first foray into this genre and the rest of the cast is equally big, with Fan Bingbing playing her rival and Peter Ho and Korean actor So Jisub as the two men in her life. Ruby Lin and Yao Chen (tv actress that’s shooting to fame and very funny) also star.

The teaser poster highlights the contrast between the two main women in this movie, one confident and alluring, and the other one looking rather pitiful, with what I believe are pills in her hair, perhaps a nod to So Jisub’s character, who is a doctor.

I think what best describes my impression from the film’s publicity so far, is very light-hearted. Check out the stills below of Sophie’s pad to see what I mean. Zhang Ziyi plays an imaginative  cartoonist, and her home is full of bright colors and retro furniture. Furthermore it’s purported that there will be fantasy sequences in the film. More than all the big names, I think this escapist fantastical quality  is what is going to make this movie one to look out for amongst all the romantic comedies coming out of China soon. Sophie’s Revenge hits Chinese and Korean theaters simultaneously in August.

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13 thoughts on “Sophie’s Revenge Reveals Teaser Poster

  1. Am I the only one that wishes it was Ruby Lin and Yao Chen that were the leads?

    @ idarklight

    Haha :) LoCH ’03 wasn’t as good as it’s predecessors but I think casting Zhou Xun as Huang Rong was brilliant. I wasn’t used to her at first (especially her voice) but in the end she completely owned that role.

    Also, Li Ya Peng was a decent Guo Jing… except he characterized him as a little too dumb. But in this case I blame the director (and Zhang Ji Zhong) more since they probably told him to act that way.

  2. Happy Camp has really nice clothes sometimes. Some of them look very slick and classy. I remember really liking their red new year outfits last year. The green ones for BOBO’s show was good, too. And the b&w one with Zhang Jie. But then they also have really random ones…like the spongebob looking one w/ He Jie.

    I disagree about Wuxia, though. Mainland wuxia dramas made in recent years almost never have had bad clothes. The ones with flashy, strange attires are generally period idol dramas with minimal fighting and maximum cheesy love stories. The only recent wuxia drama with outfits that I hated was LoCH ’03, but it wasn’t the flashiness that got me, but the plainess.

    I like the clothes, but not the make-up for Dream of Red Chamber…they’re too pale.

  3. idk about the poster but i like the set :P

    I have to agree with the wardrobe malfunctions of a lot of chinese series (Meteor shower T_T) and those shows like Happy Camp (feathers! wtf). Even those wuxia dramas have such cheap, flashy attires. Which is why i’m excited about the Dream of the Red Chamber remake. I think their outfits are rly tasteful and subtle (am i the only one that likes the look despite the strange/ historically incorrect hair??)

  4. @marie – This is a teaser poster, which usually is always bare bones like this. I remember for the movie evolution (old David Duchovny/Julianne Moore flick) all the poster had was a smiley face with an extra eye. Their job is not supposed to be artistic, but rather to entertain, to tease someone for more, which Zhang Ziyi looking like she got trampled on by Fang Bingbing does. Considering this is only April and the movie comes out in August, I would guess this will have at least two more posters.

    @lanal – I think Fan Bingbing is usually rather stiff, but check out this post for very ugly Fan Bingbing in Desires of the Heart. She wasn’t in that movie very long, but it wasn’t her fault. Ge You and the director disputed and the movie went away from being focused on their romance to an ensemble piece.

  5. I’m going to say that Fan Bingbing looks strange on here…. she looks too photoshopped (ZZY was obviously photoshopped, too, but her photoshop was more natural). Her whole body, in fact, looks out of place. But I do love ZZY’s look in here. And the pretty fonts.

  6. Fan bing bing looks kinda stiff in that poster. She been looking rather stiff/wooden lately. Don’t know if it has anything to do with the current increase in make up layering on her face. I’d love to see her do a role where she has to play someone ugly.
    I have to admit the poster does look a little cheap, but since they’re still in post production, maybe they’ll come up with something better soon to replace it. (Mostly I just don’t like Fanbingbing’g pose…)

  7. EE Media needs to get some fashion sense in general…they have won some of the weirdest things…I still cringe when I think of He Jie’s pink long jacket with shorts or some of Zhang Jie’s outfits.

    Maybe now that Guo Jingming’s there, he can teach them how to dress properly? Too bad he’s so short, or else he could’ve lent some of his clothes out.

    and Nesound dramas all have had great clothes.

  8. Heh. I love BOBO’s clothes.

    I have no idea, but there’s been so many gorgeous looking productions lately that I am a little sad that the one that I thought could shift trends in Chinese entertainment has to be so underwhelming in terms of what they wear. It’s almost a little over the top with the colors for Zhu Zixiao, which makes me wonder exactly how much more comedy they plan to add.

  9. But taste can’t be brought by money. Hunan TV has done a lot as a provincial TV station that richer, more famous stations failed to do.

    And really, can’t they pull something out of Li Yuchun’s closet? She has great taste in clothes, and they’re so androgynous that they would probably look better on the Meteor Shower guys than anything they have now. Or even better, borrow BOBO’s bigger-than-my-room-closet…they also generally have very nice clothes.

  10. Lol, because one is being made by a subdivision of a provincial tv station, and this is financed by big movies companies of two different countries? Pretty clothes and gorgeous sets can’t make up for a good script however, so I’m hoping this movie has one to match. Also, I’m worried about the acting. While I like all of them to some extent, the only one who seems to have a gift for comedy is Yao Chen, the least important person in the cast list.

  11. I really like Zhang Ziyi’s look in here…she looks so young. I’ve been loving the rather whimsical set. The clothes have been gorgeous, too….

    why can’t Meteor Shower have clothes like this? T_T

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