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Music Awards in China are plentiful, but this one was awesome because most popular mainland group winner BOBO opens it with a medley of the top songs of 2008 and it’s a nice trip down memory lane. I think I started tearing up when I heard them sing Beijing Welcomes You. Probably only because that was the end of the song, and I couldn’t hear their voices anymore. Help me figure out which song is which and leave a comment stating the time they sing it and the song.

BOBO’s medley for mainland artists (all songs named)

Edit: Zhang Jie’s medley for Taiwan/HK/SG/Malaysia etc artists (help me figure out these songs!)

Click Below for the Winners..

List of Winners

Congratulations to all of them! Almost everyone was present at the ceremony.

M for mainland,  T for Taiwan/HK/SG/Malaysia

Most Popular Female Artist (M): Li Yuchun
Most Popular Male Artist(M): Zhang Jie
Most Popular Female Artist (T): Elva Hsiao
Most Popular Male Artist (T): Show Luo

Best Female Artist (M): Wang Zheng
Best Male Artist (M): Xu Wei
Best Female Artist (T): Fish Leong
Best Male Artist (T): Wang Leehom

Best All-Around Female Artist: Li Yuchun
Best All-Around Male Artist: Show Luo

Most Recommended by the Media: Eason Chan
Best Selling Artist of the Year: Jay Chou

Best Album (M): Xu Wei [Love as Younger]
Best Album (T): Mayday [Poetry of the Day After]

Best Live Performance (M): Jacky Xue
Best Live Performance (T): Elva Hsiao

Most Popular Group (M): BOBO
Most Popular Group (T): Fahrenheit

Most Popular Band (M): B.i.Z
Most Popular Band (T): Mayday

Best Band (M): The Honeys
Best Band (T): Sodagreen

Best Group (M): Top Combine
Best Group (T): S.H.E.

Best Composing Artist (M): Wang Zheng
Best Composing Artist (T): Kenji Wu

Best Producer (M): Zhang Yadong for Ma Tianyu’s “Fly”
Best Producer (T): Wang Leehom for his own “Heartbeat”

Most Popular New Artist (M): KIMI Qiao
New Artist with the Most Potential (M): Jacqueline Lu Li
Best New Artist (M): Jade Liu

Most Popular New Artist (T): James Lin
New Artist with the Most Potential (T): Joanna Wang
Best New Artist (T): Jam Hsiao

Most Popular Artist on Campuses (M): Li Yifeng
Most Popular Artist on Campuses (T): Jam Hsiao
Most Popular Group on Campuses (M): Super Junior M
Most Popular Group on Campuses (T): Fahrenheit


Translation Credit: Nepheliad@Top Combine Paradise

Songs in BOBO’s medley.

BOBO – Shi Ke Zhu Bei
Beijing, Beijing, I love Beijing- Guan Ji
No one loves you more than you (mei you ren bi wo geng ai ni) – Wang Zheng
Helplessly in love (Ai de Wu Ke Jiu Yao)- Jacqueline/Lulu Li Xiaolu
She Bu De – Xian Zi
Opposite shore(bi an) – Man Wenjun
Youth China- Chris Li Yuchun
Tian Xia- Jason Zhang Jie
Tears smiled – Jade Liu Liyang
Cotton Candy – Top Combine
Qing Yi – Ma Tianyu
Love a bit (ai yi dian) – Mo Yanlin
Story – Xu Wei
Remembering Jiannan (Yi Jiannan)- Sweet Children (tian mi de hai zi)
Beijing Welcomes you – various

Songs in Zhang Jie’s Medley:

冲动 – Elva Hsiao
Lets Start From Here – Joanna Wang
路…一直都在 – Eason Chan
心跳 – Lee Hom
为你写诗 – Kenji Wu
你不是真正的快乐 – Mayday
王子的新衣 – Jam Hsiao
箇中強手 – Show Luo
心窝 – 飞轮海/S.H.E
Love Song – Khalil Fong
满满的都是爱 – 梁静茹
小酒窝 – JJ Lin/ A Sa
稻香 – Jay Chou
宇宙小姐 – S.H.E
告别的时代 – 信

31 thoughts on “Music Radio China Top Chart Awards

  1. Actually, I was kind of glad that this awards ceremony did recognize rock music. In GMA, there’s not really a true “best band” category, since they’ll often stick singing groups into it, not necessarily people who play instruments and write songs. GMA also categorizes by language/dialect instead of by actual genre, though some artists have albums in multiple languages, sometimes even half and half. I don’t know how they categorize those. I think there are also categories for production and MVs in GMA, but I’m not sure there are any awards for that in Mainland China.

  2. Voting by text counts for 70%, and you can waste as much of your money as you wish per day. You can only vote once per day online, and online votes only counts for 30%.

    I’m really glad that you guys brought up the lack of diverse categories in Chinese awards. I’ve never thought about that before, but now that I have, it really is a problem, not just in music, but also film. For example, there’s no “best script,” “best costume design” or even “best documentary.”

  3. I know that they get only very brief screen times, but it would be nice to acknowledge the fact that they exist – looking at the categories (or rather, nominees), you’d think Chinese music these days consisted of nothing but pop and rock.

    Does voting by text count more heavily? Because otherwise, I don’t really see a difference between being allowed to text and not…

    Something else rather odd about the “campus” votes, though – both Li Yifeng and SJM were not nominated for any other category, which begs the question of why, considering that based on the vote results, they should’ve both at least been in the running for their respective “most popular” categories. It’s almost like things were skewed so that awards could be given to as many artists as possible. And yes, they definitely should have separated them, because it’s like comparing apples to oranges, then using those opinions to choose the best apple and orange. Regardless of whether or not it would’ve made results different, doing it the way they did is illogical.

  4. I would love more award categories, especially one for traditional music. and opera. but since most awards are for fangirls right now, it won’t happen any time soon. And even in the Grammy’s, most of those appear 1sec on screen(ie. Classical Crossover).

    As for the campus thing. It really is extremely suspicious since whereas for the other awards, you could vote by texting and online, the campus award only took online votes. Which, you would think, will make it fairer and not based on “who has the richest and youngest fangirls?” Zhang Jie was actually winning the campus thing until about a week before it ended, during which Li Yifeng pulled way ahead. And then most of the fans gave up. I thought it was unfair because they should’ve announced they were going to have separate “group” and “artist” awards before hand and had separate voting like the other categories instead of doing it afterwards.

  5. @ idarklight – Voting softwares? You mean botting? You’d think that MR would at least attempt to correct for that, but eh. Some of the numbers really were pretty suspiciously skewed, though, like Li Yifeng’s – really, now… The voting densities were completely off, since the total number of votes for the most popular on campuses thing was somehow over a million more than the other categories… Still, I’m unconvinced that SJM wouldn’t have won anyway – it was the only category they were in, so their fangirls were prolly out in force for it. Besides, LYF pulled way ahead of SJM, too, so the only explanations are that either they have a lot more of more devoted fangirls, or they have a higher number of botters, too. As for “best” versus “most”, my guess is that it might have something to do with who they’d preplanned to perform – they probably wanted to give a major award to each performer, hence not having any duplicates.

    @ hobielover – I totally agree. I don’t like how there were so few categories, so that diversity was completely cut down in favor of the very popular pop and rock genres. Also, are there awards in China for production, MV direction, etc? Those people really deserve to be recognized, too. I’d really like to see a more centralized, comprehensive awards ceremony emerge at some point, but with so many already grappling for recognition, I doubt such a thing could even take off. Hopefully, one of the currently extant awards ceremonies will take note and try to diversify. (I mean, really… why isn’t there a category for traditional music? Or classical?)

  6. Yes, but shows like this are popular in China and they take in a lot of money, so there’s a lot. Kind of like why there’s so many holidays in China. It makes for great consumerism. Gotta love the capitalist way. I hope that China has an equivalent to the grammys, but I don’t think they’re quite ready, since the entire music industry is still changing so fast. But soon…

    While I love Zhang Jie’s voice, and love looking at BOBO, for this show I really liked listening to BOBO more and watching Zhang Jie more, because I thought BOBO did great with the medley…during the end they really did sound fantastic, except for one place where they didn’t quite harmonize. But they didn’t really do much in terms of performance…Fu Xinbo really gave it his all, but Jing Boran (I guess he’s still in I-don’t-want-to-be-a-celebrity-mode) was rather expressionless. But it was so much fun watching Zhang Jie, even though I liked the mainland medley songs more…he just completely dominated the stage and put on a one-man-show.

    Also, maybe I’m a bad BOBO fan but I just noticed Fu Xinbo’s lisp, and that’s due to his teeth I’m guessing. Do you think he’ll ever get them capped like TVXQ’s Yunho to sing better? I think he sings really well now, so I don’t know if it’s worth changing.

  7. I think the “most popular” categories were based on polls on the Internet:

    I kept voting for Fusion for most popular Mainland band as often as I could. It’d be cool if there were a Chinese equivalent of the Grammies, but preferably something better than Taiwan’s GMA. There’s a lot of Chinese-language music, but no awards ceremony that really judges all of it well in proper categories, and there isn’t a very big chance of the Grammies recognizing good Chinese artist, Song Zuying aside.

  8. unfortunately, there isn’t really one.

    I generally judge based on the people that attend/win, which means that I’m pretty biased… awards are good for viewership, but many are really rigged. For example, CCTV-MTV awards excludes all Super Girls/Boys. Many shows only let peope who attend win.

    I think this one’s been pretty fair since it’s mostly based on votes, at least “the most popular” awards. On the other hand, I have no idea how they picked “best XX.” It’s not right to eliminate “most popular XX” winners from the “best XX” category. Actually, I don’t see the point of a “most popular” award except to earn MR money through text messages. I personally think the fans are doofuses for spending tens of thousands of yuan on this one award. If they had that much money, they could’ve done so much charity work, or at least brought their favorite artist’s album. What’s laughable is that after spending so much to help their artist to win “most popular XX,” in the end, “best XX” sounds just as good. This comment is pointed to BOBO fans, who went crazy trying to beat TC for no particular gain (okay, that song was pretty worth it…but not that much).

    I also think it’s unfair for them to suddenly split the “Most Popular on Campus” award after the event….but that’s only because I’m bitter that BOBO and Top Combine was totally up there with SJM until the fans quit voting after Li Yifeng increased his votes 10x within two days, pulling him way ahead of everyone. I don’t think it was rigged, but his fans definitely used voting softwares….

  9. christine i so agree with you, there is like not really one china music awards dat is equivalent to the Grammy’s, there is just way too much awards going on. i personally think that they should all join up together and then it will make a HUGE music awards. like literally even bigger dan grammy’s, bcoz there are just so many awards show out there. and there is always different winner. so no one noes hu it exactly is. BUT im ONLY stating my OWN opinion! sorry, if i’ve affended anyone!
    sorry, gone off topic, congrats to ALL winners!! ^^

  10. What is considered to be a prestigious music award in China? Is there a Grammy equivalent? There is an award every few months (or even several times a month) in China, and I never know which one is more relevant.

  11. I absolutely loved those medleys; I totally flailed when BOBO sang Cotton Candy and when Zhang Jie sang Xing Tiao…
    Jacqueline Lu Li so deserved Most Potential as well…

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