South Korea to remake “Five Star Hotel”


A Korean company (Lee Kim? ) has purchased the rights to remake the Hai Yan series, Five Star Hotel and hopes to be able to have it broadcast it in 2010.  The company also  hopes that Won Bin will star, as the character Pan Yulong originally played by Zhang Junning.

The story takes place in a five-star hotel and is about one man and three women and their frustrations, growth and eventual successes. China’s CCTV1 first aired this series in December 2007, and it was aired in Japan, on Fuji TV in August 2008. South Korea’s SBSdramaplus channel also aired it in November 2008.

It’ll be a hard series to remake since while the story was good, what lifted it above the rest was the stunning cinematography. The angles, the lighting were unbelievable for a series to a point where I don’t even know how they were able to get that budget.

I stumbled onto this article by chance, and articles like this usually I don’t see because of the fact that they are placed into the Japanese/South Korean section of Chinese entertainment sites, but it makes me want to pay more attention to the whole buying/selling process of tv dramas btw Asian stations.

Zhang Junning singing the theme for the Japanese airing of this show.

Zhang Junning promoting in Japan for the show, doing a photoshoot.


12 thoughts on “South Korea to remake “Five Star Hotel”

  1. Zhang Junning是无语的的帅!
    在promotion video里他说了n次的美味しい hahaha, 和无论他在哪,都有一群女的跟着他哈哈哈。


  2. @jan…I just readded the vid to the post. :P Lol, I don’t know why I took it out in the first place.

    I wonder if they really could get Won Bin. I like him a lot too, but he seems to be focused on his film career, and once an actor has gotten a good rep and good movie career, the production would need to dangle a really good director and crew to get him/her.

  3. @cfensi, “Mine had him walking around in Japan and speaking in English” Where can I watch this? Sounds cute lol. I plan on watching the Chinese one whether I can understand it or not, heck I might as well try to improve my Chinese in the process

  4. @jan…I think that was a different video. Mine had him walking around in Japan and speaking in English. It was cute. I decided to put up another video of him singing the Japanese theme because I feel like this post lacks a video.

    @A. So Lee Kim is actually a company in Korea? Yay I translated it right! Thank you Jin Ensheng for teaching me what the equivalent of the word Jin is in Korean.

  5. Freaking A. This is on my watch list, but I never can make time to watch this.

    Lee Kim Productions forreals? They have like 5 other projects at the same time… [and I thought they were in some conflict with SBS recently because SBS is really petty].

    I’m not sure I trust a Korean remake of it… eek. [Case and point at the completely bubble-headed version of BOF that turned into a sad entertainment thing instead of the story of growing up/maturation for teenagers as in the Japanese version of it.] I’d rather the Japanese remake something like this. Especially since the Japanese have much better cinematography than Koreans.

  6. I wanted to watch this, but I didn’t know where to watch it. My Chinese is also really bad, so doubt I would be able to understand it. (Also wish someone would sub it :( )
    I heard it was meant to have done quite well in Japan. I saw an interview with Junning in Japan with a Japanese guy interviewer that haa big hair and a moustache-was that the one?
    Korea doing a remake of this, I don;t know how I feel about it. I really like Won Bin too, though he is getting a bit older.

  7. i saw a couple eps, it was really good but i had trouble finding the episodes and i thought it was draggy at times but overall i liked it, but i didn’t like who he ended up with…hmmm maybe the korean one would change the pairings a bit

    zhang junning is sooo hot, i do hope wonbin gets to play him cuz wonbin is just as smexy no one else can evr replace zhang junning

  8. I actually decided to take out the vid of him promoting the series in Japan, because I’m not sure if it was for the recent showing of five star hotel there, or the first showing.

  9. ive tried watching 5 star hotel, but i couldnt really understand
    gosh i wish someone could sub it

    zhang junning was so cute in the vid

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