Gao Yuanyuan does Magazines

Updated because she had a new photoshoot. I wonder how many she’ll do during this promotion time for Nanking! Nanking! The movie has now, over the course of its opening weekend, raked in 70 million, and broke Red Cliff’s record for how many screens it got in China.


What happens when a very pretty actress stars in the most buzzed about post-holiday season movie in China? She does photoshoots and lots of them for magazines. She’ never truly obtained that leading lady status recognition but she always is so bent on making her career meaningful, and analyzing what being an actress means, that it’s hard not to root for her to get that recognition. Nanking! Nanking! is doing well from first day reports, getting about 9 million yuan, nearly the same as Red Cliff. Not bad. Here’s hoping Gao Yuanyuan’s publicity will help the movie go even higher.

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6 thoughts on “Gao Yuanyuan does Magazines

  1. i first spotted her in an ancient drama, she looked very lovely in there. im glad she’s getting more exposure lately.

    i want to see nanking nanking! T_T

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