Kelly Lin and Sun Honglei Will Star in a Romantic Comedy


As much as I like BOBO, this seems more of a romantic comedy done right, mostly due to the talent that’s in it. Sun Honglei is one of my favorite actors of all time, and definitely my favorite Chinese actor. His charisma just makes him enjoyable to watch, always. Taiwanese actress Kelly Lin is gorgeous, and yet not your stereotypical idol actress. Produced by John Woo, Michelle Yeoh and Terrence Chang, the romantic comedy “Dirt Rich In Shanghai” started production about a week ago and is being filmed in Xiamen.

Working together once again in “Dirt Rich In Shanghai”, this piece is the second time that the 2 people have worked together since “Iron triangle” . Sun Honglei spoke frankly that he admires Kelly Lin, and he also commended that she when she acts in a movie, she “makes an all-out effort” for the role; she also helped cast aside the rumors with her co-star that he is difficult to work with, revealing: “when we made a movie, he would not complain if he has to wait for 7 hours, he is a professional!”

“”Dirt Rich In Shanghai”, costs 20 million Yuan (3 million US), it can be compared to the classic masterpiece of Audrey hepburn’s “My Fair Lady”, the male version. Sun Honglei will play the nouveau rich, who is ill-mannered, but because he falls in love with a big star, he asked kelly Lin’s help to change his personality.

Director Li Juyuan indicated: “Kelly Lin was born in Taiwan, grew up in the US, also worked in Hong Kong, her multi-cultural background conforms exactly to the to the leading lady!”But Sun Honglei attempts the comedy role for the first time, yesterday he also smilingly said: “Actually, when I was studying (Drama academy) , I especially excel in comedy,which alot of people don’t know!”


In real life Sun Honglei is quite the gentleman.

Translation credits to lindsay@KellyLin thread@asianfanatics

3 thoughts on “Kelly Lin and Sun Honglei Will Star in a Romantic Comedy

  1. My mother loves this man. And I can definitely understand why – he is an amazing amazing actor. This seems interesting… [and I love Audrey Hepburn movies]. Looking forward to it!

  2. Every single time I saw him in anything (apart from the Road Home), whether it was his old villain roles, or his nerdy role in Mei Lan Fang, he was always able to inject this humor into his role, and I would laugh hilariously at the expressions and way he would state his lines, so I really look forward to this.

  3. I remember a time when Sun Honglei was always typed casted as the bad guy… wonder how he’ll tackle comedy.

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