Time to witness a miracle



“And now, it’s time to witness a miracle.”

With those words, Liu Qian aka Lu Chen ends his performance like he always does.  Liu Qian, China’s favorite magician, was one of the two performers  (the other one being Xiao Shenyang) that made their big break during this year’s CCTV New Year Gala. With his popularity came the rise of magic shows all across China.

The first of those is  Hunan TV’s jin pai mo shu tuan/Golden Magic Troupe. The show, hosted by Wang Han, invites amateur magicians to come and compete for a chance to apprentice one of the four judges – Liu Qian and three magicians from Hong Kong, Japan and Mexico. Think Super Girls/Boys for magicians.

Allen Su sings and composes the theme song, It’s the Magic. Download the MP3 here.

Liu Qian with Top Combine and Li Na:

Anhui TV also aired its own magic show, Star Magic. As the name implies, the show will feature stars  learning magic. The show is aired this Friday Jolin Tsai. Wang Yuexin, Mingdao and Jade Liu are also signed up for the show.

16 thoughts on “Time to witness a miracle

  1. No, but whoa, their lead singer? the guys with the blonde hair in the MV is a dead ringer for Oguri Shun, except with a longer face.

    They have interesting hair…

    Too bad they disbanded. I liked their retro look (I guess it wasn’t retro at the time). They had a mix of Japanese, old-school Kpop, and Jay and Silent BOB going on. China was different then…too bad they didn’t debut now.

  2. I just watched the first 10 min of last week’s ep, and there was a Chinese woman as the third judge. Maybe they switch it around?

    @julie They had a nude photoshoot.

  3. “That MV was actually one of the more dressed showings of them.”
    holy cow…seriously???????

    i look forward to watching the magic shows!!!!!!

  4. well, at least we know he comes from a Spanish-speaking country.

    My computer is super slow today, so I can’t go and watch it. Baidu baike says he’s from Spain, though.

  5. That show is like the mix box singing one, there’s always a bit of rude confronting that leave the judges/LiuQian a little awkward. People who get eliminated say they can work out LiuQian’s magic tricks etc. Feel sorry for him at times like that. (Although I admit I did work out his trick in the vid above/ I guess it’s the creativity and the ability to think up the trick in the first place that’s important)

  6. i think one of the 3 judges is from Spain, not Mexico…i only watched one eps and he was from Spain….unless they replaced him with a Mexican one now

  7. @mrpeng
    sort of, no, and sort of.

    Qing Chun Mei Shao Nv is sort of like Morning Musume…they’ve have had several generations. The first one was formed in the 1997. That song was actually released in 2004, but the MV was just recently filmed because spparently, it got popular all of a sudden. They creep me out, too. That MV was actually one of the more dressed showings of them.

    Clearly not an angel was from He Jie’s last album of the same name, which was released in Dec. of 2007.

    They are a “boyband,” but as the description indicates, they’re more like a “menband,” which is to say they’re way too old to be boys. They’re from a CCTV modeling contest.

  8. I really love that It’s the Magic Song. It may be my favorite Su Xing composition so far. It’s catchy, and it shows off his unique vocal skills. I think he really understands music more than I would have guessed.


    He Jie’s MV is an old one, from her third album…we’ll also be talking about why she wouldn’t have a new MV out soon.

    That girlband creeped me out with their clothes, and they’ve had zero publicity, so I won’t be paying attention to them unless they get fully dressed.

    Feng Yun Zu He (or Wind and Cloud Group) is an Avex-formed group with both mainland and Taiwanese members (I wouldn’t call them a boyband bc they’re too old), but like idarklight said a while ago, Avex is quick to drop people, and that makes me doubtful of their future. Their album is out though, and I downloaded it, but haven’t had time to listen. They are however way above A-One in popularity, according to baidu.

    On Happy Camp:

    Their name is Feng Yun, like Feng Yun Bang (that other Wind and Cloud group) because Feng Yun in Chinese actually means “at the moment, talked about a lot” which doesn’t really translate well to English for a group name, so I just call them Feng Yun, or Wind and Cloud.

    If you really, really like groups…then you should check out Kung Fu Pop, a group formed from that movie of the same name. They’ve only had one song that they sing, but they incorporate martial arts, and the song’s pretty catchy. And they perform a lot in conjunction with movies, such as at the Ip Man premiere, or CCTV-6’s movie theme festival. I see them kind of acrobats more than a music group though.


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