Jin Ensheng of Top Combine acts as translator for Kim Minji


Hunan TV is working Jin Ensheng overtime – in just half a year Jin Ensheng has gone from being the cute, ableit Chinese deficient Korean guy in Top Combine to the cute Korean-Chinese translator for variety show Tian Tian Xiang Shang. TTXS doesn’t invite many celebs… and it continued that tradition when  still largely unknown actress Kim Minji guested. Kim has only done mostly CFs, including the BOBO OPPO commercial, and had a small part  in Korean Boys Over Flowers. In fact, most Chinese news portals had short blurbs announcing that “the girl in the OPPO commercial with BOBO” would be appearing in that series.

The full 1:30 min version of BOBO’s CF which I never bothered to put up before. Yes, any excuse to watch them in something.

You’ve got to admire Kim Minji’s guts…I learned she played one of those third wheel characters  in the BOF that tries to come in between the leads, earning lots of hate and rage directed towards her. As for the OPPO CF, she was paired with the guys with the craziest, biggest and most obsessive fanbase in China. So she’s probably hated now in two countries. She probably won some people over however when she performed “Timeless”  and danced to PCD’s Buttons on TTXS, a suprising nod to another performer, Jang Riin who really needs the Hunan TV publicity but hasn’t gotten it so far.


Even more admirable was Ensheng however who surprised me with how good his Chinese has gotten in such a short amount of time, getting most of the rapid speech of TTXS’s many hosts and doing fairly decent job of relaying it back to Kim Minji. He used to barely be able to say more than “ni hao”. As someone who’s learning another language, I’m completely impressed. Pretty soon with Top Combine member Kenny throwing Cantonese at him every so often, he may as well be the Mandarin-Cantonese translator for Hunan TV, useful for when Hunan does their collabs with TVB on Strictly Come Dancing. Don’t work too hard Ensheng, unless they pay you extra.

21 thoughts on “Jin Ensheng of Top Combine acts as translator for Kim Minji

  1. OMJ, love this article!! First, I SO thought that girl in the OPPO CF was Yumi from BOF!!! And then I thought they probably just reaally looked alike.. But now I know!
    Second, I FINALLY know that guy’s name!!!! Ensheng.. ^^
    I saw him in a variety show that me and my family stumbled upon (which would likely be TTXS?).
    I thought he looked Korean, kinda like SHINee’s Taemin. And he just really caught my attention.. I think he was the only one with the “idol” aura if compared to the other MCs. I like the other MCs, they’re really funny too. And just now, I think I watched TTXS and Ensheng and his band was in it. It’s great that I found out who they are!!! Eeek!
    I hope this show is being subbed.

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