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Music Awards in China are plentiful, but this one was awesome because most popular mainland group winner BOBO opens it with a medley of the top songs of 2008 and it’s a nice trip down memory lane. I think I started tearing up when I heard them sing Beijing Welcomes You. Probably only because that was the end of the song, and I couldn’t hear their voices anymore. Help me figure out which song is which and leave a comment stating the time they sing it and the song.

BOBO’s medley for mainland artists (all songs named)

Edit: Zhang Jie’s medley for Taiwan/HK/SG/Malaysia etc artists (help me figure out these songs!)

Click Below for the Winners..

List of Winners

Congratulations to all of them! Almost everyone was present at the ceremony.

M for mainland,  T for Taiwan/HK/SG/Malaysia

Most Popular Female Artist (M): Li Yuchun
Most Popular Male Artist(M): Zhang Jie
Most Popular Female Artist (T): Elva Hsiao
Most Popular Male Artist (T): Show Luo

Best Female Artist (M): Wang Zheng
Best Male Artist (M): Xu Wei
Best Female Artist (T): Fish Leong
Best Male Artist (T): Wang Leehom

Best All-Around Female Artist: Li Yuchun
Best All-Around Male Artist: Show Luo

Most Recommended by the Media: Eason Chan
Best Selling Artist of the Year: Jay Chou

Best Album (M): Xu Wei [Love as Younger]
Best Album (T): Mayday [Poetry of the Day After]

Best Live Performance (M): Jacky Xue
Best Live Performance (T): Elva Hsiao

Most Popular Group (M): BOBO
Most Popular Group (T): Fahrenheit

Most Popular Band (M): B.i.Z
Most Popular Band (T): Mayday

Best Band (M): The Honeys
Best Band (T): Sodagreen

Best Group (M): Top Combine
Best Group (T): S.H.E.

Best Composing Artist (M): Wang Zheng
Best Composing Artist (T): Kenji Wu

Best Producer (M): Zhang Yadong for Ma Tianyu’s “Fly”
Best Producer (T): Wang Leehom for his own “Heartbeat”

Most Popular New Artist (M): KIMI Qiao
New Artist with the Most Potential (M): Jacqueline Lu Li
Best New Artist (M): Jade Liu

Most Popular New Artist (T): James Lin
New Artist with the Most Potential (T): Joanna Wang
Best New Artist (T): Jam Hsiao

Most Popular Artist on Campuses (M): Li Yifeng
Most Popular Artist on Campuses (T): Jam Hsiao
Most Popular Group on Campuses (M): Super Junior M
Most Popular Group on Campuses (T): Fahrenheit


Translation Credit: Nepheliad@Top Combine Paradise

Songs in BOBO’s medley.

BOBO – Shi Ke Zhu Bei
Beijing, Beijing, I love Beijing- Guan Ji
No one loves you more than you (mei you ren bi wo geng ai ni) – Wang Zheng
Helplessly in love (Ai de Wu Ke Jiu Yao)- Jacqueline/Lulu Li Xiaolu
She Bu De – Xian Zi
Opposite shore(bi an) – Man Wenjun
Youth China- Chris Li Yuchun
Tian Xia- Jason Zhang Jie
Tears smiled – Jade Liu Liyang
Cotton Candy – Top Combine
Qing Yi – Ma Tianyu
Love a bit (ai yi dian) – Mo Yanlin
Story – Xu Wei
Remembering Jiannan (Yi Jiannan)- Sweet Children (tian mi de hai zi)
Beijing Welcomes you – various

Songs in Zhang Jie’s Medley:

冲动 – Elva Hsiao
Lets Start From Here – Joanna Wang
路…一直都在 – Eason Chan
心跳 – Lee Hom
为你写诗 – Kenji Wu
你不是真正的快乐 – Mayday
王子的新衣 – Jam Hsiao
箇中強手 – Show Luo
心窝 – 飞轮海/S.H.E
Love Song – Khalil Fong
满满的都是爱 – 梁静茹
小酒窝 – JJ Lin/ A Sa
稻香 – Jay Chou
宇宙小姐 – S.H.E
告别的时代 – 信

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  1. Um, I’m not sure. I posted this because I had a ready-made translation of the winners list (see credits) but I might not for the Sprite awards, and I think those are less prestigious.

  2. Hey can you do a post on the Sprite Original Music Awards? (not sure about the English name, its 2009雪碧中国原创音乐流行榜)

    i just think it’s really cool because I TOTALLY SUPPORT ORIGINAL MUSIC

  3. Zhang Jie is amazing, he is able to transform his voice completely (and even adding dance moves) for each song. He really capture the essence/feeling of those songs. Bobo improved a lot too!

  4. @ idarklight – I figured as much – but that’s how life goes, I suppose. Is not doing much for some time something to be concerned about, in China? I’ve only ever followed a few rock/indie bands in the past, and for the most part, they don’t seem much concerned with timelines, only quality.

    It’s not that you sound like hodgepodge – not my intended meaning at all. ^^; It’s that the industry itself seems to be quite the hodgepodge, something I was wholly oblivious to until you pointed it out. You’re doing a fine job of shining some light of clarity on it; going by what you posted up there, you get your point across quite well.

  5. @ Nepheliad
    Yep. But you’re right, it’s a tough balancing act, and it often doesn’t work out. Recording companies also tend to drop artists more if they’re not in their management company. I’m also really worried about Amu and Wang Yuexin in Seed Co. They haven’t done much recently music-wise.

    I can’t be a business analyst if my description sounds like “a intermingling, hodgepodge pile.” I actually started translating because I wanted to better express myself in words, and translating is good for that because it gives you things to say, you just have to figure out how to say it.

    I was mainly thinking of Ma Tianyu, Li Yifeng (coming soon) and BOBO, since they’re really the only ones with albums out. Zhaxi is pretty good, but I don’t think he signed with a really good company. Pity, though. He’s good-looking and talented. Kimi has potential, too, and lots of charisma.

  6. Hi I made a list of the songs in the Zhang Jie medley:

    冲动 – Elva Hsiao
    Lets Start From Here – Joanna Wang
    路…一直都在 – Eason Chan
    心跳 – Lee Hom
    为你写诗 – Kenji Wu
    你不是真正的快乐 – Mayday
    王子的新衣 – Jam Hsiao
    箇中強手 – Show Luo
    心窝 – 飞轮海/S.H.E
    Love Song – Khalil Fong
    满满的都是爱 – 梁静茹
    小酒窝 – JJ Lin/ A Sa
    稻香 – Jay Chou
    宇宙小姐 – S.H.E
    告别的时代 – 信

  7. Lol, that’s why idarklight is the perfect writer for Cfensi. I don’t even know who else could do it.

    I think it’s unfair to say all My Hero contestants are horrible or undeserving…I think a lot of then can sing really well. I love Zha Xi Dun Zhu’s voice.

  8. Ah, I see what you mean – it must be hard for their music department to devote enough attention to any given artist. So you’re saying they ought to have the artists be managed by EE, but have them sign with another record label? I would think that that does cause a certain amount of conflict of interest, but I suppose if they can’t sustain the crop they’ve got right now, that is probably the best choice. Sounds like a sort of balancing act they’ll need time to sort out.

    You’d make a great business analyst… ^^; Just seeing your description of the workings of the companies makes it all look like a big intermingling, hodgepodge pile; can’t see how you sort it all straight, haha…

  9. By debuting, do you mean coming into the public eye or coming out with album/EP’s? Kimi, BOBO and Li Yifeng all came from the 2007 batch of My Hero, which occurred around the same time as the 2007 Super Boys.

    EE Media the music department wouldn’t like it, but EE Media the artist management department would love it. A lot of artists are managed by one company and have their record labels elsewhere. Like Li Yuchun, Tan Weiwei, Wang Yuexin, Amu, Yu Haoming and Top Combine. He Jie was with Avex for a year, as was An Youqi. BOBO’s signing with a different recording company, too. Jane’s going with Xin Cheng music, a new seed company of Huayi, this year.

    EE Media is a seed company of Hunan TV, which is to say that Hunan TV is its main investor, though they run semi-independently from each other. Long Danni, the current CEO of EE Media, was formerly the head of Hunan TV’s eTV channel, supposedly the best Hunan channel. Super Girls/Boys sign with eeMedia.

  10. By coming out, do you mean debuting? I didn’t follow the competitions themselves much, and I’m still pretty new to the Chinese pop industry.

    eeMedia wouldn’t want to do that, would they? It’s detrimental to their own company – at best, it means the loss of talent; at worst, it means creating popularity that would compete with people under their own. Is there an economic incentive for them to do much but hold on to their talent as much as possible? I… somehow doubt that companies are all that interested in making “better futures” for artists if it means said artists would leave them.

    What is the relationship between Hunan TV and eeMedia, anyway? Are the contracts that the Super Girl/Super Boy contestants sign dependent on HTV or eeMedia?

  11. Well, other than Ma Tianyu, the other four came out at the same time as the Super Boys.

    I wonder if there’s a way eeMedia can outsource more of their artists to music companies. There was an interesting article on Hunan TV about how eeMedia should allow interested recording companies to join in the process of Super Girls to make the transition smoother and allow better futures for their artists.

  12. My Hero contestants are more successful because eeMedia is a better, and smarter company than the company for My Hero, SMG (Shanghai Media Group). Most people can’t leave eeMedia without paying a large amount of money, whereas people are free to sign with another, better company after My Hero, because SMG isn’t business-savy enough to include this in a contract.

    Hence, Ma Tianyu, Li Yifeng, Qiao Renliang, and BOBO all signed with different and good companies that were able to provide them with attention, and money.

    Even if people could eeMedia, potential idols would think twice because they know eeMedia is their ticket to Hunan TV’s publicity.

  13. After Qing Yi, I think it’s “Ai Yi Dian” by Mo Yanlin, then Xu Wei’s “Gu Shi”.

    And isn’t that to be expected? My Hero came first, so its boys will launch albums earlier. The sad thing is that since they’re all coming at about the same time, the ones to get the first foothold in the industry will have an advantage. The longer it takes for the Super Boys to release their albums, the more they’ll have to struggle to get attention. This would be difficult…

    If not for the fact that China, so far, seems to be able to support a wide cast of idols, and the Super Boys already have quite a following of their own. I’m actually glad that they’re not rushing to compete.

  14. I have to say, Leehom was pretty hot giving out awards…how can so much good genes be in one person?

    I’m sort of sad that the My Hero guys are doing better than the Super Boys in this…maybe they deserve better, but not in music. It’s so painful that Ma Tianyu and Li Yifeng (and even BOBO) are having their albums way before most of the Super Boys despite the fact that most of the Super Boys sings better than them.

  15. I don’t know why, I just can’t stick Liyuchun. I don’t mind her image, her dancing is great but her singing and songs are kinda average for me. I wish I could work out why her fanbase is so…

  16. Ahhh I only know these >.<

    3:03 Zhang Jie- Tian Xia

    Top Combine- Cotton Candy

    I heard the song after Cotton Candy but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s really annoying me that I can’t remember.

  17. Ahhh I only know these >.<

    3:03 Zhang Jie- Tian Xia

    Top Combine- Cotton Candy

    I heard the song after Cotton Candy but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s really annoying me that I can’t remember.

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